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cosmic dust; cosmic radiation; cosmic rays; cosmid; cosmid map; cosmopolitan; cos site; costa; costa cervicalis; costae fluctuantes; costae fluitantes; costae spuriae; costae verae; costal; costal angle; costal arch; costal arch reflex; costal cartilage; costal chondritis; costal facets; costal fringe; costalgia; costal groove; costal groove for subclavian artery; cost allocation; costal margin; costal notch; costal part of diaphragm; costal pit of transverse process; costal pleura; costal pleurisy; costal process; costal respiration; costal surface; costal surface of lung; costal surface of scapula; costal tuberosity; costamere; cost-benefit analysis; cost control; costectomy; cost-effective; Costen; Costen's syndrome; costicartilage; costiform; costive; costiveness; costo-; costoaxillary vein; costocentral; costocervical artery; costocervical trunk; costochondral; costochondral joint; costochondral junction; costochondral syndrome; costochondritis; costoclavicular; costoclavicular ligament; costoclavicular line; costoclavicular syndrome; costocolic ligament; costocoracoid; costodiaphragmatic recess; cost of illness; costogenic; costoinferior; costomediastinal recess; costomediastinal sinus; costopectoral reflex; costophrenic angle; costophrenic septal lines; costophrenic sulcus; costoscapular; costoscapularis; costosternal; costosternoplasty; costosuperior; costotome; costotomy; costotransverse; costotransversectomy; costotransverse foramen; costotransverse joint; costotransverse ligament; costovertebral; costovertebral joints; costoxiphoid; costoxiphoid ligament; costs and cost analysis; cost savings; cost sharing; cosubstrate; cosyntropin; Cotard; Cotard's syndrome; cotarnine; cot death; COTe; cote d'ivoire; cotinine; cotransduction; cotranslational; cotranslational transfer; cotranslational transport; cotransport; Cotte, Gaston; Cotte's operation; cotton; cotton-dust asthma; Cotton effect; cotton-fibre embolism; Cotton, Frank; cotton-mill fever; cottonpox; cotton-root bark; cottonseed oil; cotton-wool patches; cotton-wool spots; Cotunnius' aqueduct; Cotunnius' canal; Cotunnius disease; Cotunnius, Domenico; Cotunnius' liquid; Cotunnius' space; coturnix; cotyle; cotyledon; cotyledonary placenta; Cotylogonimus; cotyloid; cotyloid cavity; cotyloid joint; cotyloid ligament; cotyloid notch; cotype; couching; couching needle; cough; cough fracture; cough reflex; cough suppressant; coulomb; coulomb collision; coulomb ionisation; coulomb's force; coulomb's law; Coulter counter; coumaphos; coumaranone; coumaric acids; coumaric anhydride; coumarin; coumarin hydroxylase; coumarins; Coumel's tachycardia; coumestrol; coumetarol; Councilman body; Councilmania; Councilman's lesion; Councilman, William; counseling; counseling psychology; counselling; count; count density; counter-; counterbalancing; counterconditioning; countercurrent; countercurrent distribution; countercurrent exchanger; countercurrent mechanism; countercurrent multiplier; counterdie; counterextension; counterimmunoelectrophoresis; counterincision; counterinvestment; counterirritant; counterirritation; counteropening; counterphobic; counterpulsation; counterpuncture; countershock; counterstain; counterstimulation; countertraction; countertransference; countertransport; coup de sabre; coup injury of brain; couple; coupled beats; coupled pulse; coupled reaction; coupled rhythm; coupled transport; couples therapy; coupling; coupling defect; coupling factor; coupling factors; coupling interval; coupling phase; Cournand's dip; course; courtship; Courvoisier; courvoisier phenomenon; Courvoisier's gallbladder; Courvoisier's law; Courvoisier's sign; cousin marriage; couvade; Couvelaire; Couvelaire uterus; couvercle; covalent; covalent bond; covalently closed circular DNA; cove plane; cover; coverage; cover class; cover glass; covering; coverslip; cover test; covert sensitization; cover-uncover test; cow; Cowden; Cowden's disease; cowden syndrome; cowdria; Cowdria ruminantium; cowdriosis; Cowdry; Cowdry's type A inclusion bodies; Cowdry's type B inclusion bodies; cow face; cow kidney; cowl; Cowling's rule; cowl muscle; cow milk anaemia; cowperian; cowperitis; Cowper's cyst; Cowper's gland; cowper's glands; Cowper's ligament; Cowper, William; cowpox; cowpox virus; coxa; coxa adducta; coxal bone; coxalgia; coxa plana; coxa valga; coxiella; coxiella burnetii; coxitic scoliosis; coxitis; coxodynia; coxofemoral; coxotomy; coxotuberculosis; Coxsackie encephalitis; Coxsackie virus; cozymase; CPAP; CPCRA; CPEO; c-peptide; CpG island; cpg islands; cpg-rich island;

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