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multi-; multiarticular; multiaxial; multiaxial classification; multiaxial joint; multibacillary; multicapsular; multicarinate; multicellular; multicenter studies; multicenter study; multicentral; multicentric; multicentric reticulohistiocytosis; Multiceps; multicipital; multicollinearity; multi-colony-stimulating factor; multicore disease; multicostate; multi-CSF; multicuspid; multicuspidate; multicuspid tooth; multicystic dysplastic kidney disease; multidisciplinary; multidose; multidrug resistance; multidrug transporter; multienzyme; multienzyme complex; multienzyme complexes; multienzyme system; multifactorial; multifactorial inheritance; multifactorial or multigenic disorders; multifarious; multifetation; multifid; multifidus; multiflorous; multifocal; multifocal atrial tachycardia; multifocal choroiditis; multifocal lens; multifocal osteitis fibrosa; multifoil; multiform; multiformat camera; multiform layer; multigene family; multigeneration study; multigenic; multiglandular; multigravida; multi-infarct dementia; multi-infection; multi-institutional systems; multijugate; multijugous; multilamellar body; multilingualism; multilobar; multilobular; multilocal; multilocal genetics; multilocular; multilocular adipose tissue; multilocular cyst; multilocular cystic nephroma; multilocular fat; multilocular hydatid cyst; multi locus enzyme electrophoresis; multi-locus probe; multimammae; multimammate mouse; multimedia; multinodal; multinodular; multinodular goiter; multinomial; multinomial distribution; multinuclear; multinuclear leukocyte; multinucleated; multinucleosis; multipain; multipara; multiparity; multiparous; multipartial; multiped; multipennate muscle; multiphasic screening; multiple; multiple alcohol; multiple amputation; multiple anchorage; multiple birth offspring; multiple carboxylase deficiency; multiple chemical sensitivity; multiple cloning site; multiple drug resistant tuberculosis; multiple ego states; multiple embolism; multiple endocrine adenomatosis; multiple endocrine deficiency syndrome; multiple endocrine neoplasia; multiple endocrine neoplasia 1; multiple endocrine neoplasia 2; multiple endocrine neoplasia 3; multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1; multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2; multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2a; multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2b; multiple epiphysial dysplasia; multiple exostosis; multiple fission; multiple fracture; multiple gestation; multiple glandular deficiency syndrome; multiple hamartoma syndrome; multiple idiopathic haemorrhagic sarcoma; multiple infection; multiple intestinal polyposis; multiple lentigines syndrome; multiple lipoprotein-type hyperlipidaemia; multiple mucosal neuroma syndrome; multiple myeloma; multiple myelomatosis; multiple myositis; multiple neuritis; multiple organ failure; multiple parasitism; multiple personality; multiple personality disorder; multiple pregnancy; multiple renal cysts; multiple sclerosis; multiple self-healing squamous epithelioma; multiple serositis; multiple sleep latency test; multiple stain; multiple sulfatase deficiency; multiple symmetric lipomatosis; multiple system atrophy; multiple trauma; multiple vision; multiplexing; multiplicand; multiplicate; multiplication; multiplicative division; multiplicative growth; multiplicative model; multiplier; multiply; multipolar; multipolar cell; multipolar mitosis; multipolar neuron; multipotent cell; multipotential colony-stimulating factor; multiradiate; multirooted; multirotation; multisect; multiseptate; multiserial; multisiliquous; multispiral; multistage model; multisubstrate; multisynaptic; multivalence; multivalent; multivalent vaccine; multivalve; multivalvular; multivariate analysis; multivariate studies; multivesicular bodies; multivesicular body; multivocal; mumbo jumbo; mummichog; mummies; mummification; mummification necrosis; mummified pulp; mummiform; mummy; mummychog; mumps; mumps immunization; mumps in pregnancy; mumps meningoencephalitis; mumps orchitis; mumps sensitivity test; mumps skin test antigen; mumps vaccine; mumps virus; mumps virus vaccine; mumu fever; munchausen syndrome; munchausen syndrome by proxy; Munchhausen, Baron Karl F.H. von; munchhausen syndrome; mundificative; mung; munga; mung bean nuclease; mungoos; municipal; municipal government; municipal hospital; municipal solid waste; munition; munjistin; Munro, John; Munro's abscess; Munro's microabscess; Munro's point; Munro, William; Munsell, Albert; Munsell, Hazel; Munson's sign; muntjac; muntjacs; Munzer, Egmont; mupirocin; muraena; mural; mural aneurysm; mural cell; mural endocarditis; mural pregnancy; mural thrombosis; mural thrombus; muramic acid; muramic acids; muramidase; muramoylpentapeptide carboxypeptidase; muramyl dipeptide; murder; murderess; murderous; murein; mureins; murein transglycosylase; murenoid; Muret, Paul-Louis; murex; murexan; murexide; murexoin; muriate; muriated; muriatic; muriatic acid; muriatiferous; muricate; muricoid; muriculate; muridae; muride; muriform; murine; murine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; murine hepatitis; murine leprosy; murine leukaemia; murine leukaemia virus; murine sarcoma virus; murine typhus; murk;

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