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Letter L: "laser-lateri"

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laser; laser angioplasty; laser-assisted balloon angioplasty; laser coagulation; laser-doppler flowmetry; laser fusion; lasering; laser interferometer; laser iridotomy; laser microscope; lasers; laser surgery; laser trabeculoplasty; laserwort; lash; Lash, Abraham Fae; Lash's operation; Lasiohelea; L-aspartate oxidase; lass; lassa fever; lassa haemorrhagic fever; Lassa virus; lassitude; lasso; last; latah; Latarget; Latarget's nerve; Latarget's vein; late apical systolic murmur; late benign syphilis; latebra; late cyanosis; late deceleration; late diastole; late diastolic murmur; late effect; late gene; late latent syphilis; late luteal phase dysphoric disorder; latency; latency period; latency phase; latent; latent adrenocortical insufficiency; latent allergy; latent carcinoma; latent carrier; latent coccidioidomycosis; latent content; latent diabetes; latent energy; latent heat; latent homosexuality; latent hyperopia; latent infection; latent learning; latent microbism; latent nystagmus; latent period; latent rat virus; latent reflex; latent schizophrenia; latent stage; latent syphilis; latent tetany; latent typhoid; latent virus; latent zone; late-phase response; laterad; lateral; lateral aberrant thyroid carcinoma; lateral aberration; lateral alveolar abscess; lateral ampullar nerve; lateral angle of eye; lateral angle of scapula; lateral angle of uterus; lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve; lateral anterior thoracic nerve; lateral aperture of the fourth ventricle; lateral arcuate ligament; lateral atlantoaxial joint; lateral atlantoepistrophic joint; lateral atrial vein; lateral basal branch; lateral basal segment; lateral bicipital groove; lateral border; lateral border of foot; lateral border of forearm; lateral border of humerus; lateral border of kidney; lateral border of nail; lateral border of scapula; lateral branches; lateral calcaneal branches of sural nerve; lateral canal; lateral canthus; lateral cartilage; lateral cartilage of nose; lateral cartilaginous layer; lateral central palmar space; lateral cerebral fissure; lateral cerebral fossa; lateral cerebral sulcus; lateral cervical nuclei; lateral circumflex artery of thigh; lateral circumflex femoral artery; lateral circumflex femoral veins; lateral collateral; lateral collateral ligament of ankle; lateral column; lateral column of spinal cord; lateral condylar inclination; lateral condyle; lateral condyle of femur; lateral condyle of tibia; lateral cord of brachial plexus; lateral corticospinal tract; lateral costal branch of internal thoracic artery; lateral costotransverse ligament; lateral cricoarytenoid; lateral crus; lateral crus of facial canal; lateral crus of horizontal part of the facial canal; lateral crus of the greater alar cartilage of the nose; lateral crus of the superficial inguinal ring; lateral cuneate nucleus; lateral cuneiform bone; lateral curvature; lateral cutaneous branch; lateral cutaneous branches of intercostal nerves; lateral cutaneous branches of ventral primary ramus of thoracic spinal nerves; lateral cutaneous nerve of calf; lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm; lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh; lateral decubitus radiograph; lateral deep cervical lymph nodes; lateral diffusion; lateral direct veins; lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve; lateral epicondylar crest; lateral epicondylar ridge; lateral epicondyle; lateral epicondyle of femur; lateral epicondyle of humerus; lateral epicondylitis; lateral excursion; lateral femoral circumflex artery; lateral femoral cutaneous nerve; lateral femoral tuberosity; lateral fillet; lateral folds; lateral fossa of brain; lateral frontobasal artery; lateral funiculus; lateral funiculus of spinal cord; lateral geniculate body; lateral ginglymus; lateral glossoepiglottic fold; lateral great muscle; lateral ground bundle; lateral group of axillary lymph nodes; lateral head; lateral hermaphroditism; lateral horn; lateral humeral epicondylitis; lateral hypothalamic area; lateral hypothalamic region; lateral illumination; lateral incisor; lateral inferior genicular artery; lateral inguinal fossa; lateral inhibition; lateralis; laterality; lateralization; lateral jugular lymph nodes; lateral lacunae; lateral lacunar lymph node; lateral lacunar node; lateral lakes; lateral lamina of cartilaginous auditory tube; lateral layer of cartilaginous auditory tube; lateral lemniscus; lateral ligament, ankle; lateral ligament of elbow; lateral ligament of knee; lateral ligament of malleus; lateral ligament of temporomandibular joint; lateral ligament of wrist; lateral ligaments of the bladder; lateral limb; lateral line sense organ; lateral line system; lateral lingual swellings; lateral lip of linea aspera; lateral lithotomy; lateral longitudinal arch of foot; lateral longitudinal stria; lateral lumbar intertransversarii muscles; lateral lumbar intertransverse muscles; lateral lumbocostal arch; lateral malleolar arteries; lateral malleolar bursa; lateral malleolar ligament; lateral malleolar network; lateral malleolar surface of talus; lateral malleolus; lateral malleolus bursa; lateral mammary branches; lateral mammary branches of lateral cutaneous branches of intercostal nerves; lateral mammary branches of lateral cutaneous branches of thoracic spinal nerves; lateral mammary branches of lateral thoracic artery; lateral margin; lateral mass of atlas; lateral mass of ethmoid bone; lateral medullary lamina of corpus striatum; lateral medullary syndrome; lateral meniscus; lateral mesoderm; lateral midpalmar space; lateral movement; lateral myocardial infarction; lateral nasal artery; lateral nasal branches of anterior ethmoidal nerve; lateral nasal fold; lateral nasal primordium; lateral nasal process; lateral nasal prominence; lateral nucleus of medulla oblongata; lateral nucleus of thalamus; lateral oblique radiograph; lateral occipital artery; lateral occipital sulcus; lateral occipitotemporal gyrus; lateral occlusion; lateral orbitofrontal branch; lateral palpebral commissure; lateral palpebral ligament; lateral palpebral raphe; lateral part of occipital bone; lateral part of posterior cervical intertransversarii muscles; lateral part of sacrum; lateral part of vaginal fornix; lateral patellar retinaculum; lateral pectoral nerve; lateral pericardiac lymph nodes; lateral periodontal abscess; lateral periodontal cyst; lateral pharyngeal space; lateral plantar artery; lateral plantar nerve; lateral plate; lateral plate mesoderm; lateral plate of pterygoid process; lateral pole; lateral popliteal nerve; lateral preoptic nucleus; lateral process of calcaneal tuberosity; lateral process of malleus; lateral process of talus; lateral projection; lateral proprius bundle; lateral pterygoid; lateral pterygoid plate; lateral puboprostatic ligament; lateral pyramidal fasciculus; lateral pyramidal tract; lateral ramus radiograph; lateral recess of fourth ventricle; lateral rectus; lateral rectus muscle of the head; lateral recumbent position; lateral region; lateral region of neck; lateral reticular nucleus; lateral root of median nerve; lateral root of optic tract; lateral sacral artery; lateral sacral crests; lateral sacral veins; lateral sacrococcygeal ligament; lateral segment; lateral semicircular canals; lateral sinus; lateral skull radiograph; lateral spinal sclerosis; lateral spinothalamic tract; lateral splanchnic arteries; lateral striate arteries; lateral superficial cervical lymph nodes; lateral superior genicular artery; lateral supraclavicular nerve; lateral supracondylar crest; lateral supracondylar ridge; lateral sural cutaneous nerve; lateral surface; lateral surface of arm; lateral surface of fibula; lateral surface of finger; lateral surface of leg; lateral surface of lower limb; lateral surface of ovary; lateral surface of testis; lateral surface of tibia; lateral surface of toe; lateral surface of zygomatic bone; lateral talocalcaneal ligament; lateral tarsal artery; lateral temporomandibular ligament; lateral thalamic peduncle; lateral thoracic artery; lateral thoracic vein; lateral thyrohyoid ligament; lateral tuberal nuclei; lateral tubercle of posterior process of talus; lateral umbilical fold; lateral umbilical ligament; lateral vaginal wall smear; lateral vastus muscle; lateral vein of lateral ventricle; lateral venous lacunae; lateral ventral hernia; lateral ventricle; lateral vertigo; lateral vestibular nucleus; lateral wall of middle ear; lateral wall of orbit; lateral wall of tympanic cavity; lateral X-ray; late reaction; late replicating chromosome; late rickets; lateriflexion; laterifolious; laterite; lateritious;

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