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lock; lock-and-key model; lock and key models; Locke; locked bite; locked facets; locked-in syndrome; locked knee; locken; Locke-Ringer solution; Locke's solutions; lock finger; lock hospital; lockjaw; lock step; Lockwood, Charles; Lockwood's ligament; LOCM; loco; locobase; loco citato; locomotion; locomotive; locomotor; locomotor ataxia; locomotorial; locomotorium; locomotory; locoregional; locoweed disease; loculament; locular; loculate; loculation; loculation syndrome; locule; loculicidal; loculous; loculus; locum tenant; locum tenens; locus; locus ceruleus; locus cinereus; locus coeruleus; locus control region; locus ferrugineus; locus minoris resistentiae; locus niger; locus of control; locus perforatus anticus; locus perforatus posticus; locust; locusta; locustella; locust gum; locustic; locust tree; lodde; lode; lodestone; lodge; lodicule; lod method; Lo dose; lod score; Loeb, Leo; Loeffler, Friedrich; loeffler pneumonia; Loeffler's bacillus; Loeffler's blood culture medium; Loeffler's caustic stain; Loeffler's methylene blue; Loeffler's stain; Loeffler's syndrome; loellingite; loess; loeven's larva; Loevit, Moritz; Loevit's cell; Loewenthal's bundle; Loewenthal's reaction; Loewenthal's tract; Loewenthal, Wilhelm; lofentanil; lofepramine; Loffler; Loffler's disease; Loffler's endocarditis; Loffler's parietal fibroplastic endocarditis; Loffler's syndrome; log; logagnosia; logagraphia; logamnesia; Logan, William; logaphasia; logarithm; logarithmical; logarithmic phase; logasthenia; log choker; logcock; logetronography; loggat; loggerhead; loggerheaded; loggerheads; logging; logging residues; logic; logistical; logistic curve; logistic model; logistic models; logistics; logit; logit transformation; lognormal distribution; logo-; logographer; logographic; logographical; logography; logogriph; logomachist; logomachy; logometric; logopathy; logopedia; logopedics; logoplegia; logorrhoea; logospasm; logotherapy; logwood; Lohlein-Baehr lesion; Lohmann reaction; lohock; loiasis; loin; loir; Lok; loki; loligo; loliism; lolium; loma; lomasome; lomatinous; Lombard, Etienne; lombardic; Lombard voice-reflex test; loment; lomentaceous; lomentum; lomustine; london; london dispersion forces; London forces; London, Fritz; lone; loneliness; lonely; long; long abductor muscle of thumb; long-acting thyroid stimulator; long adductor muscle; longan; long axis; long axis of body; long axis view; longbeak; long bone; long-breathed; long buccal nerve; long central artery; long chain; long-chain 3-hydroxyacyl CoA dehydrogenase; long-chain-acyl-CoA dehydrogenase; long-chain-alcohol dehydrogenase; long-chain-alcohol O-fatty-acyltransferase; long-chain-fatty-acid-(acyl-carrier-protein) ligase; long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase; long-chain-fatty-acyl-glutamate deacylase; long ciliary nerve; long cone technique; long crus of incus; long-day plant; longe; longevity; long extensor muscle of great toe; long extensor muscle of thumb; long extensor muscle of toes; long fibular muscle; long flexor muscle of great toe; long flexor muscle of thumb; long flexor muscle of toes; long gyrus of insula; long head; long head of triceps; longhorn; long-horned; longicorn; longicornia; long incubation hepatitis; long interspersed elements; longipalp; longipennate; longipennes; longipennine; longiroster; longirostral; longirostres; longissimus capitis; longissimus cervicis; longissimus muscle; longissimus thoracis; longitude; longitudinal; longitudinal aberration; longitudinal arch of foot; longitudinal arc of skull; longitudinal bands of cruciform ligament; longitudinal canals of modiolus; longitudinal dissociation; longitudinal duct of epoophoron; longitudinal fissure of cerebrum; longitudinal fold of duodenum; longitudinal fracture; longitudinalis; longitudinal layer of muscular coat; longitudinal layers of muscular tunics; longitudinal lie; longitudinal ligament; longitudinal ligaments; longitudinal magnification; longitudinal method; longitudinal oval pelvis; longitudinal pontine bundles; longitudinal pontine fasciculi; longitudinal relaxation; longitudinal section; longitudinal sinus; longitudinal studies; longitudinal study; longitudinal sulcus of heart; longitudinal wave; longitype; Long, John; long-leg arthropathy; longlegs; long levatores costarum muscles; long-lived; Longmire's operation; Longmire, William Jr; long muscle of head; long muscle of neck; longmynd rocks; longnose; long palmar muscle; long peroneal muscle; long plantar ligament; long process of malleus; long pulse; long QT syndrome; long radial extensor muscle of wrist; long root of ciliary ganglion; long saphenous nerve; long saphenous vein; Long's coefficient; Long's formula; longshanks; long sight; long-sightedness; longspur; long subscapular nerve; long-term care; long-terminal repeat; long terminal repeat sequences; long-term memory; long-term nonprogressor; long-term potentiation; long-term productivity; long-term survival; long thoracic artery; long thoracic nerve; long thoracic vein; long ton; long-tongue; longulite; longus capitis; longus colli muscle; long vinculum; long-winded;

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