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fog; Fogarty catheter; Fogarty clamp; Fogarty, Thomas; fog'gage; fogging; fogging retinoscopy; foggy; fogo selvagem; foil; foin; foison; Foix-Alajouanine myelitis; Foix-Alajouanine syndrome; Foix-Cavany-Marie syndrome; Foix, Charles; Fokker-Planck equation; folacin; folate; folate antagonist; fold; foldback DNA; fold-back elements; folded-lung syndrome; folding; folding fracture; fold of chorda tympani; fold of laryngeal nerve; fold of left vena cava; fold of superior laryngeal nerve; folds of iris; Foley catheter; Foley, Frederic; Foley operation; Foley Y-plasty pyeloplasty; folia; foliaceous; folia cerebelli; foliage; foliage volume; folia linguae; foliar; foliate; foliated; foliate papillae; foliation; foliature; folic acid; folic acid antagonist; folic acid antagonists; folic acid conjugate; folic acid deaminase; folic acid deficiency; folic acid deficiency anaemia; folic acid oxidase; folie; folie a deux; folie du doute; folie du pourquoi; folie gemellaire; foliferous; folinate; folinic acid; Folin-Looney test; Folin, Otto; Folin's reaction; Folin's reagent; Folin's test; folio; fo'liolate; foliole; foliose; folious; folium; folium vermis; folklore; folk medicine; follian process; folliberin; Folli, Cecilio; follicle; follicle cell; follicles of thyroid gland; follicle-stimulating hormone; follicle-stimulating hormone-releasing factor; follicle-stimulating hormone-releasing hormone; follicular; follicular abscess; follicular adenoma; follicular antrum; follicular atresia; follicular cancer of the thyroid; follicular carcinomas; follicular conjunctivitis; follicular cyst; follicular cystitis; follicular dendritic cell; follicular epithelial cell; follicular fluid; follicular gland; follicular goiter; follicular hormone; follicular impetigo; follicular iritis; follicular lymphoma; follicular mange; follicular mucinosis; follicular ovarian cells; follicular papule; follicular phase; follicular predominantly large cell lymphoma; follicular predominantly small cleaved cell lymphoma; follicular stigma; follicular syphilid; follicular trachoma; follicular urethritis; follicular vulvitis; folliculi; folliculi glandulae thyroideae; folliculi linguales; folliculi lymphatici aggregati; folliculi lymphatici aggregati appendicis vermiformis; folliculi lymphatici gastrici; folliculi lymphatici laryngei; folliculi lymphatici lienales; folliculi lymphatici recti; folliculi lymphatici solitarii; folliculin; folliculin hydrate; folliculitis; folliculitis abscedens et suffodiens; folliculitis barbae; folliculitis decalvans; folliculitis keloidalis; folliculitis nares perforans; folliculitis ulerythematosa reticulata; folliculoma; folliculosis; folliculus; folliculus lymphaticus; folliculus ovaricus primarius; folliculus ovaricus vesiculosus; folliculus pili; Folling, Ivar; Folling's disease; Folli's process; follitropin; follow; follower; following; following bougie; follow-up studies; follow-up study; folly; Foltz, Jean; Foltz' valvule; folylpoly-alpha-glutamate synthetase; folylpolyglutamate synthetase; fomalhaut; foment; fomentation; fomes; fomite; fomites; fonazine mesylate; fondation jean dausset-ceph; fondling; fondly; fondness; fondon; fong disease; Fonio, Anton; Fonio's solution; fonofos; Fonsecaea; Fontana, Arturo; Fontana, Felice; Fontana-Masson silver stain; Fontana's canal; Fontana's spaces; Fontana's stain; fontanel; fontanelle; Fontan, Francois; Fontan operation; fontan procedure; fonticuli cranii; fonticulus; fonticulus anterior; fonticulus anterolateralis; fonticulus mastoideus; fonticulus posterior; fonticulus posterolateralis; fonticulus sphenoidalis; food; food additives; food and beverages; food and drug administration; food asthma; food ball; food-borne botulism; food colouring agents; food contamination; food deprivation; food dispensers, automatic; food-drug interactions; food fever; food, formulated; food, fortified; foodful; food habits; food handling; food hypersensitivity; food impaction; food industry; food infection; food inspection; food labeling; food microbiology; food packaging; food parasitology; food poisoning; food preferences; food preservatives; food-processing industry; food service, hospital; food services; foods, specialised; food technology; foody; fool; foolahs; foolfish; foot; foot-and-mouth disease; foot-and-mouth disease virus; foot-and-mouth disease virus vaccines; foot, athlete's; football; football calf; football sign; foot bones; footcandle; foot deformities; foot deformities, acquired; foot deformities, congenital; foot dermatoses; foot-drop; foot fungus; foothalt; foothill abortion; foothold; foot injuries; footling presentation; footman; Foot, N; foot of hippocampus; footplate; foot plugger; foot-pound; foot-poundal; foot-pound-second; foot-pound-second system; footprinting; foot process; foot rot; Foot's reticulin impregnation stain; footstalk; footstall; foot ulcer; foot yaws; foppish;

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