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oesophagalgia; oesophageal; oesophageal achalasia; oesophageal acidity test; oesophageal and gastric varices; oesophageal arteries; oesophageal atresia; oesophageal branches; oesophageal branches of the inferior thyroid artery; oesophageal branches of the left gastric artery; oesophageal branches of the recurrent laryngeal nerve; oesophageal branches of the thoracic aorta; oesophageal branches of the vagus nerve; oesophageal cancer; oesophageal candidiasis; oesophageal carcinoma; oesophageal carcinoma risk factors; oesophageal carcinoma: types; oesophageal constrictions; oesophageal diverticula; oesophageal diverticulum; oesophageal dysmotility; oesophageal dysrhythmia; oesophageal filling defect; oesophageal fistula; oesophageal glands; oesophageal hiatus; oesophageal impression; oesophageal intramural pseudo-diverticulosis; oesophageal lead; oesophageal motility disorders; oesophageal mucosa; oesophageal mucosal nodules; oesophageal narrowing; oesophageal opening; oesophageal perforation; oesophageal plexus; oesophageal reflux; oesophageal ring; oesophageal rupture; oesophageal smear; oesophageal spasm; oesophageal spasm, diffuse; oesophageal spasms; oesophageal speech; oesophageal stenosis; oesophageal stricture, acute; oesophageal stricture, chronic; oesophageal strictures; oesophageal trauma; oesophageal ulcer; oesophageal ulceration or diverticula; oesophageal ulcers; oesophageal varices; oesophageal veins; oesophageal web; oesophageal webs and rings; oesophagectasis; oesophagectomy; oesophagi; oesophagism; oesophagitis; oesophagitis candida; oesophagitis, peptic; oesophagocardioplasty; oesophagocele; oesophagoduodenostomy; oesophagodynia; oesophagoenterostomy; oesophagogastrectomy; oesophagogastric junction; oesophagogastric orifice; oesophagogastric ring; oesophagogastric vestibule; oesophagogastroanastomosis; oesophagogastroduodenoscopy; oesophagogastromyotomy; oesophagogastroplasty; oesophagogastrostomy; oesophagogram; oesophagography; oesophagology; oesophagomalacia; oesophagomycosis; oesophagomyotomy; oesophagoplasty; oesophagoplication; oesophagoptosis; oesophagosalivary reflex; oesophagoscope; oesophagoscopy; oesophagospasm; oesophagostenosis; oesophagostomiasis; oesophagostomum; Oesophagostomum apiostomum; Oesophagostomum brevicaudum; Oesophagostomum brumpti; Oesophagostomum columbianum; Oesophagostomum dentatum; Oesophagostomum georgianum; Oesophagostomum quadrispinulatum; Oesophagostomum radiatum; Oesophagostomum stephanostomum; Oesophagostomum venulosum; oesophagostomy; oesophagotomy; oesophagram; oesophagus; oesophagus: scleroderma; oesophoria; oesophoric; oestradiol; oestrian; oestrids; oestriol; oestrogen; oestrogen antagonist; oestrogenic; oestrogenic hormone; oestrogenism; oestrogen receptor; oestrogen replacement therapy; oestrogens; oestrogens, catechol; oestrogens, conjugated; oestrogens, synthetic; oestrone; oestrosis; oestrual; oestruation; oestrus; OFD syndrome; off; offend; offendress; offensive; offertory; office; office automation; office management; office nursing; officer; office visits; official; official formula; officiant; officinal; offish; off-label; off-label use; off-road motor vehicles; offset; offshoot; ofloxacin; Ofuji's disease; ogee; ogeechee lime; Ogilvie's syndrome; Ogino-Knaus rule; Ogino, Kyusaka; ogress; Ogston-Luc operation; Ogston, Sir Alexander; Ogston's line; Oguchi, Chita; Oguchi's disease; Ogura, Joseph; Ogura operation; O'Hara forceps; O'Hara, Michael Jr; OHI; OHI-S; ohm; ohmammeter; Ohm, Georg; ohmmeter; ohm's law; ohne Hauch; Ohngren's line; oidia; oidiomycin; oidium; oil; oil bath; oilbird; oil cyst; oil embolism; oil glands; oilnut; oil of American wormseed; oil of anise; oil of bay; oil of bergamot; oil of bitter almond; oil of bitter orange; oil of cardamom; oil of chenopodium; oil of cherry laurel; oil of cinnamon; oil of citronella; oil of clove; oil of coriander; oil of crispmint; oil of cubeb; oil of curled mint; oil of dwarf pine needles; oil of eucalyptus; oil of fennel; oil of jojoba; oil of juniper; oil of lavender; oil of lemon; oil of lemon grass; oil of pennyroyal; oil of peppermint; oil of rose; oil of spearmint; oil of turpentine; oil of vitriol; oil of wormwood; oil pneumonia; oil red O; oil retention enema; oils; oilseed; oil sugar; oils, volatile; oil tumour; oil vaccine; oily; oily granuloma; oinomania; ointment; ointment base; ointment bases; ointments; ojibway; okadaic acid; okadaic acid-sensitive phosphatase; Okazaki; Okazaki fragment; Okazaki fragments; okenite; oker;

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