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J; jaagsiekte; jaal goat; jabiru; jaborandi; jaborine; Jaboulay, Mathieu; Jaboulay pyloroplasty; Jaboulay's amputation; jacamar; jacana; jacaranda; jacare; Jaccard coefficient; jacchus; Jaccoud, Francois Sigismond; Jaccoud's arthritis; Jaccoud's arthropathy; jack; jackal; jackass; jackdaw; jacket; jacket crown; jacksaw; jackscrew; jacksnipe; jacksonian; jacksonian epilepsy; Jacksonian seizure; Jackson, Jabez; Jackson, John Hughlings; Jackson's law; Jackson's membrane; Jackson's rule; Jackson's sign; Jackson's veil; jackstone bladder calculus; jackstraw; jackwood; jacobaean lily; Jacobaeus, Hans; Jacobaeus operation; jacobin; jacobite; Jacobson, Ludwig; Jacobson's anastomosis; Jacobson's canal; Jacobson's cartilage; Jacobson's nerve; Jacobson's organ; Jacobson's plexus; Jacobson's reflex; Jacquart, Henri; Jacquart's facial angle; Jacquemet, Marcel; Jacquemet's recess; Jacquemin, Emile; Jacquemin's test; Jacques, Paul; Jacques' plexus; Jacquet, Leonard; Jacquet's erythema; jactation; jactitation; jaculation; jaculator; Jadassohn, Josef; Jadassohn-Lewandowski syndrome; Jadassohn-Pellizzari anetoderma; Jadassohn's nevus; Jadassohn-Tieche nevus; jadding;

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