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dissect; dissected; dissecting; dissecting aneurysm; dissecting cellulitis; dissecting thoracic aneurysm; dissecting thoracic aorta; dissection; dissection tubercle; disseizoress; Disse, Josef; Disse Joseph; dissemble; dissembler; disseminate; disseminate coccidioidomycosis; disseminated; disseminated choroiditis; disseminated cutaneous gangrene; disseminated cutaneous leishmaniasis; disseminated disease; disseminated gonococcal infection; disseminated intravascular coagulation; disseminated lupus erythematosus; disseminated necrotizing leukoencephalopathy; disseminated sclerosis; disseminated tuberculosis; disseminator; dissension; dissent; dissenter; dissepiment; dissertations, academic; Disse's space; dissident; dissimilation; dissimulation; dissipable; dissipative; dissocial; dissociated anaesthesia; dissociated nystagmus; dissociation; dissociation by interference; dissociation constant; dissociation constant of a base; dissociation constant of an acid; dissociation constant of water; dissociation sensibility; dissociative anaesthesia; dissociative disorders; dissociative hysteria; dissociative reaction; dissociative recombination; dissolution; dissolve; dissolved oxygen; dissolvent; dissonance; disspermous; dissuade; dissymmetry; distad; distaff; distain; distal; distal caries; distal centriole; distal end; distal end cutter; distal ileitis; distal interphalangeal joints; distalis; distally; distal occlusion; distal part of anterior lobe of hypophysis; distal radioulnar articulation; distal radioulnar joint; distal spiral septum; distal splenorenal shunt; distal surface of tooth; distal tibiofibular joint; distamycins; distance; distance ceptor; distance of virtual image; distance perception; distant flap; distemper; distemper virus; distemper virus, canine; distemper virus, phocine; distend; distensibility; distension; distention; distention cyst; distention ulcer; disthene; distichiasis; distichous; distil; distill; distillable; distillate; distillate oil; distillation; distilled water; distillers' dried grains; distinction; distinguish; distinguishable; distobuccal; distobucco-occlusal; distobuccopulpal; distocervical; distoclusal; distoclusion; distogingival; distoincisal; distolabial; distolabiopulpal; distolingual; distolinguo-occlusal; distoma; distomiasis; distomolar; Distomum; disto-occlusal; disto-occlusion; distoplacement; distopulpal; distort; distortion; distortion aberration; distoversion; distractibility; distractile; distraction; distraction conus; distress; distributed effort; distributing artery; distribution; distribution coefficient; distribution curve; distribution function; distribution leukocytosis; distribution volume; distributive; distributive analysis; distributive shock; districhiasis; district; district heating or cooling; district of columbia; distrix; disturbance; disturbed area; disturbed condition; disulfamide; disulfate; disulfide; disulfide bond; disulfide bridge; disulfides; disulfiram; disulfoglucosamine-6-sulfatase; disulfoton; disulphate; disulphide; disulphide bond; disulphide bridge; disulphiram; disulphuret; disulphuric; disunite; disuse atrophy; DIT; diterebene; diterpenes; dithecous; dithiazanine; dithiazanine iodide; dithioerythritol; dithionic; dithionite; dithionitrobenzoic acid; dithiothreitol; dithiothreitol tetraacetate S-acetyl esterase; dithizone; dithranol; ditiocarb; ditokous; ditolyl; ditrichotomous; ditroite; dittander; dittany; dittology; Dittrich, Franz; Dittrich's plugs; Dittrich's stenosis; diureide; diuresis; diuretic; diuretics; diuretics, mercurial; diuretics, osmotic; diuretics, sulfamyl; diuretics, thiazide; diurna; diurnal; diurnal enuresis; diurnal periodicity; diurnal rhythm; diurnation; diurnule; diuron; divalence; divalent; divalproex sodium; divaricate; divarication; divaricator; divedapper; diver; divergence; divergence excess exotropia; divergence insufficiency; divergence insufficiency exotropia; divergent; divergent evolution; divergent squint; divergent strabismus; diverging; diverging meniscus; divers; diverse; diversity; diversity index; diver's palsy; diver's paralysis; divers' spectacles; diverticle; diverticula; diverticula ampullae ductus deferentis; diverticula of ampulla of ductus deferens; diverticula of colon; diverticular; diverticular disease; diverticular disease of colon; diverticulate; diverticulectomy; diverticulitis; diverticulitis, bleeding from; diverticulitis, colonic; diverticulitis, treatment of acute; diverticuloma; diverticulopexy; diverticulosis; diverticulosis, colonic; diverticulosis/diverticulitis and fibre; diverticulum; divertor; divest; divicine; divide; divided; divided dose; divided spectacles; dividend; divider; dividing; dividingly; divi-divi; divine; divineress; diving; diving goiter; diving reflex; divinity; divinyl ether; divinyl ether synthase; division; divisional; divisionally; divisionary; divisionor; division septum; divisive; divisor; divorce; divulse; divulsion; divulsor; dixyrazine; dizocilpine maleate; dizygotic; dizygotic twin; dizygotic twins; dizziness; dizziness, pre-syncopal; DJD; djenkolic acid; djenkol poisoning; djibouti; dl-; D-lactaldehyde dehydrogenase; D-lactate dehydrogenase; dl-hyoscyamine; dl-narcotine; d loop; DLVO theory; DM; DMA; D-mandelate dehydrogenase; D mannitol; d-manno-heptulose; D mannose; DMC; D-methylmalonyl coenzyme A hydrolase; dmf; dmf index; dmfs; dmfs caries index; DM-kinase; dmpp; DMSO; DMT; D-myo-inositol-3-phosphate synthase; DN;

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