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Letter L: "LAK-Lane"

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LAK; lake; lakeweed; Laki-Lorand factor; laky; laky blood; laliatry; laliophobia; Lallemand; Lallemand's bodies; lalling; Lallouette, Pierre; Lallouette's pyramid; lalo; lalochezia; lalognosis; laloplegia; L-alpha-glycerol-phosphate oxidase; l-alpha-narcotine; lama; lamantin; lamarckianism; lamarckian theory; lamarckism; Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste; Lamaze, Fernand; Lamaze method; lamb; Lam B; lambative; lambda; lambda bacteriophage; lambda chain; lambdacism; lambda phage; lambda sign; lambdoid; lambdoid border of occipital bone; lambdoid margin of occipital bone; lambdoid suture; lambdoid suture defect; lamb dysentery; lambert; lambert-eaton myasthenic syndrome; Lambert-Eaton syndrome; Lambert, Edward; lambert pine; Lambert's law; Lambert's syndrome; lambing paralysis; lambing sickness; Lamblia intestinalis; lambliasis; Lambl's excrescences; lambo lambo; Lambrinudi; Lambrinudi operation; lambskin; lamb's-quarters; LAMB syndrome; lame; lamella; lamella of bone; lamellar; lamellar bone; lamellar cataract; lamellar granule; lamellar ichthyosis; lamellar keratoplasty; lamellar phase; lamellate; lamellated corpuscles; lamellibranch; lamellibranchiata; lamellibranchiate; lamellicorn; lamellicornia; lamellipodium; lamellirostral; lamellirostres; lameness, animal; lamentation; lamia; lamiaceae; lamina; lamina affixa; lamina alaris; lamina anterior vaginae musculi recti abdominis; lamina arcus vertebrae; lamina basalis; lamina basalis choroideae; lamina basalis corporis ciliaris; lamina basilaris cochleae; laminable; lamina cartilaginis cricoideae; lamina cartilaginis lateralis tubae auditivae; lamina cartilaginis medialis tubae auditivae; lamina cartilaginis thyroideae; lamina choriocapillaris; lamina choroidea; lamina choroidea epithelialis; lamina choroidocapillaris; lamina cinerea; lamina cribrosa ossis ethmoidalis; lamina cribrosa sclerae; lamina densa; lamina dentata; lamina dorsalis; lamina dura; laminae albae cerebelli; lamina elastica anterior; lamina elastica posterior; laminae medullares cerebelli; laminae medullares thalami; lamina episcleralis; lamina epithelialis; lamina externa cranii; lamina fibrocartilaginea interpubica; lamina fibroreticularis; lamina fusca of sclera; lamina fusca sclerae; laminagram; laminagraph; laminagraphy; lamina horizontalis ossis palatini; lamina interna cranii; lamina internal ossium cranii; lamina lateralis cartilaginis tubae auditivae; lamina lateralis processus pterygoidei; lamina limitans anterior corneae; lamina limitans posterior corneae; lamina lucida; lamina medialis cartilaginis tubae auditivae; lamina medialis processus pterygoidei; lamina medullaris lateralis corporis striati; lamina medullaris medialis corporis striati; lamina membranacea cartilaginis tubae auditivae; lamina modioli; lamina muscularis mucosae; lamin antibodies; lamina of cricoid cartilage; lamina of lens; lamina of mesencephalic tectum; lamina of Rexed; lamina of septum pellucidum; lamina of thyroid cartilage; lamina of tragus; lamina of vertebral arch; lamina orbitalis ossis ethmoidalis; lamina papyracea; lamina parietalis; lamina parietalis pericardii; lamina parietalis tunicae vaginalis testis; lamina perpendicularis; lamina perpendicularis ossis ethmoidalis; lamina perpendicularis ossis palatini; lamina posterior vaginae musculi recti abdominis; lamina pretrachealis; lamina prevertebralis; lamina profunda; lamina profunda fasciae temporalis; lamina profunda musculi levatoris palpebrae superioris; lamina propria; lamina propria mucosae; lamina propria of semicircular duct; lamina quadrigemina; laminar; laminar air flow unit; lamina rara; laminar cortical necrosis; laminar cortical sclerosis; laminar flow; laminaria; laminaribiose phosphorylase; laminarin; laminarite; lamina rostralis; lamina septi pellucidi; lamina spiralis ossea; lamina spiralis secundaria; lamina superficialis; lamina superficialis fasciae cervicalis; lamina superficialis fasciae temporalis; lamina superficialis musculi levatoris palpebrae superioris; lamina suprachoroidea; lamina supraneuroporica; lamina tecti mesencephali; laminated; laminated clot; laminated cortex; laminated epithelial plug; laminated epithelium; laminated thrombus; lamina terminalis cerebri; lamina terminalis of cerebrum; lamination; lamina tragi; lamina vasculosa choroideae; lamina ventralis; lamina visceralis; lamina visceralis pericardii; lamina visceralis tunicae vaginalis testis; lamina vitrea; laminectomy; laminin; laminin receptor; laminiplantar; laminitis; L-aminoadipate semialdehyde dehydrogenase; laminography; laminotomy; lamin proteinase; lamins; lamivudine; lammergeier; lamnunguia; lamotrigine; lamp; lampate; lampbrush chromosome; lamper eel; lampern; lampic; lamplighter; lamprel; lamprey; lampron; lampyrine; lampyris; Lamy; lana; lanarkite; lanate; lanatoside D; lanatosides; lanatosides A, B, and C; lance; Lancefield; Lancefield classification; lance fish; lancelet; lanceolar; lanceolate; lanceolated; lancet; lancewood; lancinating; Lancisi; Lancisi's sign; land; landau damping; landau-kleffner syndrome; land conservation and development commission; lander; landfill gas; landing; landlady; landlocked; landlubber; landmark; Landolfi's sign; Landolt; Landolt's bodies; Landouzy; Landouzy-Dejerine dystrophy; Landouzy-Grasset law; Landry-Guillain-Barre syndrome; Landry, Jean; Landry's paralysis; Landry syndrome; landscape; Landschutz tumour; Landsteiner; Landsteiner-Donath test; Landsteiner, Karl; Landstrom; Landstrom's muscle; land use board of appeals; Landzert; Landzert's fossa; lane; Lane's band; Lane's disease; Lane's kink; Lane's plates;

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