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live; livebirth; liveborn infant; live bottom; livedo; livedoid; livedoid dermatitis; livedo racemosa; livedo reticularis; livedo reticularis idiopathica; livedo reticularis symptomatica; livedo telangiectatica; livedo vasculitis; live-forever; liveliness; lively; live oral poliovirus vaccine; liver; liver abscess; liver abscess, amebic; liver acinus; liver anatomy; liver, artificial; liver breath; liver bud; liver calcifications; liver cancer; liver cell; liver cell carcinoma; liver circulation; liver cirrhosis; liver cirrhosis, alcoholic; liver cirrhosis, biliary; liver cyst; liver diet; liver diseases, alcoholic; liver diseases, parasitic; liver enzyme; liver extracts; liver failure; liver failure, acute; liver filtrate factor; liver flap; liver function test; liver glycogen; liver haemangioendothelioma; liver kidney syndrome; liver Lactobacillus casei factor; liverleaf; liver metastases; liver metastases: ultrasound imaging; liver neoplasms, experimental; liver of sulfur; liver profile; liver regeneration; liver scan; liver-shod clamp; liver-spleen scan; liver spot; liver spots; liver starch; liver transplant; liver transplantation; liverwort; livetin; live vaccine; live vaccines; livid; lividity; living anatomy; living donors; living will; living wills; livor; lixivial; lixiviation; lixivited; lixivium; liza; lizard; lizard's tail; llama; llandeilo group; LLAT; llc-pk1 cells; LLETZ; L-L factor; LLL; Lloyd, John Uri; Lloyd's reagent; LLQ; L-lysine oxidase; L-mandelate dehydrogenase; L-methionine gamma-lyase; LMP; LMT; L myc; LNPF; Lo; loa; loach; load; load factor; loading; loading dose; load management; Loa loa; loathly; lob; lobar; lobar bronchi; lobar nephronia; lobar pneumonia; lobar sclerosis; lobate; lobated; lobby; lobbying; lobe; lobectomy; lobefoot; lobe-footed; lobelet; lobelia; lobeliaceous; lobelin; lobeline; lobe of prostate; lobes of cerebrum; lobes of mammary gland; lobes of thyroid gland; lobi; lobi glandulae mammariae; lobi glandulae thyroideae; lobiped; lobitis; loblolly; Lobo; Loboa loboi; lobomycosis; lobopodia; lobopodium; lobosa; Lobo's disease; lobose; lobosea; lobotomy; Lobry de Bruyn, Cornelius; Lobry de Bruyn-van Ekenstein transformation; Lobstein, Johann; Lobstein's ganglion; lobster; lobster-claw deformity; lobsters; lobular; lobular carcinoma; lobular carcinoma in situ; lobular glomerulonephritis; lobular neoplasia; lobulate; lobulated; lobule; lobule of auricle; lobules of epididymis; lobules of mammary gland; lobules of testis; lobules of thymus; lobules of thyroid gland; lobulet; lobulette; lobuli epididymidis; lobuli glandulae mammariae; lobuli glandulae thyroideae; lobuli testis; lobuli thymi; lobulus; lobulus auriculae; lobulus biventer; lobulus biventralis; lobulus centralis cerebelli; lobulus clivi; lobulus corticalis renalis; lobulus culminis; lobulus cuneiformis; lobulus folii; lobulus fusiformis; lobulus gracilis; lobulus hepatis; lobulus paracentralis; lobulus parietalis inferior; lobulus parietalis superior; lobulus quadrangularis; lobulus quadratus; lobulus semilunaris inferior; lobulus semilunaris superior; lobulus simplex; lobus; lobus anterior hypophyseos; lobus appendicularis; lobus azygos; lobus caudatus; lobus dexter; lobus falciformis; lobus frontalis cerebri; lobus glandularis hypophyseos; lobus hepatis dexter; lobus hepatis sinister; lobus inferior pulmonis; lobus linguiformis; lobus medius prostatae; lobus medius pulmonis dextri; lobus nervosus; lobus occipitalis cerebri; lobus parietalis cerebri; lobus posterior hypophyseos; lobus prostatae; lobus pyramidalis glandulae thyroideae; lobus quadratus; lobus renalis; lobus sinister; lobus superior pulmonis; lobus temporalis; lobworm; LOCA; local; local anaemia; local anaesthesia; local anaesthetic; local anaesthetic reaction; local anaesthetics; local anaphylaxis; local area networks; local asphyxia; local bloodletting; local circuit theory; local death; local epilepsy; local excitatory state; local flap; local glomerulonephritis; local hormone; local immunity; localisation; localise; localised; localised cancer; localised nodular tenosynovitis; localised osteitis fibrosa; localised pemphigoid of Brunsting-Perry; localised peritonitis; localised scleroderma; localised small bowel disease; locality; localization; localization agnosia; localization related epilepsy; localizing electrode; localizing symptom; local nerve block; local reaction; local sign; local stimulant; local symptom; local syncope; local tetanus; local therapy; local tic; local treatment; locant; location directories and signs; locator; locellate; loch; loche; lochia; lochia alba; lochia cruenta; lochial; lochia purulenta; lochia rubra; lochia sanguinolenta; lochia serosa; lochiometra; lochiometritis; lochioperitonitis; lochiorrhagia; lochiorrhoea; loci;

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