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Letter L: "lymphat-lyr"

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lymphatic; lymphatic angina; lymphatic diseases; lymphatic dissemination theory of endometriosis; lymphatic duct; lymphatic fistula; lymphatic follicles of larynx; lymphatic follicles of rectum; lymphatic irradiation; lymphatic leukaemia; lymphatic metastasis; lymphatic nodule; lymphatic oedema; lymphaticostomy; lymphatic plexus; lymphatic ring of cardiac part of stomach; lymphatics; lymphatic sarcoma; lymphatic sinus; lymphatic stroma; lymphatic system; lymphatic tissue; lymphatic valvule; lymphatic vessel; lymphatic vessels; lymphatic vessel tumours; lymphatitis; lymphatology; lymphatolysis; lymphatolytic; lymph capillary; lymph cell; lymph circulation; lymph cords; lymph corpuscle; lymphectasia; lymphedema; lymphedema praecox; lymphedematous keratoderma; lymph embolism; lymphemia; lymph follicle; lymph gland; lymphitis; lymphization; lymph node; lymph node excision; lymph node of azygos arch; lymph node of ligamentum arteriosum; lymph node permeability factor; lymph nodes; lymph nodes of abdominal organs; lymph nodes of elbow; lymph nodule; lympho-; lymphoadenoma; lymphoblast; lymphoblastic; lymphoblastic leukaemia; lymphoblastic lymphoma; lymphoblastoma; lymphoblastosis; lymphocele; lymphocerastism; lymphocinesis; lymphocryptovirus; lymphocyst; lymphocytapheresis; lymphocyte; lymphocyte activation; lymphocyte cooperation; lymphocyte count; lymphocyte depletion; lymphocyte function associated antigen; lymphocyte function-associated antigen-1; lymphocyte lymphocyte; lymphocyte-oriented kinase; lymphocytes; lymphocytes, null; lymphocyte specific protein tyrosine kinase p56(lck); lymphocytes, tumour-infiltrating; lymphocyte subsets; lymphocyte transformation; lymphocyte transfusion; lymphocythemia; lymphocytic; lymphocytic adenohypophysitis; lymphocytic choriomeningitis; lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus; lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia; lymphocytic interstitial pneumonitis; lymphocytic leukaemia; lymphocytic leukemoid reaction; lymphocytic leukocytosis; lymphocytic leukopenia; lymphocytic lymphoma; lymphocytic thyroiditis; lymphocytoblast; lymphocytoma; lymphocytopenia; lymphocytopoiesis; lymphocytosis; lymphocytotoxic antibodies; lymphoderma; lymphoduct; lymphoedema; lymphoepithelial cyst; lymphoepithelioma; lymphogenesis; lymphogenic; lymphogenous; lymphogenous metastasis; lymphoglandula; lymphogranuloma; lymphogranuloma benignum; lymphogranuloma inguinale; lymphogranuloma malignum; lymphogranulomatosis; lymphogranuloma venereum; lymphogranuloma venereum antigen; lymphogranuloma venereum virus; lymphography; lymphohistiocytic; lymphohistiocytosis; lymphoid; lymphoid cell; lymphoidectomy; lymphoid haemoblast of Pappenheim; lymphoid hypophysitis; lymphoid interstitial pneumonia; lymphoid interstitial pneumonitis; lymphoid leukaemia; lymphoidocyte; lymphoid polyp; lymphoid ring; lymphoid series; lymphoid tissue; lymphokine; lymphokines; lymphokinesis; lympholeukocyte; lymphology; lymphoma; lymphoma, aids-related; lymphoma, B-cell; lymphoma, diffuse; lymphoma, follicular; lymphoma, high-grade; lymphoma, intermediate-grade; lymphoma, large-cell; lymphoma, large-cell, diffuse; lymphoma, large-cell, follicular; lymphoma, large-cell, immunoblastic; lymphoma, large-cell, ki-1; lymphoma, low-grade; lymphoma, lymphoblastic; lymphoma, mixed-cell; lymphoma, mixed-cell, diffuse; lymphoma, mixed-cell, follicular; lymphoma, mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue; lymphoma, non-hodgkin; lymphoma, small-cell; lymphoma, small cleaved-cell, diffuse; lymphoma, small cleaved-cell, follicular; lymphoma, small lymphocytic; lymphoma, small noncleaved-cell; lymphoma, T-cell; lymphoma, T-cell, cutaneous; lymphoma, T-cell, peripheral; lymphomatoid; lymphomatoid granulomatosis; lymphomatoid papulosis; lymphomatosis; lymphomatous; lymphoma, undifferentiated; lymphomyeloma; lymphomyxoma; lymphopathia; lymphopathia venereum; lymphopathy; lymphopenia; lymphopenic thymic dysplasia; lymphoplasmapheresis; lymphoplasty; lymphopoiesis; lymphopoietic; lymphoproliferation; lymphoproliferative disorders; lymphoproliferative response; lymphoreticulosis; lymphorrhagia; lymphorrhoea; lymphorrhoid; lymphosarcoma; lymphosarcomatosis; lymphoscintigraphy; lymphosis; lymphostasis; lymphostatic verrucosis; lymphotaxis; lymphotoxicity; lymphotoxin; lymphotrophy; lymph sacs; lymph scrotum; lymph sinus; lymph space; lymphuria; lymph varix; lymph vessels; lyn; lyncean; lynestrenol; lyngbya toxins; lynx; lyo-; lyoenzyme; lyolysis; Lyon, B; Lyon hypothesis; Lyonisation; lyonization; Lyon, Mary; lyophil; lyophilic; lyophilic colloid; lyophilisate; lyophilization; lyophobe; lyophobic; lyophobic colloid; lyopomata; lyosorption; lyotropic; lyotropic series; lypressin; lyra; lyraid; lyrate; lyrated; lyra uterina; lyre; lyre bird; lyrid; lyrie; lyriferous;

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