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formycin B; formycins; formyl; formylase; formyl-coenzyme A transferase; formylglutamate amidohydrolase; formylmethanofuran dehydrogenase; formylmethanofuran-tetrahydromethanopterin formyltransferase; formyl-methenyl-methylenetetrahydrofolate synthetase; formylmethionine; formylmethionyl-tRNA; formyl peptide; formyl sterol oxidase; formyltetrahydrofolate deformylase; formyltetrahydrofolates; fornicate; fornicated; fornicate gyrus; fornication; fornicator; fornicatress; fornices; fornix; fornix conjunctivae; fornix of the lacrimal sac; fornix pharyngis; fornix sacci lacrimalis; fornix uteri; fornix vaginae; forold; forskolin; forsooth; Forssman antibody; Forssman antigen; Forssman antigen-antibody reaction; Forssman, Hans; Forssman hapten; Forssman, John; Forssman reaction; Forster, Richard; Forster's uveitis; forsythia; Fort Bragg fever; forth; fortification figures; fortification spectrum; fortified milk; fortified vitamin D milk; fortimicin KL1 methyltransferase; fortuitous; forty-spot; forward; forward conduction; forwarder; forward heart failure; forward mutation; fos; foscarnet; Fosdick-Hansen-Epple test; Fosdick, Leonard; fosfomycin; Foshay, Lee; Foshay test; fosinopril; Fos kinase; fos-related antigen; fossa; fossa acetabuli; fossa anthelicis; fossa axillaris; fossa canina; fossa carotica; fossa condylaris; fossa coronoidea humeri; fossa cranii anterior; fossa cranii media; fossa cranii posterior; fossa cubitalis; fossa digastrica; fossa ductus venosi; fossae; fossa epigastrica; fossa for gallbladder; fossa for incus; fossa glandulae lacrimalis; fossa hyaloidea; fossa hypophysialis; fossa iliaca; fossa iliacosubfascialis; fossa incisiva; fossa incudis; fossa infraclavicularis; fossa infraspinata; fossa infratemporalis; fossa inguinalis lateralis; fossa inguinalis medialis; fossa innominata; fossa intercondylaris; fossa intermesocolica transversa; fossa interpeduncularis; fossa ischiorectalis; fossa jugularis; fossa lateralis cerebri; fossa malleoli fibulae; fossa malleoli lateralis; fossa mandibularis; fossa navicularis auriculae; fossa navicularis auris; fossa navicularis Cruveilhier; fossa navicularis urethrae; fossa navicularis vestibulae vaginae; fossane; fossa of anthelix; fossa of ductus venosus; fossa of helix; fossa of lacrimal gland; fossa of lacrimal sac; fossa of lateral malleolus; fossa of Sylvius; fossa of vestibule of vagina; fossa olecrani; fossa ovalis; fossa ovarica; fossa parajejunalis; fossa paravesicalis; fossa poplitea; fossa provesicalis; fossa pterygoidea; fossa pterygopalatina; fossa radialis humeri; fossa retromandibularis; fossa rhomboidea; fossa sacci lacrimalis; fossa scaphoidea ossis sphenoidalis; fossa scarpae major; fossa subarcuata; fossa submandibularis; fossa subscapularis; fossa supraclavicularis major; fossa supraclavicularis minor; fossa supraspinata; fossa supratonsillaris; fossa supravesicalis; fossa temporalis; fossa terminalis urethrae; fossa tonsillaris; fossa triangularis; fossa trochanterica; fossa trochlearis; fossa venae cavae; fossa venae umbilicalis; fossa venosa; fossa vesicae biliaris; fossa vestibuli vaginae; fosse; fossette; fosseway; fossil; fossil fuel; fossil fuels; fossiliferous; fossilification; fossilism; fossilist; fossilization; fossilize; fossilized; fossils; fossores; fossoria; fossorious; fossula; fossulae tonsillares; fossula fenestrae cochleae; fossula fenestrae vestibuli; fossula petrosa; fossula rotunda; fossulate; foster; fosterage; Foster frame; foster home care; Foster Kennedy's syndrome; fosterling; fosterment; fostress; fother; Fothergill, John; Fothergill's disease; Fothergill's neuralgia; Fothergill's operation; Fothergill's sign; Fothergill, William; Fouchet, A; Fouchet's reagent; Fouchet's stain; foul; foulage; foumart; foundation; foundations; founder; founder cell; founder effect; founder principle; foundershaft; foundress; foundryman's fever; fountain decussation; fountain syringe; founttain; fourchette; fourfold; fourier analysis; Fourier, J; Fourier transfer; Fourier transform; fourling; Fournier, Jean; Fournier's disease; fournier's gangrene; four-o'clock; four-poster; four-strand crossing over; four-tailed bandage; fourth cranial nerve; fourth disease; fourth finger; fourth heart sound; fourth lumbar nerve; fourth parallel pelvic plane; fourth stage of labour; fourth turbinated bone; fourth ventricle; fourth ventricle mass; foussa; fovea; fovea anterior; fovea articularis capitis radii; fovea articularis inferior atlantis; fovea articularis superior atlantis; fovea capitis ossis femoris; fovea cardiaca; fovea centralis; fovea centralis retinae; fovea coccygis; fovea costalis inferior; fovea costalis processus transversi; fovea costalis superior; fovea dentis atlantis; fovea elliptica; fovea ethmoidalis; fovea femoralis; fovea hemielliptica; fovea hemispherica; fovea inferior; fovea inguinalis interna; fovea oblonga cartilaginis arytenoideae; fovea of the femoral head; fovea of the radial head; fovea pterygoidea; fovea spherica; fovea sublingualis; fovea submandibularis; fovea submaxillaris; fovea superior; fovea supravesicalis; foveate; foveation; fovea triangularis cartilaginis arytenoideae; fovea trochlearis; foveola; foveola coccygea; foveolae granulares; foveola gastrica; foveola ocularis; foveola papillaris; foveolar; foveolar cells of stomach; foveola retinae; foveola suprameatica; foveolate; fovilla; Foville, Achille; Foville's fasciculus; Foville's syndrome; fowl; fowl cholera; fowl diphtheria; Fowler, George; fowlerite; Fowler's position; fowler's solution; fowl erythroblastosis; fowl erythroblastosis virus; fowl leukosis; fowl lymphomatosis; fowl lymphomatosis virus; fowl myeloblastosis virus; fowl neurolymphomatosis virus; fowl paralysis; fowl pest; fowl plague; fowl plague virus; fowlpox; fowlpox virus; fowl typhoid;

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