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Letter M: "murl-muscule"

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murlins; murmur; muromegalovirus; muromonab-CD3; Murphy drip; Murphy, John; Murphy's button; Murphy's percussion; Murphy's sign; murrain; murrayin; Murray Valley encephalitis; Murray Valley encephalitis virus; Murray Valley rash; murre; murrelet; murrhine; murrina; murry; Murutucu virus; mus; musa; musaceous; musang; musca; muscadine; muscae volitantes; muscales; muscallonge; muscardin; muscardine; muscarin; muscarine; muscarinic; muscarinic acetylcholine receptor; muscarinic agonist; muscarinic antagonist; muscarinic antagonists; muscarinic receptor kinase; muscarinic receptors; muscarinism; muscat; muschelkalk; musci; muscicapine; muscicide; muscidae; musciform; muscimol; muscle; muscle, adductor; muscle biopsy; muscle-bound; muscle bundle; muscle cell; muscle, central core disease of; muscle contraction; muscle curve; muscled; muscle denervation; muscle epithelium; muscle fascicle; muscle fatigue; muscle fibre; muscle haemoglobin; muscle hypertonia; muscle hypotonia; muscle neoplasms; muscle of antitragus; muscle of heart; muscle of notch of helix; muscle of tragus; muscle of uvula; muscle phosphorylase deficiency; muscle plasma; muscle plate; muscle proteins; muscle relaxant; muscle relaxants, central; muscle relaxation; muscle repositioning; muscle resection; muscle rigidity; muscles, abdominal; muscle serum; muscle, skeletal; muscle, smooth; muscle, smooth, vascular; muscles of abdomen; muscles of auditory ossicles; muscles of coccyx; muscles of eyeball; muscles of facial expression; muscles of head; muscles of larynx; muscles of mastication; muscles of neck; muscles of the back; muscles of thorax; muscles of tongue; muscle sound; muscle spasm; muscle spasticity; muscle spindle; muscle spindles; muscle strain; muscle-tendon attachment; muscle-tendon junction; muscle tension headache; muscle tonus; muscle-trimming; muscle weakness; muscling; muscoid; muscology; muscone; muscosity; muscovite; muscovy duck; musculamine; muscular; muscular artery; muscular asthenopia; muscular atrophy; muscular atrophy, spinal; muscular branches; muscular coat; muscular coat of bronchi; muscular coat of colon; muscular coat of ductus deferens; muscular coat of female urethra; muscular coat of gallbladder; muscular coat of oesophagus; muscular coat of pharynx; muscular coat of rectum; muscular coat of small intestine; muscular coat of stomach; muscular coat of trachea; muscular coat of ureter; muscular coat of urinary bladder; muscular coat of uterine tube; muscular coat of uterus; muscular coat of vagina; muscular dystrophy; muscular fascia of extraocular muscle; muscular fibril; muscular hyperesthesia; muscular incompetence; muscular insufficiency; muscularis; muscularis mucosae; muscularity; muscularize; muscular lacuna; muscular layer of mucosa; muscularly; muscular movement; muscular part of interventricular septum of heart; muscular process of arytenoid cartilage; muscular pulley; muscular reflex; muscular rheumatism; muscular sense; muscular subaortic stenosis; muscular substance of prostate; muscular system; muscular tissue; muscular triangle; muscular trophoneurosis; muscular tunic of gallbladder; muscular tunics; musculation; musculature; muscule;

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