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middle; middle atlantoepistrophic joint; middle axillary line; middle cardiac vein; middle carpal joint; middle cells; middle cerebellar peduncle; middle cerebral artery; middle cervical cardiac nerve; middle cervical fascia; middle cervical ganglion; middle cluneal nerves; middle colic artery; middle colic lymph nodes; middle colic vein; middle collateral artery; middle constrictor muscle of pharynx; middle costotransverse ligament; middle cranial fossa; middle cuneiform bone; middle ear; middle ear mass; middle ear ventilation; middle east; middle ethmoidal air cells; middle ethmoidal sinuses; middle finger; middle frontal convolution; middle frontal gyrus; middle frontal sulcus; middle genicular artery; middle glossoepiglottic fold; middle gray layer of superior colliculus; middle group of mesenteric lymph nodes; middle haemorrhoidal artery; middle haemorrhoidal plexuses; middle haemorrhoidal veins; middle hepatic veins; middle kidney; middle lamella; middle lobe branch; middle lobe of prostate; middle lobe of right lung; middle lobe syndrome; middle mediastinal mass; middle mediastinum; middle meningeal artery; middle meningeal artery groove; middle meningeal branch of maxillary nerve; middle meningeal nerve; middle meningeal veins; middle nasal concha; middle pain; middle palmar space; middle piece; middle radioulnar joint; middle rectal artery; middle rectal lymph node; middle rectal node; middle rectal plexuses; middle rectal veins; middle sacral artery; middle sacral plexus; middle scalene muscle; middle stage HIV disease; middle superior alveolar branch of infraorbital nerve; middle supraclavicular nerve; middle suprarenal artery; middle talar articular surface of calcaneus; middle temporal artery; middle temporal convolution; middle temporal gyrus; middle temporal sulcus; middle temporal vein; middle thyroid vein; middle transverse rectal fold; middle trunk of brachial plexus; middle turbinated bone; middle umbilical fold; middle umbilical ligament; midecamycin 4''-acylase; midecamycin 4''-propionyltransferase; midfeather; midforceps delivery; midgard; midgastric transverse sphincter; midge; midget; midget bipolar cells; midgracile; midgut; midheaven; midkine; midlife crisis; midline; midline closure defects; midline granulomatosis; midline incision; midline malignant reticulosis granuloma; midline myelotomy; midmenstrual; midnodal extrasystole; midoccipital; midodrine; midpain; midpalmar space; midplane; midrib; midriff; midsagittal plane; midsagittal section; midsection; mid seral species; mid seral treatment; midshipman; midsigmoid sphincter; midsternum; midsummer; midtarsal; midtarsal joint; midwestern united states; midwife; midwifery; Miescher; Miescher's elastoma; Miescher's granuloma; Miescher's tubes; MIF; mifepristone; Mig; might; mighty; mignonette; mignon lamp; migraine; migraine, classic; migraine, common; migraine headache; migraine without headache; migrainous neuralgia; migrate; migrating abscess; migrating teeth; migration; migration inhibition test; migration-inhibitory factor; migration-inhibitory factor test; migration of ovum; migration theory; migratory; migratory cell; migratory pneumonia; MIH; mika operation; Mikity, Victor; Mikulicz' aphthae; Mikulicz' cells; Mikulicz clamp; mikulicz' disease; Mikulicz' drain; Mikulicz, Johannes von-Radecki; Mikulicz' operation; Mikulicz' syndrome; Mikulicz-Vladimiroff amputation; mil; mild; mildew; mild foetal bradycardia; mild mercurial ointment; mild silver protein; mile; mileage; Miles; milesian; Miles' operation; Miles resection; milfoil; milia; Milian, Gaston; Milian's disease; Milian's erythema; miliaria; miliaria alba; miliaria crystallina; miliaria profunda; miliaria rubra; miliary; miliary abscess; miliary aneurysm; miliary embolism; miliary fever; miliary lung infiltrate; miliary papular syphilid; miliary pattern; miliary tb; miliary tuberculosis; milieu; milieu interieur; milieu therapy; miliola; miliolite; military antishock trousers; military dentistry; military medicine; military neurosis; military nursing; military psychiatry; milium; milk; milk-alkali syndrome; milk anaemia; milk banks; milk colic; milk corpuscle; milk crust; milk cyst; milk ducts; milk ejection; milk-ejection reflex; milkers' nodes; milkers' nodules; milker's nodule virus; milk factor; milk fever; milk gland; milk hypersensitivity; milk leg; milk let-down reflex; milk line; milkmaid; Milkman, Louis; Milkman's syndrome; milk of bismuth; milk of calcium; milk of magnesia; milk of sulfur; milkpox; milk proteins; milk ridge; milk-ring test; milk scall; milk sickness; milk spots; milk sugar; milk tetter; milk tooth; milk vetch; milkweed; milkwort; milky; milky ascites; milky urine;

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