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fresh; freshen; freshening; fresh frozen plasma; freshness; fresh water; freshwater marsh; Fresnel, Augustin Jean; Fresnel fringes; Fresnel lantern; Fresnel lens; Fresnel prism; Fresnel reflection; fressreflex; fret; frett; fretting; fretum; Freud; freudian; freudian psychoanalysis; freudian theory; Freud's theory; Freund, Jules; freund's adjuvant; Freund's anomaly; Freund's complete adjuvant; Freund's incomplete adjuvant; Freund's operation; Freund, Wilhelm; freya; Frey, Lucie; Frey, Max von; Frey's hairs; Frey's syndrome; FRF; FRH; friable; friar; fricative; fricatrice; friction; frictional; frictional attachment; friction murmur; friction rub; friction sound; Fridenberg, Percy; Fridenberg's stigometric card test; Friderichsen, Carl; Friderichsen-Waterhouse syndrome; Friedlander, Carl; Friedlander's bacillus; Friedlander's bacillus pneumonia; Friedlander's pneumonia; Friedlander's stain; Friedman curve; Friedman, Emanuel; Friedreich, Nikolaus; Friedreich's ataxia; Friedreich's phenomenon; Friedreich's sign; friedrich disease; Friend, Charlotte; Friend disease; Friend helper virus; Friend leukaemia virus; Friend murine erythroleukaemia cell; Friend murine leukaemia virus; Friend spleen focus forming virus; friend virus; frigate; frigga; frightful; fright reaction; frigid; frigidarium; frigidity; frigorific; frigorism; frill; frilled; fringe; fringed; fringilla; fringillaceous; fringilline; frit; frith; fritillaria; fritillary; Fritsch; friz; froe; Froehde; Froehde's reagent; frog; frogbit; frog face; frogfish; frog-leg lateral projection; frogmouth; frogs-bit; frogshell; Frohlich; Frohlich's dwarfism; Frohlich's syndrome; Frohn; Frohn's reagent; Froin; Froin's syndrome; frolement; frolic; Froment; Froment's sign; Frommel; frond; frondation; frondent; frondesce; frondescence; frondiferous; frondlet; frondose; frondous; frons; front; frontad; frontal; frontal angle of parietal bone; frontal area; frontal artery; frontal belly of occipitofrontalis muscle; frontal bone; frontal border; frontal border of parietal bone; frontal border of sphenoid bone; frontal branch of superficial temporal artery; frontal cortex; frontal crest; frontal eminence; frontal fontanel; frontal foramen; frontal grooves; frontal horn; frontalis; frontalis muscle; frontal lobe; frontal lobe epilepsy; frontal lobe of cerebrum; frontal margin; frontal nerve; frontal notch; frontal part of corpus callosum; frontal plane; frontal plate; frontal pole; frontal pole of cerebrum; frontal process of maxilla; frontal process of zygomatic bone; frontal region of head; frontal section; frontal sinus; frontal sinus aperture; frontal sinusitis; frontal squama; frontal suture; frontal triangle; frontal tuber; frontal veins; frontal zone contraction theory; fron'tated; frontignan; front lens; frontlet; fronto-; frontoanterior position; frontoethmoidal suture; frontolacrimal suture; frontomalar; frontomaxillary; frontomaxillary suture; frontonasal; frontonasal duct; frontonasal primordium; frontonasal process; frontonasal prominence; frontonasal suture; fronto-occipital; fronto-occipital fasciculus; fronto-orbital area; frontoparietal; frontopontine tract; frontoposterior position; frontosphenoidal process; frontotemporal; frontotemporale; frontotemporal tract; frontotransverse position; frontozygomatic; frontozygomatic suture; front-tap contraction; front-tap reflex; Froriep; Froriep's ganglion; Froriep's induration; frost; Frost, Albert; frostberg inverted-three sign; frostbird; frostbite; frost-blite; frosted; frosted heart; frosted liver; frostfish; frost itch; frostnip; Frost suture; frostweed; frostwort; froth; frottage; frotteur; frow; frozen; frozen-in flow law; frozen pelvis; frozen section; frozen sections; frozen shoulder; frozen stock; FRS; FRSC; Fru; frubiase; fructan - fructan 6G-fructosyltransferase; fructans; fructed; fructescence; fructiculose; fructidor; fructiferuos; fructification; fructify; fructo-; fructofuranose; fructokinase; fructokinases; fructolysis; fructosaemia; fructosamine; fructosan; fructose; fructose 1,6-bisphosphate; fructose-1,6-diphosphatase deficiency; fructose-1,6-diphosphate reductase; fructose 1-phosphate; fructose 2,6-bisphosphate; fructose-2,6-bisphosphate 2-phosphatase; fructose-2,6-bisphosphate 6-phosphatase; fructose 6-phosphate; fructose-6-phosphate,2-kinase-fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase; fructose-6-phosphate phosphoketolase; fructose-bisphosphatase; fructose-bisphosphate aldolase; fructose-diphosphate aldolase; fructosediphosphates; fructose intolerance; fructose metabolism, inborn errors; fructose permease; fructoside; fructosuria; fructosyl-; fructosyl aminocaproate-oxygen oxidoreductase; fructosyl lysine oxidase; fructuation; fructure; fructuronate reductase; frue vanner; frugal; frugiferous; frugivora; frugivorous; fruit; fruitage; fruiter; fruiterer; fruiteress; fruitery; fruitestere; fruiting; fruiting body; fruition; fruitive; fruitless; fruit sugar; fruit'y; frumentaceous; frump; frumpish; frusemide; frush; frustration; frustration-aggression hypothesis; frustration tolerance; frustule; frustum; frutage; frutescent; frutex; fruticose; fruticous; fruticulose; fry;

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