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Letter H: "HIV-hols"

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HIV; HIV-1; HIV-1 reverse transcriptase; HIV-2; HIV-2 protease; HIV-2 reverse transcriptase; HIV antibodies; HIV antigens; HIV core protein p24; hive; HIV encephalopathy; HIV enhancer; HIV enteropathy; HIV envelope protein gp120; HIV envelope protein gp160; HIV envelope protein gp41; hives; HIV infections; HIV integrase; HIV integrase inhibitors; HIV long-terminal repeat; HIV protease; HIV protease inhibitors; HIV seronegativity; HIV seropositivity; HIV seroprevalence; HIV test; HIV wasting syndrome; Hjarre, A; Hjarre's disease; hl-60 cell; HLA; HLA-a1 antigen; HLA-a2 antigen; HLA-a3 antigen; HLA-a antigens; HLA antigens; HLA-b27 antigen; HLA-b35 antigen; HLA-b7 antigen; HLA-b8 antigen; HLA-b antigens; HLA-c antigens; HLA complex; HLA-d antigens; HLA-dp antigens; HLA-dq antigens; HLA-dr1 antigen; HLA-dr2 antigen; HLA-dr3 antigen; HLA-dr4 antigen; HLA-dr5 antigen; HLA-dr6 antigen; HLA-dr7 antigen; HLA-dr antigens; HLA typing; HMG; HMG-CoA; HMG CoA reductase inhibitor; HMG-CoA reductase phosphatase; HMO; HMPAO; HMS; HN2; HNK-1 sulfotransferase; hn protein; hnRNA; Ho; Hoagland's sign; hoar; hoard; hoarding; hoarse; hoarseness; hoary; hoatzin; hoazin; hob; hobbies; hobbism; hobbist; hobblebush; hobby; hobnail; hobnail cells; hobnail liver; hobnail tongue; Hoboken; Hoboken's gemmules; Hoboken's nodules; Hoboken's valves; HOCA; hocco; Hoche, Alfred; Hoche's bundle; Hoche's tract; hock; hockherb; HOCM; hod; hoddy; Hodge, Hugh; Hodgen, John; Hodgen splint; Hodge's pessary; Hodgkin, Alan; Hodgkin-Key murmur; Hodgkin's disease; Hodgkin's lymphoma; Hodgkin, Thomas; Hodgson, Joseph; hodograph; hodoneuromere; hodophobia; hoe; hoe-33258; Hoechst 33258; Hoechst 33342; hoe excavator; hoemother; Hoeppli, Reinhard; hoe scaler; hof; Hofbauer cell; Hofbauer, J Isfred; Hoffa, Albert; Hoffa's operation; Hoffman, August Wilhelm; Hoffmann, Freidrich; Hoffmann, Johann; Hoffmann, Moritz; Hoffmann's duct; Hoffmann's muscular atrophy; Hoffmann's phenomenon; Hoffmann's reflex; Hoffmann's sign; Hofmann, Georg von; Hofmann's bacillus; Hofmeister, Franz; Hofmeister, Franz von; Hofmeister gastrectomy; Hofmeister-Polya anastomosis; Hofmeister series; Hofmeister's operation; hog; hogback; Hogben, Lawrence; Hogben number; hogchoker; hog cholera; hog cholera vaccines; hog cholera virus; hogfish; hog fuel; hoggerpipe; hogger-pump; hoggery; hoggish; Hogness box; Hogness, D; hognosesnake; hognut; hog's-back; hogskin; hogweed; hoiaspidean; holandric; holandric gene; holandric inheritance; holandry; holarthritic; holarthritis; hold; Holden, Luther; Holden's line; holdfast; hole; hole in retina; holibut; holiday heart syndrome; holidays; holiday syndrome; holing; holism; holistic; holistic health; holistic medicine; holistic nursing; holistic psychology; Hollander, Franklin; Hollander test; Hollenhorst plaques; Hollenhorst, Robert; Holliday junction; Holliday, R; Holliday structure; Holl, Moritz; hollow; hollow back; hollow bone; hollow fibre reactor; hollow-hearted; hollow-horned; hollow wall; Holl's ligament; holly; hollyhock; holm; Holmes-Adie pupil; Holmes-Adie syndrome; Holmes heart; Holmes, Oliver Wendell; Holmes, Sir Gordon; Holmes' stain; Holmes, Thomas; Holmgren, Alarik; Holmgren, Emil; Holmgren-Golgi canals; Holmgren's wool test; holmia; holmium; holo-; holoacardius; holoacardius acephalus; holoacardius amorphus; holo-ACP synthase; holoacrania; holoanencephaly; holoblast; holoblastic; holoblastic cleavage; holocarboxylase synthetase; holocaust; holocephali; holocephalic; holocord; holocrine; holocrine gland; holocrystalline; holodiastolic; holoendemic; holoendemic disease; holoenzyme; hologastroschisis; hologram; holograph; holographic; holographic microscopy; holography; hologynic; hologynic inheritance; holohedral; holohemihedral; holomastigote; holometabola; holometabolic; holometabolous; holometabolous metamorphosis; holomiantic; holomorphosis; holophanerous; holophotal; holophytic; holoprosencephaly; holoprotein; holorachischisis; holorhinal; holoscopic eyepiece; holoside; holosiderite; holostean; holostei; holosteric; holostomata; holostomate; holostomatous; holostome; holostraca; holosystolic; holosystolic murmur; holotelencephaly; holothure; holothurin; holothurins; holothurioidea; holotricha; holotrichous; holotype; holozoic; holster;

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