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Letter H: "Hf-Hin"

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Hf; H fields; Hfla protease; HFR strain; Hg; H gene; HGF; HG factor; HGH; HGPRT; H graft; hhp1+ kinase; hhp2+ kinase; HHS; HHV; hiatal; hiatal hernia; hiatus; hiatus adductorius; hiatus aorticus; hiatus canalis facialis; hiatus canalis nervi petrosi majoris; hiatus canalis nervi petrosi minoris; hiatus ethmoidalis; hiatus hernia; hiatus maxillaris; hiatus oesophageus; hiatus of canal for greater petrosal nerve; hiatus of canal of lesser petrosal nerve; hiatus of facial canal; hiatus sacralis; hiatus saphenus; hiatus semilunaris; hiatus subarcuatus; hiatus tendineus; hiatus totalis sacralis; HIB; hibernacle; hibernacula; hibernaculum; hibernating gland; hibernation; hibernoma; hib immunization; hibiscus; hib vaccine; hiccough; hiccup; hiccups; hickory; Hicks, John Braxton; hickway; HIDA; hidden; hiddenite; hidden nail skin; hidden part; hide; hidebound; hidebound disease; hidradenitis; hidradenitis axillaris of Verneuil; hidradenitis suppurativa; hidradenoma; hidradenoma papilliferum; hidro-; hidroa; hidrocystoma; hidromeiosis; hidropoiesis; hidrosadenitis; hidroschesis; hidrosis; hidrotic; hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia; hierapicra; hierarchy; hierarchy of terms; hierarchy, social; hieroglyphic; hierographic; hierographical; hierography; hierological; hierologist; hierology; hieromancy; hieromania; hieronymite; hierophobia; hierotherapy; Higashi, Ototaka; higgle; high; high altitude cerebral oedema; high altitude chamber; high altitude pulmonary oedema; high altitude sickness; high blood cholesterol; high blood pressure; high blood triglyceride; high-bred; high-calorie diet; high convex; high density lipoprotein; high dose tolerance; high-egg-passage vaccine; high endothelial postcapillary venules; high enema; high energy bond; high energy compounds; high energy particle generating unit; high energy phosphate bond; high energy phosphates; high-energy shock waves; higher heating value; higher order conditioning; highest concha; highest intercostal artery; highest intercostal vein; highest nuchal line; highest thoracic artery; highest turbinated bone; high extinction microscopy; high-fat diet; high-fibre diet; high forceps delivery; high frequency current; high frequency deafness; high-frequency jet ventilation; high frequency recombination strain; high frequency transduction; high-frequency ventilation; high-hearted; high-hoe; high-holder; high-kV technique; high lip line; high lithotomy; highly repetitive DNA; high mannose oligosaccharide; high-mobility group protein; high mobility group proteins; Highmore, Nathaniel; Highmore's body; high osmolar contrast agent; high osmolar contrast medium; high output failure; high-palmed; high-pass filter; high-performance liquid chromatography; high-pressure; high-pressure liquid chromatography; high pressure nervous syndrome; high priest; high quality filter paper; high-resolution banding; high resolution computed tomography; high-resolution imaging; high-sounding; high spinal anaesthesia; high steppage gait; high-stomached; high tide line; high wine; Higoumenakia sign; hig-taper; hila; hilar; hilar cell tumour of ovary; hilar dance; hilar lymph nodes; hilar shadow; hile; hilitis; hill; Hill, Archibald; Hill coefficient; Hill constant; Hill, Harold; hilling; Hillis, David; Hillis-Muller manoeuvre; Hill, Lucius; hillock; Hill operation; hill plot; Hill reaction; Hill, Robert; hill-sachs deformity; Hill-Sachs lesion; Hill's equation; Hill, Sir Leonard Erskine; Hill's phenomenon; Hill's sign; Hilton, John; Hilton's law; Hilton's method; Hilton's sac; Hilton's white line; hilum; hilum lienis; hilum nodi lymphatici; hilum nuclei dentati; hilum nuclei olivaris; hilum of dentate nucleus; hilum of kidney; hilum of lung; hilum of lymph node; hilum of olivary nucleus; hilum of ovary; hilum of spleen; hilum ovarii; hilum pulmonis; hilum renalis; hilum splenicum; hilus; hilus cells; him; himantosis; hind; hindbrain; hindbrain vesicle; hinder; hindgut; Hind II; Hind III; hind kidney; hindleys screw; hindlimb; hindlimb suspension; hindquarter amputation; hinduism; hindwater; Hines-Brown test; hinge; hinge axis; hinge-bow; hinged flap; hinge joint; hinge movement; hinge position; hinge region; Hinman; Hinman syndrome; Hin recombinase; hint; Hinton; Hinton test;

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