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mg; MGD; mg/dl; mg/l; MGP; MHA-TP test; MHC; MHC class II protein; MHC class I protein; MHC restriction; mho; MHz; MI; miamis; mianeh disease; mianeh fever; mianserin; mianserin hydrochloride; miargyrite; miascite; miasma theory; miasmatical; miasmology; Mibelli; Mibelli's angiokeratomas; Mibelli's disease; MIBG; MIBG scintiscan; MIC; mica; micaceo-calcareous; micatosis; mice; mice, inbred cftr; mice, inbred hrs; mice, inbred mdx; mice, inbred mrl lpr; mice, inbred nod; mice, inbred sencar; mice, inbred strains; mice, jimpy; mice, knockout; micella; micellar; micelle; micelles; mice minute virus; mice, mutant strains; mice, neurologic mutants; mice, nude; mice, obese; mice, quaking; mice, scid; mice, transgenic; Michaelis complex; Michaelis constant; Michaelis-Gutmann body; Michaelis, Leonor; Michaelis-Menten constant; Michaelis-Menten equation; Michaelis-Menten hypothesis; michaelmas; Micheli, Ferdinando; Michel Levy scale of retardation colours; micmacs; mico; miconazole; miconazole nitrate; micracoustic; micraster; micrencephalia; micrencephalous; micrencephaly; micro-; microabscess; microadenoma; microaerobion; microaerophil; microaerophilic; microaerophilous; microaerosol; microalgae; microampere; microanalysis; microanastomosis; microanatomist; microanatomy; microaneurysm; microangiography; microangiopathic haemolytic anaemia; microangiopathy; microangioscopy; microarteriography; micro-Astrup method; microbacteria; microbalance; microbe; microbenthos; microbial; microbial associates; microbial collagenase; microbial genetics; microbial herbicides; microbial mining; microbial RNase II; microbial sensitivity tests; microbial vitamin; microbian; microbic; microbicidal; microbicide; microbid; microbiologic; microbiological; microbiological techniques; microbiologic phenomena; microbiologist; microbiology; microbion; microbiotic; microbism; microblast; microblepharia; microblepharism; microblepharon; microbodies; microbody; microbrachia; microbrenner; microcalcification; microcardia; microcarrier; microcentrum; microcephalia; microcephalic; microcephalism; microcephalous; microcephaly; microcheilia; microcheiria; micro-chemical; microchemistry; microchronometer; microcide; microcin B17 synthase; microcinematography; microcirculation; microclimate; microcline; micrococcaceae; micrococcal; micrococcal nuclease; micrococci; micrococcus; Micrococcus candidus; Micrococcus conglomeratus; Micrococcus cryophilus; micrococcus luteus; Micrococcus morrhuae; Micrococcus ureae; Micrococcus varians; microcolitis; microcolliculi; microcolon; microcolony; microcomputers; microconidium; microcoria; microcornea; microcosm; microcosmic; microcosmical; microcosmography; microcoulomb; microcoustic; microcrith; microcrystalline; microcrystalline cellulose; microcurie; microcyst; microcystic adenoma of pancreas; microcystic disease of renal medulla; microcystic epithelial dystrophy; microcyte; microcythemia; microcytic anaemia; microcytosis; microdactylia; microdactylous; microdactyly; microdeletion; microdialysis; micro-disc surgery; microdissection; microdont; microdontia; microdose; microdrepanocytic anaemia; microdrepanocytosis; microdysgenesia; microelectric waves; microelectrode; microelectrodes; microelements; microencephaly; microenvironment; microerythrocyte; microetching technique; microevolution; microfarad; microfauna; microfibril; microfilament; microfilament proteins; microfilaments; microfilaraemia; microfilaria; microfilarial sheath; microfilm; microflora; microfollicular adenoma; microfollicular goiter; microform; microgamete; microgametocyte; microgametophyte; microgamont; microgamy; microgastria; microgenia; microgenitalism; micro-geological; micro-geology; microglandular adenosis; microglia; microglia cells; microgliacyte; microglial cell; microglioma; microgliomatosis; microgliosis; microglobulin; microglossia; micrognathia; micrognathism; microgram; micrograph; micrographic; micrography; microgyria; microhabitat; microhemagglutination-Treponema pallidum test; microhepatia; microheterogeneity; microhm; micro-immunofluorescence; microincineration; microincision; microinjection; microinjector; microinstability; microinvasion; microinvasive carcinoma; microkatal; micro-Kjeldahl method; microkymatotherapy; microlecithal egg; microlepidoptera; microlestes; microleukoblast; microlite; microliter; microlith; microlithiasis; microlithic; micrologic; micrological; micrology;

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