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Letter I: "intesti-intral"

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intestinal; intestinal 15 kD protein; intestinal anastomosis; intestinal angina; intestinal anthrax; intestinal arterial arcades; intestinal arteries; intestinal atresia; intestinal calcium-binding protein; intestinal calculus; intestinal capillariasis; intestinal digestion; intestinal diseases, parasitic; intestinal emphysema; intestinal epithelium; intestinal fistula; intestinal flora; intestinal follicles; intestinal gas; intestinal glands; intestinal intoxication; intestinal juice; intestinal lipodystrophy; intestinal lymphangiectasia; intestinal lymphangiectasis; intestinal malabsorption; intestinal metaplasia; intestinal mucosa; intestinal myiasis; intestinal obstruction; intestinal perforation; intestinal polyps; intestinal pseudo-obstruction; intestinal rotation; intestinal sand; intestinal schistosomiasis; intestinal stasis; intestinal steatorrhoea; intestinal surface of uterus; intestinal tract; intestinal trunks; intestinal villi; intestine; intestines; intestinotoxin; intestinum; intestinum caecum; intestinum crassum; intestinum ileum; intestinum jejunum; intestinum rectum; intestinum tenue; intestinum tenue mesenteriale; Intestopan; intetrix; intextine; in the placenta; intima; intimal; intimate; intimidate; intimitis; intinction; intine; into; intoe; intolerance; intolerant; intorsion; intortor; intoxation; intoxicant; intoxication; intra-; intra-abdominal; intra-abdominal abscess; intra-abdominal calcifications; intra-acinous; intra-adenoidal; intra-alveolar septa; intra-aortic balloon; intra-aortic balloon pump; intra-aortic balloon pumping; intra-arterial; intra-arterial pressure; intra-articular; intra-articular cartilage; intra-articular fracture; intra-articular ligament of costal head; intra-articular sternocostal ligament; intra-atrial; intra-atrial block; intra-atrial conduction; intra-atrial conduction time; intra-aural; intra-auricular; intraaxillary; intrabronchial; intrabuccal; intrabulbar fossa; intracanalicular; intracanicular part of optic nerve; intracapsular; intracapsular fracture; intracapsular ligament; intracapsular temporomandibular joint arthroplasty; intracardiac; intracardiac catheter; intracardiac electrophysiology studies; intracardiac lead; intracardiac pressure curve; intracarpal; intracartilaginous; intracatheter; intracavernous aneurysm; intracavernous plexus; intracavitary; intracelial; intracellular; intracellular canaliculus; intracellular digestion; intracellular enzyme; intracellular fluid; intracellular membranes; intracellular toxin; intracerebellar; intracerebral; intracerebral bleed; intracerebral haemorrhage; intracerebroventricular; intracervical; intracervical insemination; intracisternal; intracolic; intracordal; intracoronal; intracoronal retainer; intracorporeal; intracorpuscular; intracostal; intracranial; intracranial aneurysm; intracranial cavity; intracranial ganglion; intracranial granulomatous arteritis; intracranial haematoma; intracranial haemorrhage; intracranial hypertension; intracranial hypotension; intracranial mycotic aneurysm; intracranial part of optic nerve; intracranial part of vertebral artery; intracranial pneumatocele; intracranial pneumocele; intracranial pressure; intracranial tuberculoma; intractable; intractable epilepsy; intractable pain; intracutaneous; intracutaneous reaction; intracystic; intracystic papilloma; intracytoplasmic sperm injection; intrad; intradermal; intradermal nevus; intradermal tests; intraduct; intraductal; intraductal carcinoma; intraductal papilloma; intradural; intradural-extramedullary mass; intraembryonic; intraembryonic mesoderm; intraepidermal; intraepidermal carcinoma; intraepiphysial; intraepiploic hernia; intraepithelial; intraepithelial carcinoma; intraepithelial dyskeratosis; intraepithelial glands; intrafaradization; intrafascicular; intrafebrile; intrafilar; intrafoliaceous; intrafusal; intrafusal fibres; intrafusion; intragalvanization; intragastric; intragemmal; intragenal; intragenic complementation; intragenic suppression; intraglandular; intraglandular deep parotid lymph nodes; intraglandular parotid lymph nodes; intraglobular; intragracile sulcus; intragyral; intrahepatic; intrahyoid; intrailiac hernia; intraindividual; intrajugular process; intralaminar nuclei of thalamus; intralaminar part of optic nerve; intralaryngeal; intralesional; intralesional therapy; intraligamentary pregnancy; intraligamentous; intralobar; intralobar part of the right superior pulmonary vein; intralobar sequestration; intralobular; intralobular duct; intralocal additivity; intralocular; intraluminal;

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