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col e1; Cole-Cecil murmur; colectasia; colectomy; Cole, Laurent; coleo-; coleocele; coleoptera; coleoptericin; coleoptile; coleoptosis; coleorhiza; coleotomy; Cole, Rufus; colestipol; colet; Cole, Warren Henry; colibacillosis; colibacillus; colic; colica; colic arteries; colic impression; colicin; colicin factors; colicinogeny; colicins; colic intussusception; colicky; colic lymph nodes; colicoplegia; colic sphincter; colic surface of spleen; colic teniae; colic veins; coliform; coliform bacilli; coliform bacteria; coli granuloma; colimycin; colinear; colinus; colipase; colipases; coliphage; coliphages; coliplication; colipuncture; colistimethate sodium; colistin; colistinase; colistin sulfomethate sodium; colitis; colitis, crohn's; colitis cystica profunda; colitis cystica superficialis; colitis gravis; colitis, ischemic; colitis, mucus; colitis, pseudomembranous; colitis, spastic; colitis, ulcerative; colitose; colla; collacin; collagen; collagenase; collagenase A; collagenases; collagenation; collagen diseases; collagen fibre; collagen fibrils; collagenic; collagen injection; collagenization; collagenolytic; collagenosis; collagenous; collagenous colitis; collagenous pneumoconiosis; collagen telopeptidase; collagen-vascular diseases; collapse; collapse delirium; collapse of dental arch; collapse therapy; collapsin; collapsing pulse; collar; collar bone; collar-button abscess; collared flagellate; collarette; collar incision; collar of Venus; collar-stud chalazion; collastin; collateral; collateral artery; collateral branches of posterior intercostal arteries 3-11; collateral circulation; collateral digital artery; collateral eminence; collateral fissure; collateral inheritance; collateral ligament; collateral ligaments; collateral sulcus; collateral trigone; collateral vessel; collectin; collecting tubule; collectins; collective bargaining; collective group; collective-group name; college admission test; collenchyma; Colles, Abraham; Colles' fascia; Colles fracture; colles' fracture; Colles' ligament; Colles' space; Collet-Sicard syndrome; colliculate; colliculectomy; colliculitis; colliculus; colliculus cartilaginis arytenoideae; colliculus facialis; colliculus inferior; colliculus of arytenoid cartilage; colliculus seminalis; colliculus superior; colliculus urethralis; Collier, James; collier's lung; Collier's sign; Collier's tract; Collier's tucked lid sign; colligation; colligative; colligative properties; collimating lens; collimation; collimator; collinearity; Collins, Edward Treacher; colliotomy; Collip, James; colliquation; colliquative; colliquative albuminuria; colliquative degeneration; colliquative diarrhoea; colliquative necrosis; colliquative sweat; Collis-Belsey procedure; collision; collision cross-section; collision frequency; collisionless plasma model; collision theory; collision time; collision tumour; Collis, John Leighton; collodion; collodion baby; collodion vesicans; collodium; colloid; colloid acne; colloid adenoma; colloidal; colloidal dispersion; colloidal gel; colloidal gold reaction; colloidal metal; colloidal radioactive gold; colloidal silicon dioxide; colloidal silver iodide; colloidal solution; colloid bath; colloid bodies; colloid cancer; colloid carcinoma; colloid corpuscle; colloid cyst; colloid degeneration; colloid goiter; colloidin; colloid milium; colloidoclasia; colloidoclastic; colloidogen; colloid pseudomilium; colloids; colloid system; colloid theory of narcosis; colloxylin; collum; collum anatomicum humeri; collum chirurgicum humeri; collum costae; collum dentis; collum distortum; collum femoris; collum fibulae; collum folliculi pili; collum glandis penis; collum humeri; collum mallei; collum mandibulae; collum ossis femoris; collum radii; collum scapulae; collum tali; collum vesicae biliaris; collum vesicae felleae; collutorium; collutory; Collyriclum; collyrium; colo-; colobinae; coloboma; coloboma iridis; coloboma lentis; coloboma lobuli; coloboma of choroid; coloboma of optic nerve; coloboma of vitreous; coloboma palpebrale; colobus; colocentesis; colocholecystostomy; colocolic; colocolostomy; colocutaneous fistula; colocynth; colocystoplasty; coloenteritis; colohepatopexy; coloileal fistula; cololysis; colominic acid; colon; colonalgia; colon ascendens; colon bacillus; colon cancer; colon cancer and polyps; colon cancer, family history of; colon carcinoma; colon cutoff sign; colon descendens; colonialism; colonic; colonic angiodysplasia; colonic diverticula; colonic diverticular haemorrhage; colonic diverticulitis; colonic diverticulosis; colonic fistula; colonic flora; colonic polyp; colonic pseudo-obstruction; colonic smear; colonisation; colonisation factors; colonization; colon obstruction; colonogram; colonometer; colonopathy; colonorrhagia; colonorrhoea; colonoscope; colonoscopy; colon pelvinum; colon sigmoideum; colon transversum; colony; colony counter; colony count, microbial; colony-forming unit; colony-forming units assay; colony hybridisation; colony-stimulating factor; colopathy; colopexostomy; colopexotomy; colopexy; colophony; coloplication; coloproctia; coloproctitis; coloproctostomy; coloptosis; colopuncture; Colorado tick fever; colorectal; colorectal cancer; colorectal surgeon; coloscopy; colosigmoidostomy; colostomy; colostomy bag; colostration; colostric; colostrorrhoea; colostrous; colostrum; colostrum corpuscle; colotomy; colour; colour aberration; colourado tick fever; colourado tick fever virus; colour agnosia; colour blindness; colour constancy; colour-contrast microscope; colourectal; colourectal neoplasms; colourectal neoplasms, hereditary nonpolyposis; colourectal surgery; colourectitis; colourectostomy; coloured vision; colourimeter; colourimetric; colourimetric caries susceptibility test; colourimetric test; colourimetric titration; colourimetry; Colour Index; colour match; colour perception; colour radical; colourrhagia; colourrhaphy; colourrhoea; colour scotoma; colour sense; colour solid; colour spectrum; colour taste; colour therapy; colour triangle; colour vision defects; colovaginal fistula; colovesical fistula; colpate; colpatresia; colpectasis; colpectomy; colpo-; colpocele; colpocleisis; colpocystitis; colpocystocele; colpocystoplasty; colpocystotomy; colpocystoureterotomy; colpodynia; colpohysterectomy; colpohysteropexy; colpohysterotomy; colpomicroscope; colpomicroscopy; colpomycosis; colpomyomectomy; colpopathy; colpoperineoplasty; colpoperineorrhaphy; colpopexy; colpoplasty; colpopoiesis; colpoptosis; colporate; colporectopexy; colporrhagia; colporrhaphy; colporrhexis; colposcope; colposcopy; colpospasm; colpostat; colpostenosis; colpostenotomy; colpotomy; colpoureterotomy; colpoxerosis;

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