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dosage; dosage compensation; dosage effect; dosage forms; dosage schedule; dose; dose-effect curve; dose-escalation; dose fractionation; dose intensity; dose-ranging; dose-response curve; dose-response relationship; dose-response relationship, drug; dose-response relationship, immunologic; dose-response relationship, radiation; dosimeter; dosimetry; dosology; dossil; dot; dotage; dotal; dotardness; dotation; dot blot; dote; doted; dothiepin; dottard; dotted tongue; dotterel; dottrel; douay bible; doub grass; double; double antibody immunoassay; double antibody method; double antibody precipitation; double antibody sandwich assay; double aortic arch; double aortic stenosis; double athetosis; double back cross; double bind; double bind theory; double-blind; double-blind experiment; double-blind method; double-blind study; double bond; double bubble sign; double-channel catheter; double chin; double compartment hydrocephalus; double concave lens; double congenital athetosis; double consciousness; double contrast enema; double convex lens; double crossover; double decidual sac; double digestion; double displacement mechanism; double-ender; double-entendre; double first; double flap amputation; double fracture; doublehearted; double helix; double hemiplegia; double immunodiffusion; double inlet atrioventricular connections; double intussusception; double layer; double lip; double loop hernia; double-masked experiment; double membrane; double minute; double minute chromosomes; double-mouthed uterus; double outlet right ventricle; double pedicle flap; double pleurisy; double pneumonia; double-point threshold; double product; double protrusion; double quotidian fever; doubler; double-reciprocal plot; double refraction; double salt; double-shock sound; double stain; double-strand break; double-stranded complimentary DNA; doublet; double tachycardia; double tertian; double tertian malaria; doublethreaded; double thymidine block; doublet microtubule; double track sign; double vision; double-voided specimen; doubling time; doubly armed suture; doubly heterozygous; doubtful; douc; doucepere; douche; douche bath; douching; doucker; doughbird; doughty; Douglas abscess; Douglas bag; Douglas, Beverly; Douglas, Claude; Douglas' cul-de-sac; Douglas' fold; Douglas graft; Douglas, James; Douglas, John; Douglas' line; Douglas mechanism; douglas' pouch; Douglas' spontaneous evolution; doupe; dourine; dousing bath; dove; dovekie; dove plant; dover's powder; dove's-foot; dovetail; dowager's hump; dowel; dowitcher; down; downbeat nystagmus; downcast; downdraft gasifier; Downey cell; Downey, H; downhearted; Down, John Langdon; down promoter mutation; down-regulation; Downs' analysis; Down's syndrome; downstream; downstream processing; Downs, William; down syndrome; downthrow; downward drainage; downweed; downy; doxacurium chloride; doxapram; doxapram hydrochloride; Dox, Arthur; doxazocin; doxazosin; doxepin; doxepin hydrochloride; doxophylline; doxorubicin; dox-sl; doxy; doxycycline; doxylamine; doxylamine succinate; Doyere, Louis; Doyere's eminence; Doyle, J; Doyle's operation; Doyne, Robert Walter; Doyne's honeycomb choroidopathy; dpc4; D-phenylglycine aminotransferase; D-(-)-phenylglycyl-beta-lactamide amidohydrolase; DPN; DPN+; DPNH; d-proline reductase; DPT; dpt immunization; DPT vaccination; dr; drab; drabble; Drabkin's reagent; dracaena; drachm; dracin; draco; draconian; draconic; draconin; dracontiasis; dracontic; dracunculiasis; dracunculoidea; dracunculosis; dracunculus; Dracunculus lova; Dracunculus medinensis; Dracunculus oculi; Dracunculus persarum; dradge; draffish; draft; draft environmental impact statement; drag; dragee; dragees; Dragendorff, Georg; Dragendorff reagent; Dragendorff's test; Drager, Glenn; Drager, Heinrich; Drager respirometer; dragman; dragnet; dragoman; dragon; dragonet; dragon's blood; dragon's tail; dragoon; drain; drainage; drainage, postural; drainage, sanitary; drainage tube; draine; draining; drain-trap stomach; drake; dram; dramamine; drank; Draper, John; Draper's law; drapetomania; drash syndrome; dravida; dravidian; drawbench; drawer sign; drawer test; drawknife; draw-sheet; drawtube; dreadful; dreadless; dream; dream associations; dreamer; dream pain; dreams; dream-work; dreamy; dreamy state; Drechslera; dredge; dredger; Dreifuss, F; dreissena; drench; drepanidium; drepanocyte; drepanocytic; drepanocytic anaemia;

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