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extrapapillary; extraparenchymal; extraperineal; extraperiosteal; extraperitoneal; extraperitoneal fascia; extraphysical; extraphysiologic; extrapineal pinealoma; extraplacental; extrapleural pneumothorax; extraprostatic; extrapsychic; extrapulmonary; extrapyramidal; extrapyramidal cerebral palsy; extrapyramidal disease; extrapyramidal dyskinesias; extrapyramidal effect; extrapyramidal motor system; extrapyramidal motor system disease; extrapyramidal syndrome; extrarenal; extrasaccular hernia; extrasensory; extrasensory perception; extrasensory thought transference; extraserous; extraskeletal chondroma; extrasomatic; extrastapedial; extrasystole; extratarsal; extraterrestrial environment; extrathyroidal hypermetabolism; extratracheal; extratubal; extrauterine; extrauterine pregnancy; extravaginal; extravaginal torsion; extravasate; extravasation; extravasation cyst; extravascular; extravascular fluid; extravascular lung water; extravenate; extraventricular; extraversion; extravert; extravisual; extravital ultraviolet; extreme; extreme capsule; extreme halophile; extremital; extremitas; extremitas acromialis claviculae; extremitas anterior; extremitas inferior; extremitas inferior renis; extremitas inferior testis; extremitas posterior; extremitas sternalis claviculae; extremitas superior; extremitas superior renis; extremitas superior testis; extremitas tubaria ovarii; extremitas uterina ovarii; extremity; extrinsic; extrinsic allergic alveolitis; extrinsic asthma; extrinsic colour; extrinsic factor; extrinsic factor deficiency; extrinsic incubation period; extrinsic motivation; extrinsic muscles; extrinsic pathway; extrinsic protein; extrinsic proteins; extrinsic sphincter; extrogastrulation; extrorse; extrospection; extroversion; extrovert; extrude; extrusion; extrusion of a tooth; extubate; extubation; exuberant; exudate; exudate cell; exudation; exudation cell; exudation corpuscle; exudation cyst; exudative; exudative angina; exudative bronchiolitis; exudative choroiditis; exudative discoid and lichenoid dermatitis; exudative glomerulonephritis; exudative inflammation; exudative retinal detachment; exudative retinitis; exudative tuberculosis; exudative vitreoretinopathy; exude; exulcerans; exult; exumbilication; exutory; exuviability; exuviae; exuviate; exuviation; eya-let; eyas; eyasmusket; eye; eye abnormalities; eye, artificial; eyeball; eyeball compression reflex; eyeball-heart reflex; eye bank; eye banks; eyebright; eyebrow; eye burns; eye capsule; eye-closure pupil reaction; eye-closure reflex; eye colour; eye cup; eye diseases, hereditary; eye drops; eye-ear plane; eye enucleation; eye evisceration; eye floaters; eyeglass; eyeglasses; eyegrounds; eye haemorrhage; eye infections; eye infections, bacterial; eye infections, fungal; eye infections, parasitic; eye infections, viral; eye injuries; eye injuries, penetrating; eyelash; eyelash sign; eye lens; eyelid; eye manifestations; eye movements; eye ointment; eyepiece; eyepiece, negative; eyepiece, parfocal; eyepiece, positive; eye protective devices; eye reflex; eyes, cataracts; eyes, glaucoma; eye socket; eye speculum; eyespot; eyestalk; eyestone; eyestrain; eyetooth; eyewash; eyewater; eyra; ezrin;

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