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F; F1 ATPase; F1FO ATPase; f-1 generation; f2 fragment; f-2 generation; F390 hydrolase; F390 synthetase; F420H2 dehydrogenase; F(6) ATPase; Fab; fabavirus; FAB classification; fabella; Faber, Knud; Faber's anaemia; Faber's syndrome; Fab fragment; fabian; fabism; Fab piece; fabrication; fabricatress; Fabricius, Girolamo; fabric mulch; fabrile; Fabry disease; Fabry, Johannes; fabry-perot interferometer; fabry's disease; fabulation; fac; FACCP; FACD; face; face-bow; face-bow fork; face-bow record; face form; facelift; face peel; facet; facetectomy; facet joints; facet of atlas for dens; facet rhizotomy; face validity; facial; facial angle; facial artery; facial asymmetry; facial axis; facial bones; facial canal; facial cleft; facial colliculus; facial diplegia; facial eczema; facial eminence; facial expression; facial hemiatrophy; facial hemiatrophy of Romberg; facial hemiplegia; facial hillock; facial index; facial injuries; facialis; facialis phenomenon; facial lymph nodes; facial motor nucleus; facial muscles; facial myokymia; facial nerve; facial neuralgia; facial nucleus; facial pain; facial palsy; facial paralysis; facial plane; facial plexus; facial profile; facial reflex; facial root; facial spasm; facial surface of tooth; facial tic; facial tics; facial triangle; facial trophoneurosis; facial vein; facial vision; facient; facies; facies antebrachialis anterior; facies antebrachialis posterior; facies anterior; facies anterior antebrachii; facies anterior brachii; facies anterior corneae; facies anterior corporis maxillae; facies anterior cruris; facies anterior glandulae suprarenalis; facies anterior iridis; facies anterior lateralis corporis humeri; facies anterior lentis; facies anterior medialis corporis humeri; facies anterior membri inferioris; facies anterior palpebrarum; facies anterior pancreatis; facies anterior partis petrosae ossis temporalis; facies anterior patellae; facies anterior prostatae; facies anterior radii; facies anterior renis; facies anterior ulnae; facies anterolateralis corporis humeri; facies anteromedialis corporis humeri; facies antonina; facies approximalis dentis; facies articularis; facies articularis acromialis claviculae; facies articularis acromii; facies articularis anterior dentis; facies articularis arytenoidea cricoideae; facies articularis calcanea tali; facies articularis capitis costae; facies articularis capitis fibulae; facies articularis carpi radii; facies articularis cartilaginis arytenoideae; facies articularis cuboidea calcanei; facies articularis fibularis tibiae; facies articularis inferior atlantis; facies articularis inferior tibiae; facies articularis malleoli fibulae; facies articularis malleoli tibiae; facies articularis navicularis tali; facies articularis ossis temporalis; facies articularis patellae; facies articularis posterior dentis; facies articularis sternalis claviculae; facies articularis superior atlantis; facies articularis superior tibiae; facies articularis talaris anterior calcanei; facies articularis talaris calcanei; facies articularis talaris media calcanei; facies articularis talaris posterior calcanei; facies articularis thyroidea cricoideae; facies articularis tuberculi costae; facies auricularis ossis ilii; facies auricularis ossis sacri; facies bovina; facies brachialis anterior; facies brachialis posterior; facies buccalis; facies cerebralis; facies colica splenis; facies contactus dentis; facies costalis; facies costalis pulmonis; facies costalis scapulae; facies cruralis anterior; facies cruralis posterior; facies cubitalis anterior; facies cubitalis posterior; facies diaphragmatica; facies digitalis dorsalis; facies digitalis palmaris; facies digitalis plantaris; facies digitalis ventralis; facies distalis dentis; facies dolorosa; facies dorsalis; facies dorsalis ossis sacri; facies dorsalis scapulae; facies externa; facies externa ossis frontalis; facies externa ossis parietalis; facies facialis dentis; facies femoralis anterior; facies femoralis posterior; facies gastrica splenis; facies glutea ossis ilii; facies inferior cerebri; facies inferior hemispherii cerebelli; facies inferior linguae; facies inferior pancreatis; facies inferior partis petrosae ossis temporalis; facies inferolateralis prostatae; facies infratemporalis maxillae; facies interlobares pulmonis; facies interna; facies interna ossis frontalis; facies interna ossis parietalis; facies intestinalis uteri; facies labialis; facies lateralis; facies lateralis brachii; facies lateralis cruris; facies lateralis digiti manus; facies lateralis digiti pedis; facies lateralis fibulae; facies lateralis membri inferioris; facies lateralis ossis zygomatici; facies lateralis ovarii; facies lateralis testis; facies lateralis tibiae; facies lingualis dentis; facies lunata acetabuli; facies malleolaris lateralis tali; facies malleolaris medialis tali; facies masticatoria; facies maxillaris alae majoris; facies maxillaris ossis palatini; facies medialis; facies medialis cartilaginis arytenoideae; facies medialis cerebri; facies medialis digiti pedis; facies medialis fibulae; facies medialis ovarii; facies medialis pulmonis; facies medialis testis; facies medialis tibiae; facies medialis ulnae; facies mediastinalis pulmonis; facies mesialis dentis; facies nasalis maxillae; facies nasalis ossis palatini; facies occlusalis dentis; facies orbitalis; facies palatina laminae horizontalis ossis palatini; facies patellaris femoris; facies pelvina ossis sacri; facies poplitea femoris; facies posterior; facies posterior cartilaginis arytenoideae; facies posterior corneae; facies posterior corporis humeri; facies posterior cruris; facies posterior fibulae; facies posterior glandulae suprarenalis; facies posterior iridis; facies posterior lentis; facies posterior membri inferioris; facies posterior palpebrarum; facies posterior pancreatis; facies posterior partis petrosae ossis temporalis; facies posterior prostatae; facies posterior radii; facies posterior renis; facies posterior tibiae; facies posterior ulnae; facies pulmonalis cordis; facies renalis glandulae suprarenalis; facies renalis lienis; facies renalis splenis; facies sacropelvina ossis ilii; facies scaphoidea; facies sternocostalis cordis; facies superior hemispherii cerebelli; facies superior tali; facies superolateralis cerebri; facies symphysialis; facies temporalis; facies urethralis penis; facies vesicalis uteri; facies vestibularis dentis; facies visceralis hepatis; facies visceralis splenis; facilitated diffusion; facilitated transport; facilitation; facilitator neuron; facility design and construction; facility regulation and control; facing; facio-; faciodigitogenital dysplasia; faciolingual; facioplasty; facioplegia; facioscapulohumeral atrophy; facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy; FACNM; FACNP; FACOG; facound; FACP; FACR; FACS; facsimile; FACSM;

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