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F actin; faction; factitial dermatitis; factitious; factitious disorder; factitious disorders; factitious purpura; factitious urticaria; factor; factor 3; factor A; factor analysis, statistical; factor B; factor D; factor E; factoress; factor Gm; factor H; factor I; factorial; factorial experiments; factor II; factor IIa; factor II assay; factor II deficiency; factor III; factoring; factor Inv; factor IV; factor ix; factor ixa; factor ix assay; factor ix deficiency; factor P; factor, rheumatoid; Factors I XII; factor v; factor V1a; factor va; factor v assay; factor v deficiency; factor vii; factor viia; factor vii assay; factor vii deficiency; factor viii; factor viiia; factor viii assay; factor viii deficiency; factor x; factor xa; factor x assay; factor x deficiency; factor X for Haemophilus; factor xi; factor xia; factor xi deficiency; factor xii; factor xiia; factor xii assay; factor xii deficiency; factor xiii; factor xiii deficiency; factory; faculae; facular; facultative; facultative aerobe; facultative anaerobe; facultative heterochromatin; facultative hyperopia; facultative parasite; facultative ponds; facultative species; faculty; faculty, dental; faculty, medical; faculty, nursing; FAD; fade; Faden suture; fading time; FAD pyrophosphatase; fadrozole; faecal; faecal abscess; faecal coliform bacteria; faecal culture; faecal fat determination; faecal fistula; faecal impaction; faecal incontinence; faecalith; faecal occult blood test; faecaloid; faecaloma; faecal smear; faecal tumour; faecaluria; faecal vomiting; faeces; F agent; Faget, Jean; Faget's sign; fagopyrism; fahlband; fahlunite; Fahraeus-Lindqvist effect; Fahraeus, Robert Sanno; Fahrenheit; Fahrenheit, Gabriel; Fahrenheit scale; Fahr's disease; Fahr, Theodore; failure; failure to thrive; faint; fainthearted; fainting; faintness; fair; fairly; fairness; fair-weather; fairy; faith healing; falanaka; falcate; falcated; falcer; falces; falcial; falcidian; falciform; falciform cartilage; falciform crest; falciform ligament; falciform ligament of liver; falciform lobe; falciform margin; falciform process; falciform retinal fold; falcine; falciparum exported serine-threonine protein kinase; falciparum fever; falciparum malaria; falcon; falconet; falcongentil; falconine; falcula; falcular; falculate; FALGPA peptidase; falk; falkland islands; fall; fallen arches; fallfish; falling; falling of the womb; falling palate; falling sickness; fallopian; fallopian aqueduct; fallopian arch; fallopian canal; fallopian hiatus; fallopian ligament; fallopian neuritis; fallopian pregnancy; fallopian tube; fallopian tube patency tests; fallopian tubes; Fallopius, Gabriel; Falloppius, Gabriele; Fallot, Etienne-Louis; Fallot's tetrad; Fallot's triad; fallow; fallow deer; fall-run fish; false; false agglutination; false albuminuria; false anaemia; false aneurysm; false angina; false ankylosis; false Becke line; false blepharoptosis; false branching; false cast; false conjugate; false coxa vara; false cyst; false dextrocardia; false diphtheria; false diverticulum; false dominance; false glottis; false haematuria; false-heart; false-hearted; false hellebore; false hermaphroditism; false hypertrophy; false image; false joint; false knots; false labour; false macula; false masturbation; false membrane; false mole; false negative; false-negative reaction; false neuroma; false nucleolus; false pain; false paracusis; false pelvis; false positive; false-positive reaction; false pregnancy; false projection; false rib; false ringbone; false suture; falsetto; false vertebrae; false vocal cord; falsicrimen; falsification; faluns; falx; falx aponeurotica; falx cerebelli; falx cerebri; falx inguinalis; falx septi; famciclovir;

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