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ischemic; ischemic colitis; ischemic contracture of the left ventricle; ischemic hypoxia; ischemic mitral regurgitation; ischemic muscular atrophy; ischemic necrosis; ischemic neuropathy; ischemic optic neuropathy; ischemic preconditioning; ischemic preconditioning, myocardial; ischesis; ischia; ischiadic; ischiadic plexus; ischiadic spine; ischiadicus; ischial; ischial bone; ischial bursa; ischialgia; ischial ramus; ischial spine; ischial tuberosity; ischias; ischiatic; ischiatic hernia; ischiatic notch; ischidrosis; ischio-; ischioanal; ischioanal fossa; ischiobulbar; ischiocapsular; ischiocapsular ligament; ischiocavernosus; ischiocavernous; ischiocavernous muscle; ischiocele; ischiocerite; ischiococcygeal; ischiococcygeus; ischiodynia; ischiofemoral; ischiofemoral ligament; ischiofibular; ischiomelus; ischioneuralgia; ischionitis; ischiopagus; ischioperineal; ischiopodite; ischiopubic; ischiopubic ramus; ischiorectal; ischiorectal abscess; ischiorectal fat-pad; ischiorectal fossa; ischiosacral; ischiothoracopagus; ischiotibial; ischiovaginal; ischiovertebral; ischium; ischochymia; ischuretic; ischuria; ischury; iscoms; Is element; isentropic; isethionate; isethionic; isethionic acid; Ishak; Ishihara, Shinobu; Ishihara test; isinglass; isis; islam; island; island disease; island fever; island flap; island of Reil; islands of Calleja; isle; islet; islet amyloid peptide; islet cell; islet cell adenoma; islet cell antibodies; islet cell antigen-related protein-tyrosine phosphatase; islet-cell-stimulating antibodies; islet neogenesis-associated protein; Islets of Langerhans; islets of langerhans transplantation; islet tissue; iso-; isoacceptor tRNA; isoagglutination; isoagglutinin; isoagglutinogen; isoallele; isoallotypic determinant; isoalloxazine; isoaminile; isoamyl; isoamylase; isoandrosterone; isoantibody; isoantigen; isobar; isobaric; isobaric spinal anaesthesia; isobarometric; isobars; isobathytherm; isobestic; isobornyl thiocyanoacetate; isobutane; isobuteine; isobutyl alcohol; isobutyl nitrite; isobutyric acid; isobutyryl-CoA mutase; isobuzole; isocapnia; isocarboxazid; isocellular; isocephalism; isochasm; isocheim; isochore; isochoric; isochromanequinone reductase; isochromatic; isochromatophil; isochromic anaemia; isochromosome; isochromosomes; isochronal; isochronia; isochronous; isochroous; isocitrase; isocitrate; isocitrate dehydrogenase; isocitrate lyase; isocitric acid; isocitric acid dehydrogenase; isocitritase; isocline; isoclinic; isoconazole; isocoria; isocortex; isocrymal; isocryme; isocyanate; isocyanates; isocyanic; isocyanic acid; isocyanide; isocyanuric; isocyclic compound; isocytolysin; isodactylism; isodense; isodesmosine; isodiabatic; isodiametric; isodimorphic; isodimorphism; isodimorphous; isodiphasic complex; isodisomy; isodulcit; isodulcite; isodynamic; isodynamic law; isodynamogenic; isoelectric; isoelectric focusing; isoelectric line; isoelectric period; isoelectric point; isoelectric zone; isoenergetic; isoenzyme; isoenzyme electrophoresis; isoenzymes; isoepoxydon dehydrogenase; isoerythrolysis; isoetharine; isoflavone-5-O-methyltransferase; isoflavone 7-O-glucoside-6''-malonate malonylesterase; isoflavones; isoflavone synthase; isofluorphate; isoflurane; isoflurophate; isoform; isogamete; isogamy; isogeneic; isogeneic graft; isogenic; isogenic strain; isogenous; isogenous nest; isogentiobiose; isogeotherm; isoglutamine; isognathous; isogonic; isogonism; isograft; isographic; isography; isogyres; isohaemagglutinin; isohemagglutination; isohemagglutinin; isohemolysin; isohemolysis; isohydric; isohydruria; isohyetose; isohypercytosis; isohypocytosis; isoimmune neonatal thrombocytopenia; isoimmunization; isoionic point; isolable; isolate; isolated; isolated abutment; isolated dextrocardia; isolated dyskeratosis follicularis; isolated explosive disorder; isolated limb perfusion; isolated parietal endocarditis; isolated proteinuria; isolated system; isolateral; isolation; isolecithal; isolecithal egg; isolecithal ovum; isoleucine; isoleucine hydroxylase; isoleucine-tRNA ligase; isoleucyl; isoleukoagglutinin; isoliquiritigen 2'-O-methyltransferase; isologous; isologous graft; isolysin; isolysis; isolytic; isomaltase; isomaltose; isomaltulose synthase; isomastigote;

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