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Lang; langaha; langarey; langate; langdak; Lange, Carl F; Lange, Carl G; Langenbeck, Bernhard von; Langenbeck's triangle; Langendorff, Oscar; Langendorff's method; Lange-Nielsen, F; Langer, Carl; langer-giedion syndrome; Langerhans; langerhans cell; langerhans cell histiocytoses; langerhans cells; Langerhans' cells; Langerhans' granule; Langerhans' islands; Langerhans, Paul; Langer's arch; Langer's lines; Langer's muscle; Lange's solution; Lange's test; Langhans' cells; Langhans giant cell; Langhans' layer; Langhans' stria; Langhans, Theodor; Langhans'-type giant cells; Langley; Langley's granules; Langmuir; Langmuir trough; language; language arts; language development; language development disorders; language disorders; language tests; language therapy; language zone; languid; languish; languor; langya; laniariform; laniary; lanioid; lankamycin; Lannelongue; Lannelongue's foramina; Lannelongue's ligaments; lanneret; lanolin; lanosterol; lanosterol 14 alpha-demethylase; lanseh; lant; lantanum; lantanuric; Lanterman; Lanterman's incisures; Lanterman's segments; lantern; lanthanic; lanthanides; lanthanite; lanthanum; lanthionine; lanthionine synthase; lanthopine; lanuginous; lanugo; lanugo hair; Lanz; Lanz's line; LAO; laocoon; lap; L-AP4 receptor; laparectomy; laparo-; laparocele; laparogastroscopy; laparohysterectomy; laparohystero-oophorectomy; laparohysteropexy; laparohysterosalpingo-oophorectomy; laparohysterotomy; laparomyomectomy; laparomyositis; laparorrhaphy; laparosalpingectomy; laparosalpingo-oophorectomy; laparosalpingotomy; laparoscope; laparoscopic; laparoscopically assisted surgery; laparoscopic cannula; laparoscopic cholangiogram; laparoscopic cholecystectomy; laparoscopic knot; laparoscopic surgery; laparoscopy; laparotomy; laparotomy pad; laparotrachelotomy; laparouterotomy; Lapicque; Lapicque's law; lapidification; lapilli; lapinised; lapinization; lapis; lapis lazuli; lap-jointed; Laplace, Ernest; Laplace, Pierre de; Laplace's forceps; Laplace's law; lappaceous; lappet; lapps; La protein; lapse; lapsus calami; laputan; lapwing; Laquer, Ernst; Laquer's stain; lar; L-arabino-aldose dehydrogenase; L-arabinose dehydrogenase; laramie group; larbish; larboard; larch; lard; lardacein; lardaceous; lardaceous liver; large; large breast lesions; large calorie; large cell carcinoma; large cell lymphoma; large, dense breast lesions; large gallbladder; large-hearted; large interarch distance; large intestine; large muscle of helix; large pelvis; large pleural effusion; large pudendal lip; large saphenous vein; large uterus; large vein; large woody debris; lariciresinol reductase; larine; larixinic; lark; lark's-heel; larkspur; larmier; Larmor frequency; larmor radius; laroid; Laron type dwarfism; Laron, Zvi; Laroyenne, Lucien; Laroyenne's operation; Larrey, Baron Dominique Jean de; Larrey's amputation; Larrey's cleft; Larrey-Weil disease; Larsen, Loren; Larsen's syndrome; Larsson, Tage Konrad Leopold; larungoscope; larva; larvaceous; larva currens; larvae; larval; larval conjunctivitis; larvalia; larval plague; larva migrans; larva migrans, visceral; larvate; larvicidal; larvicide; larviform; larviparous; larviphagic; laryngeal; laryngeal aperture; laryngeal atresia; laryngeal bursa; laryngeal cancer; laryngeal cartilages; laryngeal chorea; laryngeal crisis; laryngeal diphtheria; laryngeal diseases; laryngeal epilepsy; laryngeal glands; laryngeal granuloma; laryngeal lymphatic follicles; laryngeal mask; laryngeal masks; laryngeal mucosa; laryngeal muscles; laryngeal neoplasms; laryngeal nerves; laryngeal oedema; laryngeal papilloma; laryngeal papillomatosis; laryngeal part of pharynx; laryngeal pharynx; laryngeal polyp; laryngeal pouch; laryngeal prominence; laryngeal reflex; laryngeal sinus; laryngeal stenosis; laryngeal stridor; laryngeal syncope; laryngeal tonsils; laryngeal veins; laryngeal ventricle; laryngeal vertigo; laryngectomee; laryngectomy; larynges; laryngismus; laryngismus stridulus; laryngitic; laryngitis; laryngitis stridulosa; laryngo-; laryngocele; laryngofissure; laryngograph; laryngography; laryngological; laryngologist; laryngology; laryngomalacia; laryngoparalysis; laryngopharyngeal; laryngopharyngeal branches of superior cervical ganglion; laryngopharyngectomy; laryngopharyngeus; laryngopharyngitis; laryngopharynx; laryngophony; laryngophthisis; laryngoplasty; laryngoplegia; laryngoptosis; laryngoscope; laryngoscopic; laryngoscopist; laryngoscopy; laryngospasm; laryngospastic reflex; laryngostasis; laryngostenosis; laryngostomy; laryngostroboscope; laryngotome; laryngotomy; laryngotracheal; laryngotracheal diphtheria; laryngotracheal diverticulum; laryngotracheal groove; laryngotracheitis; laryngotracheobronchitis; laryngotracheotomy; larynx; larynx, artificial; larypgismus; lasalocid; L-ascorbate-2-sulfate sulfohydrolase; lase; Lasegue; Lasegue's disease; Lasegue's sign; Lasegue's syndrome;

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