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fluor; fluor albus; fluoranthene; fluorapatite; fluorated; fluorene; fluorenes; fluorescamine; fluoresce; fluorescein; fluorescein-5-isothiocyanate; fluorescein angiography; fluorescein-conjugated antibody; fluorescein eye examination; fluorescein instillation test; fluorescein isothiocyanate; fluoresceins; fluorescein sodium; fluorescein string test; fluorescence; fluorescence-activated cell sorter; fluorescence-activated cell sorting; fluorescence energy transfer; fluorescence immunoassay; fluorescence in situ hybridization; fluorescence microscope; fluorescence microscopy; fluorescence plus Giemsa stain; fluorescence polarisation immunoassay; fluorescence polarization; fluorescence polarization immunoassay; fluorescence recovery after photobleaching; fluorescence spectrum; fluorescent; fluorescent antibody; fluorescent antibody technique; fluorescent antibody technique, direct; fluorescent antibody technique, indirect; fluorescent antibody techniques; fluorescent antibody titre; fluorescent antinuclear antibody test; fluorescent dyes; fluorescent in situ hybridization; fluorescent label; fluorescent microscope; fluorescent screen; fluorescent stain; fluorescent treponemal antibody-absorption test; fluorescin; fluoric; fluoridated teeth; fluoridation; fluoride; fluoride number; fluoride poisoning; fluorides; fluorides, topical; fluoridization; fluorimetry; fluorinated hydrocarbon; fluorine; fluorine compounds; fluorine radioisotopes; fluorite; fluorite objective; fluoro-; fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene; fluoroacetate-specific dehalogenase; fluorocarbons; fluorochrome; fluorochroming; fluorocyte; fluorodeoxyuridylate; fluorodifen; fluorography; fluoroid; fluoroimmunoassay; fluorometer; fluorometholone; fluorometry; fluorophotometry; fluoroquinolone; fluororoentgenography; fluoroscope; fluoroscopic; fluoroscopy; fluorosis; fluorouracil; fluor spar; fluosilicate; fluosilicic; fluosol; fluosol-DA; fluoxetine; fluoxetine hydrochloride; fluoxymesterone; flupenthixol; flupentixol; fluperolone acetate; fluphenazine; fluphenazine decanoate; fluprednisolone; flurandrenolide; flurandrenolone; flurazepam; flurazepam hydrochloride; flurbiprofen; flurogestone acetate; flurothyl; fluroxene; Flury strain rabies virus; Flury strain vaccine; flush; flush end; flusher; flushing; flu shot; flu shots; flush technique; fluspirilene; flu, stomach; flutamide; flutamide miki wu; flute instability; flutemouth; flutter; flutter-fibrillation; flutter-fibrillation waves; flu vaccine; fluvents; fluvial; fluviatile; fluvio-marine; fluvoxamine; flux; flux density; fluxion; fluxional; fluxionary; fluxionary hyperaemia; fluxions; flux, light; flux ratio; fly; fly agaric; fly ash; flybane; fly blister; flyblow; fly-case; flycatcher; fly-catching; flyer; flyfish; flying; flying blister; flying fish; flying spot microscope; flying squirrel; Flynn-Aird syndrome; Flynn, P; Flynn phenomenon; flysch; flytrap; Fm; FMD; FMD virus; fMet; fMet-tRNA; FMF; fMLP; fmn; FMO3; FMR1; FMRFamide; FMRP; fms; FNA; fnese; FN-gelatinase; f-number; foal; foam; foam cell; foam cells; foam stability test; foamy agents; foamy viruses; focal; focal adhesion; focal amyloidosis; focal and segmental hyalinosis; focal appendicitis; focal condensing osteitis; focal depth; focal dermal hypoplasia; focal distance; focal embolic glomerulonephritis; focal epilepsy; focal epithelial hyperplasia; focal gallbladder wall thickening; focal gigantism; focal glomerulonephritis; focal illumination; focal infection; focal infection, dental; focal interval; focal length; focal lymphocytic thyroiditis; focal metastatic disease; focal motor seizure; focal necrosis; focal nephritis; focal nodular hyperplasia; focal point; focal reaction; focal sclerosing glomerulopathy; focal sclerosis; focal sclerosis with hyalinosis; focal segmental glomerulosclerosis; focal seizure; focal spot; focal spot size; foci; focimeter; focus; focused grid; focus-forming assay; focus-forming unit; focus groups; focusing device; focusing glass; focusing magnifier; focus, principal; fodient; fodientia; fodrin; foetal; foetal adrenal cortex; foetal age; foetal alcohol effects; foetal alcohol syndrome; foetal anoxia; foetal aspiration syndrome; foetal attitude; foetal blood; foetal bradycardia; foetal calf serum; foetal circulation; foetal cotyledon; foetal death; foetal death rate; foetal development; foetal distress; foetal doppler study; foetal dystocia; foetal electrocardiography; foetal erythroblastosis; foetal face syndrome; foetal fracture; foetal gigantism; foetal growth retardation; foetal habitus; foetal haemoglobin; foetal heart; foetal heart rate; foetal hydantoin syndrome; foetal hydrops; foetal inclusion; foetalism; foetal macrosomia; foetal medicine; foetal membrane; foetal membranes; foetal membranes, premature rupture; foetal monitoring; foetal mortality rate; foetal movement; foetal organ maturity; foetal ovoid; foetal placenta; foetal resorption; foetal reticularis; foetal souffle; foetal tachycardia; foetal tissue transplantation; foetal trimethadione syndrome; foetal viability; foetal warfarin syndrome; foetal zone; foetoplacental; foetotoxic; foetus; foetus in fetu; foetus papyraceus; foetus sanguinolentis;

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