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dress; dressed particle; dresser; dressing; dressing forceps; Dressler beat; Dressler's syndrome; Dressler, William; Dreulofoy's lesion; Dreyer, Georges; Dreyer's formula; DRG; dribble; D-ribitol-5-phoshate cytidylyltransferase; D-ribose reductase; D-ribulokinase; Drickamer motif; dried alum; dried human albumin; dried human plasma protein fraction; dried human serum; dried yeast; drift; drift cyclotron loss cone instabilities; drift feeder; drifting; drift line; drift motion; drift movements; driftpin; drift pumping; drifts; drift surface; drift velocity; drift wave; driftway; driftwood; Drigalski-Conradi agar; Drigalski, Wilhelm von; drill; drilling; drillstock; drimays; drink; drinker; Drinker, Philip; Drinker respirator; drinking behaviour; drip; drip-suck irrigation; drip transfusion; driselase; drive; driver; driving; drogman; drogoman; dromaeognathous; dromatherium; drome; dromedary; dromedary hump; dromic; dromograph; dromomania; dromostanolone propionate; dromotropic; dronabinol; drone; drone bee; drone fly; drongo; dronte; droop; drooping lily sign; drop; droperidol; drop finger; drop hand; drop heart; droplet; droplet infection; droplet nuclei; dropped beat; dropper; drops; dropsical; dropsy; dropsy of pericardium; dropworm; dropwort; drosera; drosometer; Drosophila; drosophila heat-shock protein; drosophila melanogaster; drosophilidae; drosophilla melanogaster; drossy; drosulphakinin; drought; drove; drowning; drowsiness; drowsy; droxidopa; drug; drug abuse; drug activity; drug addiction; drug administration routes; drug administration schedule; drug allergy; drug and narcotic control; drug, antihypertensive; drug, anti-infective; drug approval; drug carriers; drug combinations; drug compounding; drug costs; drug delivery; drug delivery systems; drug dependence; drug design; drug development pathway; drug-drug interaction; drug eruptions; drug evaluation; drug-fast; drug fever; druggist; drug half-life; drug holiday; drug hypersensitivity; drug implants; drug incompatibility; drug-induced cholestasis; drug-induced diarrhoea; drug-induced disease; drug-induced eosinophilic lung disease; drug-induced hepatitis; drug-induced lupus; drug-induced tremor; drug industry; drug information services; drug interaction; drug labelling; drug monitoring; drug, over-the-counter; drug packaging; drug pathogenesis; drug, prescription; drug psychosis; drug rash; drug residues; drug resistance; drug resistance, microbial; drug resistance, multiple; drug resistance, neoplasm; drug resistant; drugs, chinese herbal; drug screening; drug screening assays, antitumour; drugs, essential; drugs, generic; drug side effect; drugs, investigational; drugs, non-prescription; drugs toxic to lung; drug tetanus; drug therapy, combination; drug therapy, computer-assisted; drug, tocolytic; drug tolerance; drug toxicity; drug utilization; drug utilization review; drug withdrawal; druidess; drum; drumfish; drumhead; drumlin; drum membrane; drummer; drumming; drummond light; Drummond, Sir David; Drummond's sign; drumstick appendage; drunk; drunken; drunkenness; drupaceous; drupal; drupe; drupelet; druse; drused; drusen; drusen of the macula; drusen of the optic nerve head; dry; dry abscess; dryad; dry amputation; dryandra; dryas; dry beriberi; dry bronchiectasis; dry cup; dry cutaneous leishmaniasis; dry distillation; dry dressing; dry drowning; dry eye; dry eye syndrome; dry eye syndromes; dry gangrene; dry hernia; dry ice; dry labour; dry leprosy; dry nurse; dryobalanops; dry objective; dry pack; dry pericarditis; dry pleurisy; dry rale; dry socket; dry synovitis; dry tetter; dry ton; dry vomiting; dry weight; ds; DSA; D-selenocystine alpha, beta-lyase; D-serine dehydratase; d-shaped plasma; d-sorbitol-6-phosphate dehydrogenase; dsRNA adenosine deaminase; ds RNase; D-S test; DT; dtap; dtap immunization; D-(-)-tartrate dehydratase; DT-diaphorase; dTDP; dTDP-4-dehydrorhamnose reductase; dTDP-4-keto-6-deoxyglucose aminotransferase; dTDP-4-ketorhamnose 3,5-epimerase; dTDP-D-glucose synthase; dTDPglucose 4,6-dehydratase; dTDP-L-dihydrostreptose-streptidine-6-phosphate dihydrostreptosyltransferase; dTDP-L-rhamnose synthase; dTDP-sugars; dth; dThd; DTIC; dt immunization; dTMP; DTP; dtpa; DTP vaccine; DTR; dTTP; dual-cure resin; dualin; dualism; dualistic; dual leucine zipper bearing kinase; dual personality; dual recognition hypothesis; dual relationships; duan; Duane; duane's syndrome; dub; dubb; Dubin; Dubin-Johnson syndrome; dubiosity; dubious; Dubois' abscesses; Dubois' disease; Dubois, Eugene; DuBois' formula; duboisia; duboisine; Dubois, Paul; Du Bois-Reymond, Emil; Du Bois-Reymond's law; Duboscq, Jules; Duboscq's colourimeter; Dubowitz; Dubowitz score; Dubreuil-Chambardel; Dubreuil-Chambardel syndrome; Dubreuilh; Duchenne; Duchenne-Aran disease; Duchenne dystrophy; Duchenne-Erb paralysis; Duchenne muscular dystrophy; Duchenne's disease; Duchenne's sign; Duchenne's syndrome; duchesse d'angouleme; duck; duckbill; duckbill speculum; duck embryo origin vaccine; duck hepatitis virus; duck influenza virus; duck plague; duck plague virus; duck's-bill; duck's-foot; duck's-meat; duck viral enteritis; duck viral hepatitis; duckweed; Duckworth, Sir Dyce; Duckworth's phenomenon; Ducrey, Augusto; Ducrey's bacillus; Ducrey test;

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