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Letter I: "interm-intern"

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intermalleolar; intermammary; intermammillary; intermandibular; intermarriage; intermaxilla; intermaxillary; intermaxillary anchorage; intermaxillary bone; intermaxillary elastic; intermaxillary fixation; intermaxillary relation; intermaxillary segment; intermaxillary suture; intermaxillary traction; intermediae; intermediary; intermediary metabolism; intermediary movements; intermediary nerve; intermediary plane; intermediary system; intermediate; intermediate abutment; intermediate amputation; intermediate antebrachial vein; intermediate basilic vein; intermediate body of Flemming; intermediate bronchus; intermediate carcinoma; intermediate care facilities; intermediate cephalic vein; intermediate cervical septum; intermediate cubital vein; intermediate cuneiform bone; intermediate density lipoprotein; intermediate disk; intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve; intermediate filament; intermediate filament proteins; intermediate filaments; intermediate ganglia; intermediate great muscle; intermediate haemorrhage; intermediate heart; intermediate host; intermediate hypothalamic region; intermediate image plane; intermediate junction; intermediate lacunar lymph node; intermediate lacunar node; intermediate lamella; intermediate laryngeal cavity; intermediate layer; intermediate layer of the transversospinalis muscles; intermediate line of iliac crest; intermediate lumbar lymph nodes; intermediate mass; intermediate mesoderm; intermediate nerve; intermediate part; intermediate part of adenohypophysis; intermediate part of vestibular bulb; intermediate rays; intermediate sacral crests; intermediate species; intermediate supraclavicular nerve; intermediate temporal artery; intermediate trait; intermediate uveitis; intermediate variable; intermediate vastus muscle; intermediate vein of forearm; intermedin; intermediolateral; intermediolateral cell column of spinal cord; intermediolateral nucleus; intermediomedial nucleus; intermedium; intermedius; intermembral; intermembrane space; intermembranous; intermembranous part of glottic opening; intermembranous part of rima glottidis; intermeningeal; intermenstrual; intermenstrual pain; intermesenteric; intermesenteric arterial anastomosis; intermesenteric plexus; intermetacarpal; intermetacarpal joints; intermetameric; intermetatarsal; intermetatarsal articulations; intermetatarsal joints; intermetatarseum; intermission; intermit; intermittence; intermittent; intermittent acute porphyria; intermittent albuminuria; intermittent arthralgia; intermittent claudication; intermittent cramp; intermittent explosive disorder; intermittent haemoglobinuria; intermittent malarial fever; intermittent mandatory ventilation; intermittent positive-pressure breathing; intermittent positive-pressure ventilation; intermittent pulse; intermittent sterilization; intermittent tetanus; intermittent torticollis; intermuscular; intermuscular gluteal bursa; intermuscular septum; intern; internal; internal acoustic foramen; internal acoustic pore; internal adhesive pericarditis; internal anal sphincter; internal arcuate fibres; internal attachment; internal auditory artery; internal auditory canal; internal auditory foramen; internal auditory meatus; internal auditory veins; internal axis of eye; internal base of skull; internal bias; internal branch of accessory nerve; internal branch of superior laryngeal nerve; internal canthus; internal capsule; internal capsule syndrome; internal carotid artery; internal carotid nerve; internal carotid (nervous) plexus; internal carotid venous plexus; internal cephalic version; internal cerebral veins; internal collateral ligament of the wrist; internal conjugate; internal conversion electron; internal decompression; internal ear; internal energy; internal-external control; internal female genital organs; internal fistula; internal fixation; internal fixators; internal haemorrhage; internal haemorrhoids; internal hernia; internal hydrocephalus; internal iliac artery; internal iliac lymph nodes; internal iliac vein; internal inguinal ring; internal intercostal membrane; internal intercostal muscle; internalization; internal jugular vein; internal lacrimal fistula; internal limiting membrane; internal lip of iliac crest; internal male genital organs; internal malleolus; internal mammary artery; internal mammary-coronary artery anastomosis; internal mammary plexus; internal maxillary artery; internal maxillary plexus; internal medicine; internal medullary lamina; internal membrane; internal meningitis; internal naris; internal nasal branches; internal nostril; internal nuclear layer of retina; internal oblique; internal oblique line; internal obturator muscle; internal occipital crest; internal occipital protuberance; internal ophthalmopathy; internal ophthalmoplegia; internal ovular transmigration; internal phase; internal pterygoid muscle; internal pudendal artery; internal pudendal vein; internal pyocephalus; internal radiation therapy; internal ramus of accessory nerve; internal reduction; internal resorption; internal respiration; internal saphenous nerve; internal semilunar fibrocartilage of knee joint; internal sheath of optic nerve; internal spermatic artery; internal spermatic fascia; internal sphincter muscle of anus; internal spiral sulcus; internal squint; internal strabismus; internal surface; internal surface of frontal bone; internal surface of parietal bone; internal thoracic artery; internal thoracic lymphatic plexus; internal thoracic plexus; internal thoracic vein; internal traction; internal urethral opening; internal urethral orifice; internal urethral sphincter; internarial; internasal; internasal suture; international; international agencies; International Classification of Disease; International Classification of Health Problems in Primary Care; International Classification of Impairments Disabilities and Handicaps; International Code of Zoological Nomenclature; International Committee of the Red Cross; international cooperation; international council of nurses; international educational exchange; International Labour Organization Classification; international normalised ratio; international system of units; international unit; interne; internecine; interneural; interneuromeric; interneuromeric clefts; interneurons; internist; internodal; internodal segment; internode; internship and residency; internship, nonmedical; internuclear; internuncial; internuncial neuron; internunciess; internus;

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