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Letter D: "duu-dzi"

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duumvir; Duverney, Joseph; Duverney's fissures; Duverney's foramen; Duverney's gland; Duverney's muscle; duykerbok; duyoung; d valve; dvergr; DVM; DVT; dwale; dwang; dwarf; dwarfed enamel; dwarfish; dwarfishness; dwarfism; dwarfism, pituitary; dwarf pelvis; D wave; dwell; D-xylo-aldonate dehydratase; d-xylose absorption; D-xylulose reductase; Dy; dyad; dyadic psychotherapy; dyadic symbiosis; dyad symmetry element; dyad symmetry of DNA; dyaks; dyas; dyclonine hydrochloride; dydrogesterone; dye; dye-dilution curve; dye dilution technique; dye exclusion test; dye laser; dyes; dyewood; Dyggve, Holger; Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen syndrome; dyke-davidoff-masson syndrome; dynactin; dynameter; dynamical; dynamic aorta; dynamic compliance of lung; dynamic computed tomography; dynamic CT; dynamic demography; dynamic disease; dynamic equilibrium; dynamic focusing; dynamic force; dynamic friction; dynamic ileus; dynamic murmur; dynamic platform posturography; dynamic psychiatry; dynamic psychology; dynamic psychotherapy; dynamic range; dynamic refraction; dynamic relations; dynamics; dynamic school; dynamic splint; dynamic viscosity; dynamin; dynamite; dynamization; dynamo; dynamo-electric; dynamogenesis; dynamogenic; dynamogeny; dynamograph; dynamometer; dynamoscope; dynamoscopy; dynastidan; dynatherm; DyNAzyme polymerase; dyne; dynein; dynein arm; dynein atpase; dynorphin; dynorphin-converting endopeptidase; dynorphins; dyphylline; Dyrk kinase; dys-; dysacousia; dysacusis; dysadaptation; dysaemia; dysaesthesia; dysantigraphia; dysaphia; dysaphic; dysarteriotony; dysarthria; dysarthria literalis; dysarthria syllabaris spasmodica; dysarthric; dysarthrosis; dysautonomia; dysautonomia, familial; dysbarism; dysbasia; dysbasia angiosclerotica; dysbasia lordotica progressiva; dysbetalipoproteinaemia; dysbolism; dysbulia; dysbulic; dyscalculia; dyscephalia; dyscephalia mandibulo-oculofacialis; dyscephaly; dyscheiral; dyscheiria; dyschezia; dyschondrogenesis; dyschondroplasia; dyschondroplasia with haemangiomas; dyschondrosteosis; dyschroia; dyschromatopsia; dyschromatosis; dyschromia; dyscinesia; dyscoimesis; dyscontrol; dyscoria; dyscrasia; dyscrasic; dyscrasic fracture; dyscrasite; dysdiadochokinesia; dysdiadochokinesis; dysembryoma; dysembryoplasia; dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumour; dysencephalia splanchnocystica; dysenteric; dysenteric algid malaria; dysenteric diarrhoea; dysentery; dysentery, amebic; dysentery antitoxin; dysentery, bacillary; dysentery bacillus; dyserethism; dysergia; dysesthesia; dysfibrinogenaemia; dysfunction; dysfunctional; dysfunction, erectile; dysgammaglobulinaemia; dysgenesis; dysgenic; dysgerminoma; dysgeusia; dysgnathia; dysgnathic; dysgnosia; dysgonic; dysgranular cortex; dysgraphia; dysharmonious correspondence; dyshematopoiesis; dyshematopoietic; dyshemopoiesis; dyshemopoietic; dyshemopoietic anaemia; dyshidria; dyshidrosis; dysidria; dysidrosis; dysjunctive nystagmus; dyskaryosis; dyskaryotic; dyskeratoma; dyskeratosis; dyskeratosis congenita; dyskeratotic; dyskinesia; dyskinesia algera; dyskinesia, drug-induced; dyskinesia intermittens; dyskinetic; dyskinetoplasty; dyslexia; dyslexia, acquired; dyslexic; dyslogia; dysluite; dyslysin; dysmasesis; dysmature; dysmaturity; dysmelia; dysmenorrhea; dysmenorrhoea; dysmenorrhoeal membrane; dysmetria; dysmimia; dysmnesia; dysmnesic psychosis; dysmnesic syndrome; dysmorphia; dysmorphic feature; dysmorphism; dysmorphogenesis; dysmorphology; dysmorphophobia; dysmyelinating disease; dysmyelination; dysmyotonia; dysnystaxis; dysodile; dysodontiasis; dysontogenesis; dysontogenetic; dysorexia; dysosmia; dysosteogenesis; dysostoses; dysostosis; dysostosis multiplex; dyspallia; dyspareunia; dyspepsia; dyspepsy; dyspeptic; dyspeptone; dysphagia; dysphagia lusoria; dysphagia nervosa; dysphagocytosis; dysphagy; dysphasia; dysphemia; dysphonia; dysphonia, spasmodic; dysphonia spastica; dysphony; dysphoria; dysphrasia; dysphylaxia; dyspigmentation; dyspinealism; dyspituitarism; dysplasia; dysplasia epiphysialis hemimelia; dysplasia epiphysialis multiplex; dysplasia epiphysialis punctata; dysplastic; dysplastic nevi; dysplastic nevus; dysplastic nevus syndrome; dyspna; dyspnea; dyspnea, paroxysmal; dyspneic; dyspnoea; dyspnoic; dyspraxia; dysprosium; dysproteinaemia; dysproteinaemic; dysproteinaemic retinopathy; dysraphism; dysrhythmia; dyssebacia; dyssomnia; dysspermatogenic sterility; dysspondylism; dysstasia; dysstatic; dyssyllabia; dyssynergia; dyssynergia cerebellaris myoclonica; dystasia; dysteleology; dystelephalangy; dysthymia; dysthymic; dysthymic disorder; dysthyroidal infantilism; dystocia; dystocia, cervical; dystocia, foetal; dystocia, placental; dystome; dystonia; dystonia, cranial; dystonia, dopa-responsive; dystonia, focal, due to blepharospasm; dystonia, focal, due to torticollis; dystonia, idiopathic torsion; dystonia lenticularis; dystonia musculorum deformans; dystonia, oromandibular; dystonia, segawa's; dystonia, torsion; dystonia, writer's cramp; dystonic; dystonic reaction; dystonic torticollis; dystopia; dystopic; dystroglycan; dystrophia; dystrophia adiposogenitalis; dystrophia brevicollis; dystrophia myotonica; dystrophia unguium; dystrophia ungulae; dystrophic; dystrophic calcification; dystrophic calcinosis; dystrophin; dystrophy; dystrophy, myotonic; dystropy; dysuria; dysuric; dysury; dysversion; dzeron; dziggetai;

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