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Letter I: "intram-invar"

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intramarginal; intramaxillary anchorage; intramedullary; intramedullary anaesthesia; intramedullary mass; intramedullary reamer; intramedullary tractotomy; intramembranous; intramembranous ossification; intramembranous particle; intrameningeal; intramercurial; intramitochondrial; intramolecular; intramolecular lyases; intramolecular oxidoreductases; intramolecular transferases; intramural; intramural bowel gas; intramural oesophageal dissection; intramural practice; intramural pregnancy; intramuscular; intramuscular injection; intramyocardial; intramyometrial; intranasal; intranasal anaesthesia; intranatal; intraneural; intranuclear; intraobserver error; intraocular; intra-ocular calcification; intraocular fluid; intraocular implant; intraocular neuritis; intraocular part of optic nerve; intraocular pressure; intraocular pressure monitoring; intraocular tension; intraoperative care; intraoperative complications; intraoperative period; intraoperative radiation therapy; intraoral; intraoral anaesthesia; intraoral anchorage; intraoral antrostomy; intraoral fracture appliance; intraorbital; intraosseous; intraosseous anaesthesia; intraosseous fixation; intraosteal; intraovarian; intraovular; intrapapillary drusen; intraparietal; intraparietal sulcus; intraparietal sulcus of Turner; intraparotid plexus of facial nerve; intrapartum; intrapartum haemorrhage; intrapartum period; intrapelvic; intrapelvic hernia; intrapericardiac; intraperiosteal fracture; intraperitoneal; intraperitoneal chemotherapy; intraperitoneal pregnancy; intrapersonal; intrapersonal conflict; intrapetiolar; intrapial; intrapleural; intrapontine; intraprostatic; intraprotoplasmic; intrapsychic; intrapulmonary; intrapyretic; intrapyretic amputation; intrarectal; intrarenal; intrarenal reflux; intraretinal; intraretinal space; intrarrhachidian; intrascrotal; intrasegmental part; intrasegmental veins; intraspecific competition; intraspinal; intraspinal anaesthesia; intraspinal drop metastases; intrasplenic; intrastromal; intrasynovial; intratarsal; intratendinous bursa of elbow; Intrathecal; intrathecal chemotherapy; intrathecal injection; intrathoracic; intrathyroid cartilage; intratonsillar; intratracheal anaesthesia; intratracheal intubation; intratracheal tube; intratubal; intratubal insemination; intratubular; intratumoural; intratympanic; intrauterine; intrauterine amputation; intrauterine contraceptive device; intrauterine contraceptive devices; intrauterine device expulsion; intrauterine devices; intrauterine devices, copper; intrauterine devices, medicated; intrauterine fracture; intrauterine growth retardation; intrauterine insemination; intrauterine pneumonia; intrauterine transfusion; intravagal glomus; intravaginal torsion; intravascular; intravascular ligature; intravascular lymph; intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia; intravenous; intravenous anaesthesia; intravenous anaesthetic; intravenous antibiotics; intravenous cholangiography; intravenous drip; intravenous fluid; intravenous immunoglobulin; intravenous infusion; intravenous injection; intravenous narcosis; intravenous pyelogram; intravenous pyelography; intravenous regional anaesthesia; intravenous tension; intravenous urography; intraventricular; intraventricular block; intraventricular conduction; intraventricular haemorrhage; intraventricular injection; intravesical; intravital stain; intravital ultraviolet; intra vitam; intravitelline; intravitreal; intravitreous; intrigante; intrigue; intrinsic; intrinsic asthma; intrinsic colour; intrinsic deflection; intrinsic dysmenorrhoea; intrinsic factor; intrinsic fibres; intrinsic motivation; intrinsic muscles; intrinsic muscles of foot; intrinsicoid deflection; intrinsic pathway; intrinsic proteins; intrinsic reflex; intrinsic sphincter; intrinsic sympathomimetic activity; intro-; introcession; introduce; introduced; introducer; introductress; introflection; introgastric; introgression; introit; introitus; introitus canalis; introitus of facial canal; introjection; intromission; intromittent; intromittent organ; intron; introns; intron splicing; introrse; introspection; introspectionist; introspective; introspective method; introsusception; introversion; introvert; intrude; intruded; intrudress; intrusion; intrusive; intubate; intubation; intubation, gastrointestinal; intubator; intuition; intuitionalism; intuitive; intuitive stage; intumesce; intumescence; intumescent; intumescent cataract; intumescentia; intumescentia cervicalis; intumescentia ganglioformis; intumescentia lumbalis; intumescentia tympanica; inturbidate; intussusception; intussusceptive; intussusceptive growth; intussusceptum; intussuscipiens; inulase; inulin; inulinase; inulin clearance; inuloid; inulol; inunction; inundation; inundation fever; in utero; inutility; invaccination; in vacuo; invade; invaginate; invaginated; invaginate planula; invagination; invaginator; invalid; invalidate; invalidism; invA protein; invariable; invariance; invariant; invariant chain; invariant surface glycoprotein 100;

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