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duct; ductal; ductal aneurysm; ductal carcinoma; ductal carcinoma in situ; ductal hyperplasia; ductal papilloma; ductile; ductin; duction; ductless; ductless glands; duct of bulbourethral gland; duct of epididymis; duct of sweat glands; duct papilloma; ducts of Skene's glands; ductular; ductule; ductuli aberrantes; ductuli biliferi; ductuli excretorii glandulae lacrimalis; ductuli interlobulares; ductuli paroophori; ductuli prostatici; ductuli transversi epoophori; ductulus; ductulus aberrans inferior; ductulus aberrans superior; ductulus alveolaris; ductulus efferens testis; ductus; ductus aberrantes; ductus arteriosus; ductus arteriosus, patent; ductus biliferi; ductus caroticus; ductus choledochus; ductus cochlearis; ductus cysticus; ductus deferens; ductus deferens vestigialis; ductus dorsopancreaticus; ductus ejaculatorius; ductus endolymphaticus; ductus epididymidis; ductus epoophori longitudinalis; ductus excretorius; ductus excretorius vesiculae seminalis; ductus glandulae bulbourethralis; ductus hemithoracicus; ductus hepaticus communis; ductus hepaticus dexter; ductus hepaticus sinister; ductus incisivus; ductus lactiferi; ductus lingualis; ductus lobi caudati dexter; ductus lobi caudati sinister; ductus lymphaticus dexter; ductus mesonephricus; ductus nasolacrimalis; ductus nodes; ductus pancreaticus; ductus pancreaticus accessorius; ductus paramesonephricus; ductus paraurethrales; ductus parotideus; ductus perilymphaticus; ductus pharyngobranchialis III; ductus pharyngobranchialis IV; ductus prostatici; ductus reuniens; ductus semicirculares; ductus sublinguales minores; ductus sublingualis major; ductus submandibularis; ductus submaxillaris; ductus sudoriferus; ductus thoracicus; ductus thoracicus dexter; ductus thyroglossus; ductus utriculosaccularis; ductus venosus; Duddell, Benedict; Duddell's membrane; dudder; dudgeon; due date; duenna; duff; Duffy; duffy blood-group system; dufrenite; Dugas, Louis; Dugas' test; dugong; Duhring, Louis; Duhring's disease; Duhrssen, Alfred; Duhrssen's incisions; duke; Duke bleeding time test; Dukes' classification; Dukes, Clement; Dukes, Cuthbert; Dukes' disease; Duke, William; dulcamara; dulcamarin; dulcified; dulcify; dulcin; dulcinea; dulcite; dulia; dull; dullness; Dulong-Petit law; Dulong, Pierre; dulse; dulwilly; dumas; dumb; dumbbell ganglioneuroma; dumbledor; dumb rabies; Dumdum fever; dumetose; dummy; dummy consultand; Dumontpallier, Alphonse; Dumontpallier's pessary; dumous; dump; dumping syndrome; dumpling; dumposome; dun; dunbird; Duncan; Duncan, James; Duncan's disease; Duncan's folds; Duncan's mechanism; Duncan's ventricle; duncedom; dunfish; dungeon; dungfork; dunlin; dunnock; dunter; duocrinin; duodecimo; duodenal; duodenal ampulla; duodenal atresia; duodenal bulb; duodenal cap; duodenal digestion; duodenal diverticulum; duodenal fistula; duodenal fossae; duodenal glands; duodenal impression; duodenal narrowing or obstruction; duodenal polyp; duodenal smear; duodenal sphincter; duodenal tumours; duodenal ulcer; duodenase; duodenectomy; duodenitis; duodeno-; duodenocholangitis; duodenocholecystostomy; duodenocholedochotomy; duodenocystostomy; duodenoenterostomy; duodenogastric reflux; duodenojejunal angle; duodenojejunal flexure; duodenojejunal fold; duodenojejunal fossa; duodenojejunal hernia; duodenojejunal junction; duodenojejunal recess; duodenojejunal sphincter; duodenojejunostomy; duodenolysis; duodenomesocolic fold; duodenorenal ligament; duodenorrhaphy; duodenoscopy; duodenostomy; duodenotomy; duodenum; duodonal branches of superior pancreaticoduodenal artery; duovirus; dupe; Duplay; Duplay's disease; duple; duplex; duplex Doppler scan; duplex echocardiography; duplex kidney; duplex transmission; duplex ultrasonography; duplex uterus; duplicate; duplicate publication; duplication; duplication cyst; duplication of chromosomes; duplicative; duplicitas; duplicitas anterior; duplicitas posterior; duplicity; duplicity theory of vision; Dupre; Dupre's muscle; Dupuy-Dutemps, Louis; Dupuy-Dutemps operation; Dupuytren, Baron Guillaume; Dupuytren's amputation; Dupuytren's canal; Dupuytren's contracture; Dupuytren's disease of the foot; Dupuytren's fascia; Dupuytren's fracture; Dupuytren's hydrocele; Dupuytren's sign; Dupuytren's suture; Dupuytren's tourniquet; dura; durable medical equipment; duraencephalosynangiosis; dural; dural sheath; dural sheath of optic nerve; duralumin; dural venous sinuses; dura mater; dura mater cranialis; dura mater encephali; dura mater of brain; dura mater of spinal cord; dura mater spinalis; duramatral; duramen; Duran-Reynals, Francisco; Duran-Reynals permeability factor; durapatite; duraplasty; duration; duration tetany; Durck, Hermann; Durck's nodes; dur dolor; durene; duress; Duret, Henri; Duret's haemorrhage; Duret's lesion; durga; Durham, Arthur; Durham rule; Durham's tube; durio; durion; duroquinol oxidase; Duroziez' disease; Duroziez' murmur; Duroziez, Paul; Duroziez' sign; durra; durukuli; durylic; dusk; dusky; dust; dust asthma; dust ball; dust cell; dust corpuscles; duster; dusty; dutch; dutchman; dutch oven furnace; duteplase; dUTP; Dutton, Joseph Everett; Dutton's disease; Dutton's relapsing fever; duty; duty factor; duty to warn;

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