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exstipulate; exstrophy; exstrophy of the bladder; exstrophy of the cloaca; exsufflate; exsufflation; extemporaneous mixture; extend; extended clasp; extended family; extended family therapy; extended insulin zinc suspension; extended pyelotomy; extended radical mastectomy; extensin; extension; extension bridge; extension form; extensive properties; extensor; extensor aponeurosis; extensor carpi radialis brevis; extensor carpi radialis longus; extensor carpi ulnaris; extensor digital expansion; extensor digiti minimi; extensor digitorum; extensor digitorum brevis; extensor digitorum longus; extensor expansion; extensor hallucis brevis; extensor hallucis longus; extensor indicis; extensor indicis proprius; extensor muscle of fingers; extensor muscle of little finger; extensor pollicis brevis; extensor pollicis longus; extensor retinaculum; exterior; exteriorise; exterminate; extermination; extern; external; external absorption; external acoustic foramen; external acoustic meatus; external acoustic pore; external anal sphincter; external aperture of cochlear canaliculus; external aperture of vestibular aqueduct; external arcuate fibres; external artery of nose; external auditory foramen; external auditory meatus; external axis of eye; external base of skull; external branch of accessory nerve; external branch of superior laryngeal nerve; external canthus; external capsule; external cardiac massage; external carotid artery; external carotid nerves; external carotid plexus; external cephalic version; external collateral ligament of wrist; external conjugate; external conjugate diameter; external cuneate nucleus; external defibrillator; external dental epithelium; external ear; external exudative retinopathy; external female genital organs; external fistula; external fixation; external fixators; external genitalia; external haemorrhoid; external haemorrhoids; external hydrocephalus; external iliac artery; external iliac lymph nodes; external iliac plexus; external iliac vein; external inguinal ring; external intercostal membrane; external intercostal muscles; externalism; externality; external jugular vein; external lip of iliac crest; external male genital organs; external malleolar sign; external malleolus; external mammary artery; external matrix; external maxillary artery; external maxillary plexus; external medium; external meningitis; external naris; external nasal branches; external nasal veins; external nose; external nuclear layer of retina; external oblique; external oblique reflex; external oblique ridge; external obturator muscle; external occipital crest; external occipital protuberance; external opening of urethra; external ophthalmopathy; external ophthalmoplegia; external os of uterus; external ovular transmigration; external pacemaker; external phase; external pin fixation; external pterygoid muscle; external pudendal arteries; external pudendal veins; external pyocephalus; external radiation; external radiation therapy; external respiration; external respiratory nerve of Bell; external salivary gland; external saphenous nerve; external secretion; external semilunar fibrocartilage; external sheath of optic nerve; external spermatic artery; external spermatic fascia; external spermatic nerve; external sphincter muscle of anus; external sphincterotomy; external spiral sulcus; external squint; external strabismus; external surface; external surface of frontal bone; external surface of parietal bone; external traction; external urethral orifice; external urethral sphincter; external wall of cochlear duct; externe; externus; exteroceptive; exteroceptor; exterofective; exterofective system; extinction; extinction angle; extinction coefficient; extinction factor; extinction oblique; extinction parallel; extinction symmetrical; extine; extinguish; extirp; extirpable; extirpation; extogenous; Exton; Exton reagent; extorsion; extort; extortor; extra; extra-abdominal desmoid; extraamniotic pregnancy; extra-anatomic bypass; extra-articular; extra-axial; extraaxillary; extrabranchial; extrabuccal; extrabulbar; extracaliceal; extracapsular; extracapsular fracture; extracapsular ligaments; extracardiac murmur; extracarpal; extracellular; extracellular enzyme; extracellular fluid; extracellular fluid volume; extracellular matrix; extracellular matrix proteins; extracellular space; extracellular toxin; extracerebral; extrachorial pregnancy; extrachromosomal; extrachromosomal DNA; extrachromosomal element; extrachromosomal gene; extrachromosomal inheritance; extracoronal retainer; extracorporeal; extracorporeal circulation; extracorporeal dialysis; extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy; extracorpuscular; extracranial; extracranial arteritis; extracranial ganglia; extracranial-intracranial bypass; extracranial pneumatocele; extracranial pneumocele; extract; extractant; extractiform; extracting forceps; extraction; extraction and processing industry; extraction coefficient; extraction, obstetrical; extraction ratio; extractive; extractives; extractor; extracystic; extradural; extradural anaesthesia; extradural haematorrhachis; extradural haemorrhage; extradural mass; extraembryonic; extraembryonic blastoderm; extraembryonic celom; extraembryonic ectoderm; extraembryonic membrane; extraembryonic mesoderm; extraepiphysial; extra-floral; extrafoliaceous; extragenital; extrahepatic; extrajection; extraligamentous; extralobar sequestration; extralogical; extramalleolus; extramammary Paget disease; extramarital relations; extramedullary; extramembranous glomerulonephritis; extramembranous pregnancy; extramitochondrial; extramural; extramural practice; extraneous; extra nodal lymphoma; extranuclear; extranuclear inheritance; extraocular; extra-ocular muscle disease; extraocular muscles; extraoral; extraoral anchorage; extraoral fracture appliance; extraoral photograph; extraoral traction appliances; extraordinary; extraovular;

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