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def; defaecation; defailance; defatigation; default; def caries index; defecate; defecation; defecography; defect; defect, atrial septal; defect, enzyme; defective; defective bacteriophage; defective interfering particle; defective organism; defective phage; defective probacteriophage; defective prophage; defective virus; defective viruses; defect, ventricular septal; defemination; defendant; defendress; defense; defense mechanism; defense mechanisms; defense reflex; defensins; defensive circle; defensive medicine; defensor; deference; deferent; deferent canal; deferent duct; deferentectomy; deferential; deferential artery; deferential plexus; deferentitis; deferoxamine; deferoxamine mesylate; deferred shock; defervescence; defervescency; defervescent stage; defiance; defibrillation; defibrillator; defibrillators, implantable; defibrinate; defibrination; deficiency; deficiency, alpha-1 antitrypsin; deficiency anaemia; deficiency, calcium; deficiency dermatitis and diarrhoea, zinc; deficiency disease; deficiency diseases; deficiency, glucocerebrosidase; deficiency, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase; deficiency, iron; deficiency, lactase; deficiency, magnesium; deficiency mutant; deficiency, protein c; deficiency, selenium; deficiency symptom; deficiency, zinc; deficient; deficit; defilement; define; defined medium; definite; definition; definitive callus; definitive erythroblast; definitive host; definitive lysosomes; definitive method; definitive prosthesis; deflagrability; deflagrable; deflagrate; deflagration; deflagrator; deflection; deflection coils; deflectionize; deflective occlusal contact; deflector; deflexed; deflexion; deflorate; deflorescence; deflour; defluoridation; defluvium; defluvium capillorum; defluvium unguium; defluxion; defoliants, chemical; defoliation; deform; deformability; deformation; deforming; deformity; defunct; defurfuration; deganglionate; degeneracy; degenerate; degenerate code; degenerate configuration; degeneratio; degeneration; degenerationist; degenerative; degenerative arthritis; degenerative chorea; degenerative disc disease; degenerative index; degenerative inflammation; degenerative joint disease; degenerative myopia; deglazing; degloving; degloving injury; deglutition; deglutition apnea; deglutition pneumonia; deglutition reflex; deglutitive; Degos' acanthoma; Degos' disease; Degos, R; Degos' syndrome; DegP protease; degradation; degrade; degraded; degraded wetland; degranulation; degree; degrees of freedom; degu; degustation; dehalogenase; Dehio, Karl; Dehio's test; dehiscence; dehiscent; dehumanization; dehydrase; dehydratase; dehydrate; dehydrated; dehydrated alcohol; dehydration; dehydration-condensation reaction; dehydration fever; dehydrin; dehydro-; dehydro-3-epiandrosterone; dehydroacetic acid; dehydroascorbatase; dehydroascorbic acid; dehydrobilirubin; dehydrocholate; dehydrocholate test; dehydrocholesterols; dehydrocholic acid; dehydrocholic acid reductase; dehydrodolichol reductase; dehydrodolichyl diphosphate synthetase; dehydroemetine; dehydroepiandrosterone 17-ketoreductase; dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate; dehydroepiandrosterone sulfotransferase; dehydrogenase; dehydrogenate; dehydrogenation; dehydroisoandrosterone; dehydropeptidase II; dehydroretinaldehyde; dehydroretinoic acid; dehydroretinol; dehydrosqualene desaturase; dehydrosqualene synthase; dehydrosugars; dehydrotestosterone; dehypnotise; deiminases; deinstitutionalization; deionised water; deionization; deiterospinal tract; Deiters; Deiters' cells; deiters nucleus; Deiters' nucleus; Deiters' terminal frames; deja voulu; deja vu; deja vu phenomenon; deject; dejecta; dejection; Dejerine; Dejerine-Klumpke; Dejerine-Klumpke palsy; Dejerine-Klumpke syndrome; Dejerine-Lichtheim phenomenon; Dejerine-Roussy syndrome; Dejerine's disease; Dejerine's hand phenomenon; Dejerine-Sottas disease; Dejerine's reflex; Dejerine's sign; deka-; Delafield; Delafield's haematoxylin; delamination; Delaney clause; de Lange; de lange's syndrome; de Lange syndrome; delavirdine; delaware; delay, developmental; delayed-action preparations; delayed allergy; delayed coma after hypoxia; delayed conduction; delayed dentition; delayed eruption; delayed flap; delayed gastric emptying; delayed graft; delayed hypersensitivity; delayed implantation; delayed reaction; delayed reaction experiment; delayed rectifier channel; delayed reflex; delayed sensation; delayed suture; delayed type hypersensitivity; Delbet; Delbet's sign; Del Castillo; Del Castillo syndrome; de-lead; DeLee; DeLee's manoeuvre; deleterious; deletery; deletion; deletion mutation; Delhi sore;

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