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Letter C: "cres-crou"

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crescendo angina; crescendo murmur; crescendo sleep; crescent; crescent cell; crescent cell anaemia; crescentic; crescentic glomerulonephritis; crescentic lobules of the cerebellum; crescograph; cresol; cresolase; cresol red; crest; cresta; crest of alveolar ridge; crest of cochlear opening; crest of fenestrae cochleae; crest of greater tubercle; crest of head of rib; crest of lesser tubercle; crest of neck of rib; crest of palatine bone; crest of petrous part of temporal bone; crest of scapular spine; crests of nail bed; CREST syndrome; cresylate; cresyl blue; cresyl echt; cresyl violet acetate; creta; cretin; cretinism; cretinistic; cretinoid; cretinous; Creutzfeld Jacob disease; Creutzfeldt, Hans Gerhard; creutzfeldt-jakob disease; creutzfeldt-jakob syndrome; crevice; crevicular; crevicular epithelium; crevicular fluid; CRF; CRH; cribber; crib-biting; crib death; cribra; cribrate; cribration; cribriform; cribriform area of the renal papilla; cribriform fascia; cribriform hymen; cribriform plate of ethmoid bone; cribrous lamina; cribrum; Cricetinae; cricetulus; Cricetus; Crichton-Browne; Crichton-Browne's sign; Crick; Crick, Francis; cricoarytenoid; cricoarytenoid articular capsule; cricoarytenoid articulation; cricoarytenoideus; cricoarytenoid joint; cricoesophageal tendon; cricoid; cricoid cartilage; cricoidynia; cricopharyngeal; cricopharyngeal ligament; cricopharyngeal myotomy; cricopharyngeal part of inferior pharyngeal constrictor; cricopharyngeus muscle; cricosantorinian ligament; cricothyroid; cricothyroid artery; cricothyroid articular capsule; cricothyroid articulation; cricothyroideus; cricothyroid joint; cricothyroid ligament; cricothyroid membrane; cricothyroidotomy; cricothyrotomy; cricotomy; cricotracheal ligament; cricotracheal membrane; cricovocal membrane; cri-du-chat syndrome; Crigler; Crigler-Najjar disease; Crigler-Najjar syndrome; Crile; Crile's clamp; crime; Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever; Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus; Crimean fever; crime victims; criminal abortion; criminal anthropology; criminal hygiene; criminal insanity; criminal law; criminal psychology; criminology; crinin; crinis; crinogenic; crinophagy; crippled; crippled strain; crisis; crisis intervention; crisis period; crispation; crisscross heart; crista; crista ampullaris; crista arcuata cartilaginis arytenoideae; crista basilaris ductus cochlearis; crista buccinatoria; crista capitis costae; crista colli costae; crista conchalis; crista conchalis maxillae; crista conchalis ossis palatini; crista dentalis; crista dividens; cristae; cristae cutis; cristae matricis unguis; cristae of mitochondria; cristae sacrales intermediae; cristae sacrales laterales; crista ethmoidalis; crista ethmoidalis maxillae; crista ethmoidalis ossis palatini; crista fenestrae cochleae; crista frontalis; crista galli; crista glutea; crista helicis; crista iliaca; crista infratemporalis; crista intertrochanterica; crista lacrimalis anterior; crista lacrimalis posterior; crista marginalis; crista medialis fibulae; crista musculi supinatoris; crista nasalis; crista obturatoria; crista occipitalis externa; crista occipitalis interna; crista palatina; crista phallica; crista pubica; crista quarta; crista sacralis; crista sacralis mediana; crista sphenoidalis; crista spiralis; crista supracondylaris lateralis; crista supracondylaris medialis; crista supramastoidea; crista supraventricularis; crista terminalis; crista transversa; crista transversalis; crista triangularis; crista tuberculi majoris; crista tuberculi minoris; crista urethralis; crista urethralis femininae; crista urethralis masculinae; crista vestibuli; criterion; criterion-related validity; crithidia; crithidia fasciculata; critical; critical angle; critical care; critical care unit; critical concentration; critical dissolved oxygen concentration; critical flicker fusion frequency; critical gradient; critical habitat; critical illness; critical illness polyneuropathy; critical mass; critical micelle concentration; critical organ; critical pathway; critical period; critical pH; critical point; critical point drying; critical pressure; critical rate; critical temperature; critical velocity; crk; CRK4 protein kinase; CRL; CR lead; CRM; cRNA; CRO; croatia; crocidismus; crocodile tears; crocodile tears syndrome; Crocq, Jean; Crocq's disease; crocus; Crohn, Burrill; crohn disease; crohn disease: extraintestinal manifestations; crohn disease: phases; crohn disease: sites; crohn disease vs ulcerative colitis; crohn's colitis; Crohn's disease; crohn's enteris; crohn's enterocolitis; crohn's ileocolitis; cromakalim; cromolyn sodium; cronkhite-canada syndrome; Cronkhite, Leonard Jr; Crooke, Arthur; Crookes' glass; Crooke's granules; Crookes-Hittorf tube; Crooke's hyaline change; Crooke's hyaline degeneration; Crookes, Sir William; crop gland; crop milk; cro protein; crops, agricultural; crop tree; Crosby capsule; Crosby, William Holmes Jr; cross; cross agglutination; crossallergy; crossbite; crossbite teeth; crossbreed; crossbreeding; cross circulation; cross contamination; cross-cultural comparison; cross-cultural psychiatry; cross-cut bur; cross-dressing; crossed adductor jerk; crossed adductor reflex; crossed anaesthesia; crossed aphasia; crossed cylinders; crossed embolism; crossed extension reflex; crossed eyes; crossed fixation; crossed hemianesthesia; crossed hemianopia; crossed hemiplegia; crossed immunoelectrophoresis; crossed jerk; crossed knee jerk; crossed knee reflex; crossed paralysis; crossed phrenic phenomenon; crossed pyramidal tract; crossed reflex; crossed reflex of pelvis; crossed renal ectopia; crossed spino-adductor reflex; crossed testicular ectopia; cross-eye; cross flap; cross-hybridisation; cross hybridization; cross infection; crossing over; cross-link; cross linking; cross-linking reagent; cross-matching; crossover fixation; crossover study; cross-pollination; cross-reacting agglutinin; cross-reacting antibody; cross-reacting material; cross reaction;cross-reactive antibody; cross-resistance; cross-section; cross-sectional echocardiography; cross-sectional method; cross-sectional study; cross-table lateral projection; cross tolerance; crossway; Crosti, A; crotalaria poisoning; crotalase; crotalid; Crotalidae; crotalid venom; crotalin; crotaline; crotalism; crotalus; Crotalus antitoxin; Crotalus toxin; crotamiton; crotaphion; crotonase; crotonic acids; crotonobetaine reductase; croton oil; crotonyl-ACP reductase; crotoxin; crottle; croup; croup-associated virus; croupous; croupous bronchitis; croupous laryngitis; croupous lymph; croupous membrane; croupy; Crouzon, Octave; crouzon's disease; Crouzon's syndrome; crouzon syndrome;

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