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jade; jadeite; jadish; Jaeger, Eduard Ritter von Jaxthal; Jaeger's test types; Jaffe, Henry; Jaffe-Lichtenstein disease; Jaffe, Max; Jaffe reaction; Jaffe's test; jag; jager; jaggery; jagua palm; jaguar; jaguarondi; Jahnke's syndrome; jail; jail fever; jairou; jak; jake paralysis; jakie; jako; Jakob, Alfons; Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease; jakob's disease; jakwood; jalap; jalapin; jalap resin; jam; jamaica; Jamaican vomiting sickness; jamaicine; jamais vu; jamb; jambolana; James fibres; James, George; James-Lange theory; James Lind; jamesonite; James Parkinson; james's powder; James, Thomas; Jamestown Canyon virus; jamestown weed; James tracts; James Watson; James, William; Jamin Lebedeff system; jan; Janet, Pierre; Janet's test; Janeway, Edward; Janeway lesion; jangle; jangleress; janiceps; janiceps asymmetrus; janiceps parasiticus; janitrix; Jansen, Albert; jansenist; Jansen's operation; Jansky-Bielschowsky disease; Jansky, Jan; Jansky's classification; janthina; Janus green B; japan; japanese b encephalitis; Japanese B encephalitis virus; Japanese dysentery; Japanese river fever; Japan wax; japonica; jar; jararaca; jardiniere; jards; jargon; jargon aphasia; Jarisch, Adolf; Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction; Jarjavay, Jean; Jarjavay's ligament; jarnut; jarosite; jar-owl; jarrah; Jarvik artificial heart; Jarvik, Robert Koffler; jashawk; jasmine; jaspachate; jasper; jasperize; jaspilite; jasponyx; Jatene procedure; Jatropha; Jatropha curcas; Jatropha glandulifera; Jatropha urens; jatrophic; jaundice; jaundice, chronic idiopathic; jaundice, neonatal; jaundice of the newborn; jaundice root; java; javelin; jaw; jaw abnormalities; jaw bone; jaw cysts; jaw, edentulous; jaw, edentulous, partially; jaw fixation techniques; jawfoot; jaw fractures; jaw jerk; jaw joint; jaw neoplasms; Jaworski's bodies; Jaworski, Walery; jaw reflex; jaw relation record; jaw repositioning; jaw skeleton; jaw winking; jaw-winking phenomenon; jaw-winking syndrome; jaw-working reflex; jay; jayet; J chain; JC virus; jealous; jealous type of paranoid disorder; jealousy; Jeanselme, A Edouard; Jeanselme's nodules; jeat; jefferson fracture; jeffersonia; jeffersonian; jeffersonite; Jeghers, Harold; Jeghers-Peutz syndrome; jejunal; jejunal and ileal veins; jejunal arteries; jejunectomy; jejunitis; jejuno-; jejunocolostomy; jejunogastric intussusception; jejunoileal; jejunoileal bypass; jejunoileal shunt; jejunoileitis; jejunoileostomy; jejunojejunostomy; jejunoplasty; jejunostomy; jejunotomy; jejunum; jelerang; Jellinek, Edward; Jellinek formula; jelly; jellyfish; jelly fungus; Jembrana disease; jemlah goat; Jendrassik, Erno; Jendrassik's manoeuvre; jeniquen; jenite; Jenner, Edward; Jenner, Harley; Jenner-Kay unit; Jenner, Louis; Jenner's stain; jenny; Jensen, Carl; Jensen, Edmund; Jensen's disease; Jensen's sarcoma; jentling; jerboa; jerfalcon; jerk; jerker; jerk finger; jerkin; jerks; jerky nystagmus; jerky respiration; jermoonal; Jerne technique; jerusalem; Jervell and Lange-Nielsen syndrome; Jervell, Anton; jervine; jessamine; jessant; jesse; jesuit; Jesuits' bark; Jesuit tea; jet; jet ejector pump; jeterus; jet injection; jet injector; jet lag; jet nebuliser; jetty; Jeune, M; Jeune's syndrome; jew; jewbush; jeweller's forceps; jewelweed; jewess; Jewett and Strong staging; Jewett, Hugh; Jewett sound; jewfish; jews; jew's-ear; jew's-harp; jewstone; jezebel; j-g complex; J gene; jharal; JH virus; jib; jig; jigger; jigging; jill; jill-flirt; jilt; jimson weed; jingle; jinnee; jinny road; jird; Jk antigens; JNK-activating protein kinase; jo; job; job application; job description; Jobert de Lamballe, Antoine; Jobert de Lamballe's fossa; Jobert de Lamballe's suture; job satisfaction; job's syndrome; Job syndrome; Jocasta complex; jock itch; jocose; Jod-Basedow; Jod-Basedow phenomenon; joe-pye weed; Joest bodies; Joest, Ernst; Joffroy, Alexis; Joffroy's reflex; Joffroy's sign; jogging; Johansen, Wilhelm; john; Johne, H Albert; Johne's bacillus; Johne's disease; johnin; johnny; Johnson, Frank; Johnson, Frank B; johnson grass; Johnson, Harry; Johnson's method; Johnson, Treat Baldwin;

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