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hum; human; human a1-proteinase inhibitor; human activities; human antihemophilic factor; human antihemophilic fraction; human babesiosis; human body; human botfly; human botfly myiasis; human chorionic gonadotrophin; human chorionic gonadotropin; human chorionic somatomammotropic hormone; human chorionic somatomammotropin; human clinical trial; human cytomegalovirus; human development; human diploid cell rabies vaccine; human diploid cell vaccine; humane; human ecology; human ehrlichiosis; human embryo lung cell; human engineering; human fibrin foam; human gamma globulin; human gene therapy; human genetics; human genome; human genome initiative; human genome project; human granulocytic ehrlichiosis; human growth hormone; human herpesvirus 1; human herpesvirus 2; human herpesvirus 3; human herpesvirus 4; human herpesvirus 5; human herpesvirus 6; human herpesvirus 7; human immunodeficiency virus; humanism; humanistic psychology; humanity; humanize; human leukaemia-associated antigens; human leukocyte antigen; human leukocyte-associated antigens; human lymphocyte antigen; human measles immune serum; human menopausal gonadotropin; human normal immunoglobulin; human papilloma virus; human pertussis immune serum; human plasma protein fraction; human rights; human scarlet fever immune serum; human serum; human serum jaundice; human T-cell leukaemia virus; human T-cell lymphoma/leukaemia virus; human T-cell lymphotropic virus; human thioesterase; human thrombin; human T lymphotrophic virus; human t-lymphotropic virus; humate; humation; humble; humblebee; Humby knife; humectant; humectation; humeral; humeral artery; humeral articulation; humeral head; humeroradial; humeroradial articulation; humeroradial joint; humeroscapular; humeroulnar; humeroulnar head of flexor digitorum superficialis muscle; humeroulnar joint; humerus; humic; humic acids; humid; humidifier; humidity; humid tetter; humifuse; humin; humiri; humite; Hummelsheim; Hummelsheim's operation; hummer; humming; humor; humoral; humoral antibodies; humoral doctrine; humoral immune response; humoral immunity; humoralism; humoralist; humoral pathology; humoral theory; humor aquosus; humorism; humorist; humor vitreus; humour; hump; humpback; Humphry, Sir George; Humphry's ligament; humulene cyclase; humulin; humulus; humus; hun; hunchback; hundred; Hungary; hunger; hunger contractions; hunger pain; Hung's method; hunks; Hunner, Guy; Hunner's stricture; Hunner's ulcer; hunt; hunter; Hunter and Driffield curve; Hunter, Charles; Hunter, John; Hunter's canal; Hunter-Schreger bands; Hunter-Schreger lines; Hunter's glossitis; Hunter's gubernaculum; Hunter's ligament; Hunter's line; Hunter's membrane; Hunter's operation; Hunter's syndrome; Hunter syndrome; Hunter, William; Hunter, William A; hunting; hunting phenomenon; hunting reaction; huntingtin; Huntington; Huntington chorea; Huntington disease; Huntington's chorea; huntington's disease; Hunt, James Ramsay; huntress; Hunt's atrophy; huntsman; Hunt's neuralgia; Hunt's paradoxical phenomenon; Hunt's syndrome; Hunt, William E; HuP gene; hurlbone; Hurler; Hurler-Scheie syndrome; Hurler's disease; Hurler's syndrome; Hurler syndrome; huronian; huron-iroquous; hurons; hurricane; hurry; hurst; Hurst bougies; hurt; hurter; Hurthle cell; Hurthle cell adenoma; Hurthle cell carcinoma; Hurthle cell tumour; Hurthle, Karl; husband; husbandry; Huschke, Emil; Huschke's auditory teeth; Huschke's cartilages; Huschke's foramen; Huschke's valve; hushing; husk; huso; hussy; huswife; huswifery; hutch; hutch bladder diverticulum; Hutchinson-Gilford disease; Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome; Hutchinson's crescentic notch; Hutchinson's facies; Hutchinson's freckle; Hutchinson, Sir Jonathan; Hutchinson's mask; hutchinson's melanotic freckle; Hutchinson's patch; Hutchinson's pupil; Hutchinson's teeth; Hutchinson's triad; hutchinson syndrome; Hutchison, Sir Robert; Hutchison syndrome; hutchunsonian; Huxley's layer; Huxley's membrane; Huxley's sheath; Huxley, Thomas; Huygenian eyepiece; Huygens, Christian; Huygens' ocular; Huygens' principle; huyghenian; huzz; HVA; HVA test; H-V conduction time; H-V interval; hyacinth; hyads; hyaena; hyalea; hyalescent; hyalin; hyalinasis cutis et mucosae; hyaline; hyaline bodies; hyaline bodies of pituitary; hyaline cartilage; hyaline cast; hyaline degeneration; hyaline degeneration of the elastic tissue of the arterial wall; hyaline leukocyte; hyaline membrane; hyaline membrane disease; hyaline membrane disease of the newborn; hyaline membrane syndrome; hyaline thrombus; hyaline tubercle; hyalinization; hyalinosis; hyalinuria; hyalite; hyalitis; hyalo-; hyalobiuronic acid; hyalocapsular ligament; hyalocyte; hyalogens; hyalograph; hyalography; hyalohyphomycosis; hyaloid; hyaloid artery; hyaloid body; hyaloid canal; hyaloideoretinal degeneration; hyaloid fossa; hyaloid membrane; hyalomere; Hyalomma; Hyalomma anatolicum; Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum; Hyalomma marginatum; Hyalomma truncatum; Hyalomma variegatum; hyalonema; hyalophagia; hyalophane; hyalophobia; hyaloplasma; hyaloserositis; hyalosis; hyalosome; hyalospongia; hyalotype; hyalurate; hyaluronate; hyaluronate lyase; hyaluronic acid; hyaluronic acid synthetase; hyaluronic lyase; hyaluronidase; hyaluronoglucosaminidase; hyaluronoglucuronidase; h-y antigen;

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