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fox; fox encephalitis; fox encephalitis virus; foxes; foxfish; fox-fordyce disease; Fox, George; foxglove; foxhound; Fox, Lewis; foxtail; foziness; F pili; f pilus; F plasmid; FPLC; f protein; fps; Fr; fra 1; Fraccaro, M; fracid; FRACP; fractals; fraction; fractional; fractional condensation; fractional distillation; fractional dose; fractional epidural anaesthesia; fractional spinal anaesthesia; fractional sterilization; fractionation; fraction collector; fraction I protein; fracture; fracture bed; fracture by contrecoup; fractured; fracture dislocation; fracture fixation; fracture fixation, internal; fracture healing; fractures; fractures, closed; fractures, comminuted; fractures, malunited; fractures, open; fractures, spontaneous; fractures, stress; fractures, ununited; Fraenkel, Albert; Fraenkel's pneumococcus; Fraenkel-Weichselbaum pneumococcus; fraenulum; fragile site; fragile x chromosome; fragile X syndrome; fragilitas; fragilitas crinium; fragilitas sanguinis; fragility; fragility of the blood; fragility test; fragilocyte; fragilocytosis; fragment; fragmentak; fragmental; fragmentary; fragmentation; fragmentation myocarditis; fragmentation of habitat; fragmentation of the myocardium; fragment reaction; fragmin; fragrancy; fragrant; frail elderly; frailty; fraise; Fraley, Elwin; Fraley syndrome; frambaesia; frambesia tropica; frambesiform; frambesiform syphilid; frambesioma; frame; frameshift; frameshifting, ribosomal; frameshift mutagen; frameshift mutation; framework; Framingham Heart study; framycetin; franc; Franceschetti; Franceschetti-Jadassohn syndrome; Franceschetti's syndrome; franchise; Francis Aston; franciscan; Francis Crick; francisella; Francisella novicida; francisella tularensis; francis turbine; francium; Francke, Karl; Francke's needle; francolin; francolite; frangipanni; frangula; frangulic acid; frangulin; frangulinic; franion; frank; Frankenhauser, Ferdinand; Frankenhauser's ganglion; Frankfort; Frankfort horizontal plane; Frankfort-mandibular incisor angle; Frankfort plane; Frankia; frankincense; franking; Franklin, Benjamin; Franklin, Edward; franklinic; franklinic taste; franklinite; Franklin's disease; Franklin spectacles; frank-marriage; Frank, Otto; Frank-Starling curve; Frantzel's murmur; Fraser, Alexander; Fraser, G; Fraser-Lendrum stain; Fraser's syndrome; frass; frater; fraternal twins; fraternity; fraternization; fraud; Fraumeni, Joseph F Jr; Fraunhofer, Joseph von; fraunhofer lines; Fraunhofer's lines; fraxin; fraxinus; fray; fraying; Frazier, Charles; Frazier's needle; Frazier-Spiller operation; FRC; FRCP; FRCS; freakish; freckle; Frederick Banting; Frederick Griffith; Fredet, Pierre; Fredet-Ramstedt operation; free; free association; free bone flap; free border; free border of nail; free border of ovary; free calcium level; free-central; freedle index; freedom; free electron; free electrophoresis; free energy; free field; free flap; free-floating anxiety; free gingiva; free graft; free-hand knife; free-hearted; free induction decay; freely; free macrophage; freeman; free mandibular movements; Freeman, E; Freeman-Sheldon syndrome; free margin; free margin of eyelids; freemartin; freemartinism; free-milling; free nerve endings; free radical; free radical reductase; free radicals; free radical scavengers; free-swimming; free tenia; free thyroxine index; free villus; free water; free water clearance; free wave; freeway space; free will; freeze; freeze cleavage; freeze-drying; freeze etch; freeze etching; freeze fracture; freeze fracturing; freeze substitution; freezing; freezing point; Freiberg, Albert Henry; Freiberg infraction; Freiberg's disease; freieslebenite; Frei-Hoffmann reaction; Frei test; Frei, Wilhelm; Frejka, B; Frejka pillow splint; fremissement cattaire; fremitus; frena; frenal; french; French-American-British classification; French chalk; French flag problem; French flap; French polio; french pressure cell; French proof agar; French scale; frenectomy; Frenkel, Heinrich; Frenkel, Henri; Frenkel's anterior ocular traumatic syndrome; Frenkel's symptom; frenoplasty; frenotomy; frenulum; frenulum cerebelli; frenulum clitoridis; frenulum epiglottidis; frenulum labii inferioris; frenulum labiorum minorum; frenulum labiorum pudendi; frenulum linguae; frenulum of clitoris; frenulum of Giacomini; frenulum of ileocaecal valve; frenulum of M'Dowel; frenulum of Morgagni; frenulum of prepuce; frenulum of pudendal lips; frenulum of superior medullary velum; frenulum of the labia minora; frenulum of the lip; frenulum of tongue; frenulum preputii; frenulum preputii clitoridis; frenulum pudendi; frenulum valvae ileocaecalis; frenulum veli medullaris superioris; frenum; frenzy; freons; frequency; frequency analysis; frequency curve; frequency distribution; frequency domain; frequency encoding; frequency of micturition; frequency of occurrence; frequency spectrum; frequency, urinary; frequenin; frequent; frequenter; frequent flooding; Frerichs, Friedrich von; Frerichs' theory;

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