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medial; medial accessory olivary nucleus; medial angle of eye; medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve; medial anterior thoracic nerve; medial aperture of the fourth ventricle; medial arcuate ligament; medial arteriole of retina; medial arteriosclerosis; medial atrial vein; medial basal branch of pulmonary artery; medial basal segment; medial bicipital groove; medial border; medial border of foot; medial border of forearm; medial border of humerus; medial border of kidney; medial border of scapula; medial border of suprarenal gland; medial border of tibia; medial brachial cutaneous nerve; medial branches; medial calcaneal branches of tibial nerve; medial canthus; medial cartilaginous layer; medial central nucleus of thalamus; medial cerebral surface; medial circumflex artery of thigh; medial circumflex femoral artery; medial circumflex femoral veins; medial collateral; medial collateral ligament, knee; medial collateral ligament of elbow; medial condyle; medial condyle of femur; medial condyle of tibia; medial cord of brachial plexus; medial crest of fibula; medial crural cutaneous branches of saphenous nerve; medial crus; medial crus of facial canal; medial crus of greater alar cartilage of nose; medial crus of the horizontal part of the facial canal; medial crus of the superficial inguinal ring; medial cuneiform bone; medial cutaneous branch; medial cutaneous nerve of arm; medial cutaneous nerve of forearm; medial cutaneous nerve of leg; medial dorsal cutaneous nerve; medialecithal; medial eminence; medial epicondylar crest; medial epicondylar ridge; medial epicondyle; medial epicondyle of femur; medial epicondyle of humerus; medial epicondylitis; medial femoral circumflex artery; medial femoral tuberosity; medial fillet; medial forebrain bundle; medial frontobasal artery; medial geniculate body; medial great muscle; medial head; medial inferior genicular artery; medial inguinal fossa; medialis; medial lacunar lymph node; medial lacunar node; medial lamina of cartilaginous auditory tube; medial layer of cartilaginous auditory tube; medial lemniscus; medial ligament; medial ligament of knee; medial ligament of talocrural joint; medial ligament of wrist; medial limb; medial lip of linea aspera; medial longitudinal arch of foot; medial longitudinal bundle; medial longitudinal fasciculus; medial longitudinal stria; medial lumbar intertransversarii muscles; medial lumbar intertransverse muscles; medial lumbocostal arch; medially deviated ureter; medial malleolar arteries; medial malleolar network; medial malleolar subcutaneous bursa; medial malleolar surface of talus; medial malleolus; medial mammary branches; medial margin; medial medullary lamina of corpus striatum; medial meniscus; medial midpalmar space; medial nasal branches of anterior ethmoidal nerve; medial nasal fold; medial nasal primordium; medial nasal process; medial nasal prominence; medial nucleus of thalamus; medial occipital artery; medial occipitotemporal gyrus; medial palpebral commissure; medial palpebral ligament; medial part of longitudinal arch of foot; medial part of posterior cervical intertransversarii muscles; medial patellar retinaculum; medial pectoral nerve; medial plantar artery; medial plantar nerve; medial plate of pterygoid process; medial pole of ovary; medial popliteal nerve; medial preoptic nucleus; medial process of calcaneal tuberosity; medial pterygoid; medial pterygoid plate; medial puboprostatic ligament; medial rectus; medial root of median nerve; medial root of optic tract; medial rotator; medial segment; medial striate artery; medial sulcus of crus cerebri; medial superior genicular artery; medial supraclavicular nerve; medial supracondylar crest; medial supracondylar ridge; medial sural cutaneous nerve; medial surface; medial surface of arytenoid cartilage; medial surface of cerebral hemisphere; medial surface of fibula; medial surface of lung; medial surface of ovary; medial surface of testis; medial surface of tibia; medial surface of toes; medial surface of ulna; medial talocalcaneal ligament; medial tarsal artery; medial tubercle of posterior process of talus; medial umbilical fold; medial umbilical ligament; medialuna; medial vastus muscle; medial vein of lateral ventricle; medial venule of retina; medial vestibular nucleus; medial wall of middle ear; medial wall of orbit; medial wall of tympanic cavity; median; median antebrachial vein; median anterior maxillary cyst; median aperture of the fourth ventricle; median arcuate ligament; median artery; median atlantoaxial joint; median bar of Mercier; median basilic vein; median cephalic vein; median cubital vein; median effective dose; median eminence; median frontal sulcus; median glossoepiglottic fold; median groove of tongue; median laryngotomy; median line; median lithotomy; median longitudinal raphe of tongue; median mandibular point; median maxillary anterior alveolar cleft; median nerve; median palatal cyst; median palatine suture; median plane; median raphe cyst of the penis; median retruded relation; median rhinoscopy; median sacral artery; median sacral crest; median sacral vein; median section; median sternotomy; median strumectomy; median sulcus of fourth ventricle; median survival; median thyrohyoid ligament; median time to elimination; median tongue bud; median umbilical fold; median umbilical ligament; medianus; median vein of forearm; median vein of neck; mediastinal; mediastinal arteries; mediastinal branches; mediastinal branches of internal thoracic artery; mediastinal branches of thoracic aorta; mediastinal cyst; mediastinal diseases; mediastinal emphysema; mediastinal fibrosis; mediastinal lipomatosis; mediastinal part of lung; mediastinal pleura; mediastinal pleurisy; mediastinal space; mediastinal surface of lung; mediastinal veins; mediastinitis; mediastinography; mediastinopericarditis; mediastinoscope; mediastinoscopy; mediastinotomy; mediastinum; mediastinum anterius; mediastinum inferius; mediastinum medium; mediastinum posterius; mediastinum superius; mediastinum testis; mediate; mediate contagion; mediate percussion; mediate transfusion; mediation; mediator; mediatrix; medic; medicable; medicaid; medical; medical anatomy; medical assistance; medical audit; medical biophysics; medical care; medical chemistry; medical corps; medical diathermy; medical directives, advance; medical errors; medical ethics; medical examiner; medical futility; medical genetics; medical illustration; medical indigency; medical informatics; medical informatics applications; medical informatics computing; medical jurisprudence; medically underserved area; medically uninsured; medical missions, official; medical model; medical mycology; medical office buildings; medical oncologist; medical oncology; medical pathology; medical psychology; medical receptionists; medical record administrators; medical record linkage; medical records; medical records department, hospital; medical records, problem-oriented; medical records systems, computerised; Medical Research Council; medical secretaries; medical selection; medical staff; medical staff, hospital; medical staff privileges; medical transcriptionist; medical treatment; medical waste; medical waste disposal;

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