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Letter L: "latero-leap"

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latero-; lateroabdominal; laterodeviation; lateroduction; lateroflexion; lateroposition; lateropulsion; laterotorsion; laterotrusion; lateroversion; lates; late seizure; late seral species; late seral treatment; late-successional forest; late-successional reserve; late syphilis; late systole; latex; latex agglutination; latex agglutination test; latex fixation test; latex fixation tests; lath; lathe; lathosterol delta-5-dehydrogenase; lath-shaped; lathyrism; lathyrogen; laticiferous; latifolious; latin; latin america; latinize; Latin square; latirostres; latirostrous; latiseptate; latissimus dorsi; latisternal; latitude; latitude film; latitudinarian; latria; Latrodectus; latrorse; LATS; latterkin; lattice; lattice corneal dystrophy; latticed layer; latticing; latus; Latzko; Latzko's cesarean section; laud; laudable; laudable pus; laudanine; laudanosine; laudanum; laugh; laughing; laughing disease; laughing gas; laughing sickness; laughter; laughter reflex; Laugier; Laugier's hernia; Laugier's sign; Laumonier; Laumonier's ganglion; laumontite; launce; launch; laund; launder; laundress; laundry service, hospital; Launois; Launois-Bensaude syndrome; Launois-Cleret syndrome; laura; lauraceae; lauraceous; laurate; laurates; laureate; laurel; laurel fever; Laurence; laurence-moon-biedl syndrome; laurentian; Laurer; Laurer's canal; laurestine; lauric; lauric acid; lauric acid in-chain-hydroxylase; lauric acid monooxygenase; lauric acids; laurin; laurinol; laurite; laurone; laurus; Lauth, Charles; Lauth, Ernst; Lauth's canal; Lauth's ligament; Lauth's violet; Lauth, Thomas; LAV; lavage; lavaret; lavatory; Lavdovsky, Michail; Lavdovsky's nucleoid; lavender; laver; Laverania; laveur; LAVH; lavolta; lavsium; law; lawful; lawn; law of average localization; law of biogenesis; law of constant numbers in ovulation; law of contiguity; law of contrary innervation; law of definite proportions; law of denervation; law of excitation; law of gravitation; law of independent assortment; law of initial value; law of intestine; law of isochronism; law of mass action; law of multiple proportions; law of partial pressures; law of polar excitation; law of priority; law of recapitulation; law of reciprocal proportions; law of referred pain; law of refraction; law of regression to mean; law of segregation; law of similars; law of specific nerve energies; law of the heart; law of the minimum; Lawrence; Lawrence-Seip syndrome; lawrencium; laws of association; Lawson criterion; lawsonia; lawyer; lax; laxation; laxative; laxator; laxator tympani; lay; layer; layered closure; layering; layer of Bechterew; layer of piriform neurons; layer of rods and cones; layers of cerebellar cortex; layers of cerebral cortex; layers of retina; layers of skin; lazar; lazaretto; lazarine leprosy; lazarite; lazarwort; lazuli; lazulite; lazy eye; lazy leucocyte syndrome; lb; LBF; L-canaline reductase; L-carbamoylase; l-carnitine; LCAT; LCAT deficiency; L cell; L chain; L-chain disease; L-chain myeloma; lck; lcm-lassa complex viruses; LCM virus; l-cone; L-cysteine-cystine C-S lyase; LD; L-D body; l-dehydroascorbic acid; LDH; LDH agent; LDL; ldl cholesterol; LDL receptor disorder; l-dopa; L-dopa peroxidase; L+ dose; L doses; LE; leach; leachate; leachates; leaching; leach tube; lead; lead acetate; lead anaemia; lead carbonate; lead chromate; lead colic; lead encephalitis; lead encephalopathy; leader; leader peptide; leader sequence; leader sequences; leadership; lead gout; leadhillite; lead hydroxide stain; leading edge; leading lamella; leading strand; lead line; lead monoxide; lead neuropathy; lead oxide; lead palsy; lead paralysis; lead-pipe rigidity; lead poisoning; lead radioisotope; lead stomatitis; lead storage battery; lead sulfide; lead tetraethyl; lead tetroxide; leadwort; leaf; leafage; leaf blight; leafcup; leafed; leafet; leaf-footed; leafiness; leafless; leaflet; leaf-nosed; leafstalk; leafy; league; League of Red Cross Societies; leak point pressure; lean; Le antigens; leap; leapfrog position; leaping;

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