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pharyng-; pharyngeal; pharyngeal arches; pharyngeal branches; pharyngeal branch of descending palatine artery; pharyngeal branch of glossopharyngeal nerve; pharyngeal branch of inferior thyroid artery; pharyngeal branch of pterygopalatine ganglion; pharyngeal branch of the artery of pterygoid canal; pharyngeal branch of the ascending pharyngeal artery; pharyngeal branch of vagus nerve; pharyngeal bursa; pharyngeal calculus; pharyngeal canal; pharyngeal cartilages; pharyngeal diseases; pharyngeal fistula; pharyngeal flap; pharyngeal fornix; pharyngeal glands; pharyngeal grooves; pharyngeal hypophysis; pharyngeal isthmus; pharyngeal membranes; pharyngeal mucosa; pharyngeal muscles; pharyngeal opening of auditory tube; pharyngeal opening of eustachian tube; pharyngeal pituitary; pharyngeal plexus; pharyngeal pouch syndrome; pharyngeal raphe; pharyngeal recess; pharyngeal reflex; pharyngeal ridge; pharyngeal space; pharyngeal tonsil; pharyngeal tubercle; pharyngeal veins; pharyngectomy; pharyngei; pharynges; pharyngeus; pharyngismus; pharyngitic; pharyngitis; pharyngitis sicca; pharyngo-; pharyngobasilar fascia; pharyngobranchial; pharyngobranchial ducts; pharyngobranchii; pharyngocele; pharyngoconjunctival fever; pharyngoconjunctival fever virus; pharyngoepiglottic; pharyngoepiglottic fold; pharyngoesophageal; pharyngoesophageal cushions; pharyngoesophageal diverticulum; pharyngoesophageal pads; pharyngoesophagoplasty; pharyngoglossal; pharyngoglossus; pharyngognathi; pharyngolaryngeal; pharyngolaryngitis; pharyngolith; pharyngomaxillary; pharyngomaxillary space; pharyngomycosis; pharyngonasal; pharyngonasal cavity; pharyngo-oral; pharyngopalatine; pharyngopalatine arch; pharyngopalatinus; pharyngoplasty; pharyngoplegia; pharyngopneusta; pharyngorhinoscopy; pharyngoscope; pharyngoscopy; pharyngospasm; pharyngostaphylinus; pharyngostenosis; pharyngostomy; pharyngotome; pharyngotomy; pharyngotonsillitis; pharyngotympanic groove; pharyngotympanic tube; pharynx; phascolome; phase; phase-amplitude contrast; phase angle; phase contrast; phase-contrast microscope; phase contrast microscopy; phase, crystal; phase encoding; phase I block; phase I clinical trial; phase II block; phase II clinical trial; phase III clinical trial; phase image; phaseollin; phaseolus; phaseomannite; phase plate; phase, resting; phase rule; phase separation; phase shift; phase variation; phasic; phasic reflex; phasic sinus arrhythmia; phasing of nucleosomes; phasmid; Phasmidia; phasmophobia; phassachate; phatagin; phatnorrhagia; P-H conduction time; PhD; Phe; pheasant; phebe; phelloderm; phellogen; Phemister, Dallas; Phemister graft; phenacaine hydrochloride; phenacemide; phenacetin; phenacetolin; phenaceturic acid; phenacite; phenacridane chloride; phenacyclamine; phenaglycodol; phenakistoscope; phenanthrene; phenanthrene nucleus; phenanthridine; phenanthroline; phenarsenamine; phenarsone sulfoxylate; phenate; phenazacillin; phenazocine; phenazoline hydrochloride; phenazopyridine; phenazopyridine hydrochloride; phencyclidine; phencyclidine abuse; phendimetrazine tartrate; phene; phenelzine; phenelzine sulfate; phenetamine; phenetharbital; phenethicillin potassium; phenethyl alcohol; phenethylamines; phenetic classification; phenetidine; phenetidine N-acetyltransferase; phenetol; phenetsal; pheneturide; phenformin; phenformin hydrochloride; phenglutarimide hydrochloride; phengophobia; phenic; phenicarbazide; phenicine; phenicopter; phenindamine tartrate; phenindione; pheniramine; pheniramine maleate; phenix; phenmethylol; phenmetrazine; phenmetrazine hydrochloride; pheno-; phenobarbital; phenobarbital elixir; phenobarbitol; phenobutiodil; phenocopy; phenodin; phenogamia; phenol; phenolaemia; phenolase; phenolate; phenolated; phenol coefficient; phenol glucuronosyltransferase; phenology; phenol oxidase; phenolphthalein; phenolphthaleins; phenol red; phenolsulfonphthalein; phenolsulfonphthalein test; phenoluria; phenomenalism; phenomenology; phenomenon; phenoperidine; phenose; phenothiazine; phenothiazine sulfoxidase; phenotype; phenotypic; phenotypic threshold; phenotypic value; phenoxazine; phenoxazone; phenoxybenzamine; phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride; phenoxybenzoate dioxygenase; phenoxymethylpenicillin; phenoxymethylpenicillin amidohydrolase; phenozygous; phenpentermine tartrate; phenprobamate; phenprocoumon; phenpropionate; phensuximide; phentermine; phentolamine; phentolamine hydrochloride; phentolamine mesylate; phentolamine test;

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