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Letter I: "interob-interzo"

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interobserver error; interocclusal; interocclusal clearance; interocclusal distance; interocclusal gap; interocclusal record; interocclusal registration; interocclusal rest space; interoceptive; interoceptor; interofective system; interolivary; interoperculum; interorbital; interosculant; interosculate; interosseal; interossei; interosseous; interosseous border; interosseous border of fibula; interosseous border of radius; interosseous border of tibia; interosseous border of ulna; interosseous bursa of elbow; interosseous cartilage; interosseous crest; interosseous cuneocuboid ligament; interosseous cuneometatarsal ligaments; interosseous fascia; interosseous groove; interosseous groove of calcaneus; interosseous groove of talus; interosseous margin; interosseous membrane of forearm; interosseous membrane of leg; interosseous metacarpal ligaments; interosseous metacarpal spaces; interosseous metatarsal ligaments; interosseous metatarsal spaces; interosseous muscles; interosseous nerve of leg; interosseous sacroiliac ligaments; interosseous talocalcaneal ligament; interosseous tibiofibular ligament; interosseus; interpalpebral; interpalpebral zone; interpapillary ridges; interparietal; interparietal bone; interparietal sulcus; interparietal suture; interparoxysmal; interpectoral lymph nodes; interpedencular; interpediculate; interpeduncular; interpeduncular cistern; interpeduncular fossa; interpeduncular ganglion; interpeduncular nucleus; interpelviabdominal amputation; interpersonal; interpersonal conflict; interpersonal relations; interpetalary; interpetiolar; interphalangeal; interphalangeal articulations; interphalangeal joints of foot; interphalangeal joints of hand; interphase; interphyletic; interplant; interplanting; interpleural space; interpolate; interpolated; interpolated extrasystole; interpolated flap; interpolation; interpose; interposition arthroplasty; interpositus nucleus; interpretation; interpretative; interprofessional relations; interproximal; interproximal papilla; interproximal space; interproximal stripper; interproximal stripping; interpubic; interpubic disc; interpubic disk; interpulmonary septum; interpupillary; interpupillary distance; interradial; interradicular alveoloplasty; interradicular septa; interradicular space; interramal; interrater reliability; interrenal; interrenal bodies; interrenal gland; interrenal glands; interridge distance; interrupted; interruptedly; interrupted respiration; interrupted suture; interrupter; interruptible load; interscalene triangle; interscapular; interscapular gland; interscapular hibernoma; interscapular reflex; interscapulothoracic amputation; interscapulum; interscendent; intersciatic; intersecant; intersectio; intersection; intersectiones; intersectio tendinea; intersegmental; intersegmental fasciculi; intersegmental part of pulmonary vein; intersegmental veins; interseptal; interseptovalvular; interseptovalvular space; interseptum; intersesamoid; intersexual; intersexuality; intersheath spaces of optic nerve; intersigmoid hernia; intersigmoid recess; interspace; interspecies hydrogen transfer; interspecific competition; interspecific graft; intersperse; interspinal; interspinales muscles; interspinalis; interspinal line; interspinal muscles; interspinal plane; interspinous; interspinous ligament; interspongioplastic substance; interstapedial; intersternal; intersternebral joints; interstice; interstitial; interstitial absorption; interstitial cell; interstitial cell-stimulating hormone; interstitial cell tumour of testis; interstitial cystitis; interstitial deletion; interstitial disease; interstitial emphysema; interstitial fluid; interstitial gastritis; interstitial giant cell pneumonia; interstitial gland; interstitial growth; interstitial hernia; interstitial implantation; interstitial inflammation; interstitial keratitis; interstitial lamella; interstitial lung disease; interstitial lung disease with increased volume; interstitial mastitis; interstitial myositis; interstitial nephritis; interstitial neuritis; interstitial nucleus; interstitial nucleus of Cajal; interstitial pattern; interstitial plasma cell pneumonia; interstitial pneumonia; interstitial pneumonitis; interstitial pregnancy; interstitial pulmonary fibrosis; interstitial radiation; interstitial radiation therapy; interstitial therapy; interstitial tissue; interstitium; interstratification; interstratified; interstratify; intersystole; intertarsal; intertarsal articulations; intertarsal joints; intertendinous connections; interthalamic; interthalamic adhesion; intertidal; intertragic notch; intertransversalis; intertransversarii muscles; intertransverse; intertransverse ligament; intertransverse muscles; intertriginous; intertrigo; intertrochanteric; intertrochanteric crest; intertrochanteric line; intertropical anaemia; intertropical hyphemia; intertubercular bursitis; intertubercular groove; intertubercular line; intertubercular plane; intertubercular sheath; intertubercular sulcus; intertubular; intertubular zone; interungulate; interureteral; interureteric; interureteric fold; intervaginal space of optic nerve; interval; intervale; interval operation; interval scale; intervascular; intervene; intervening sequence; intervening variable; intervenous tubercle; intervention; interventional angiography; interventional radiology; intervention studies; interventricular; interventricular foramen; interventricular grooves; interventricular septum; intervertebral; intervertebral cartilage; intervertebral disc; intervertebral disk; intervertebral disk chemolysis; intervertebral disk displacement; intervertebral foramen; intervertebral ganglion; intervertebral notch; intervertebral symphysis; intervertebral vein; interview; interview, psychological; interviews; intervillous; intervillous lacuna; intervillous spaces; intervir-A; interweave; interzonal mesenchyme;

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