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Letter P: "preaxial-premania"

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preaxial; preaxillary line; pre-B lymphocyte; prebronchial; precaecal lymph nodes; precalciferol; precancer; precancerous; precancerous conditions; precancerous lesion; precancerous melanosis of Dubreuilh; precapillary; precapillary anastomosis; precapillary pulmonary hypertension; precardiac; precardinal; precarious; precartilage; precava; precedential; preceding; precentral; precentral area; precentral artery; precentral cerebellar vein; precentral gyrus; precentral sulcal artery; precentral sulcus; preceptial; preceptorship; preceptress; precervical sinus; precession; prechiasmatic sulcus; prechordal; prechordal plate; prechroming; precinct; precipice; precipitable; precipitant; precipitate; precipitated calcium carbonate; precipitated sulfur; precipitate labour; precipitating antibody; precipitating cause; precipitating factors; precipitation; precipitation curve; precipitation test; precipitin; precipitinogen; precipitinogenoid; precipitin reaction; precipitins; precipitin test; precipitin tests; precipitogen; precipitoid; precipitophore; precise; precision; precision attachment; precision rest; preclinical; preclinical studies; preclinical study; preclude; precoces; precocious; precocious puberty; precocity; precognition; precollagenous fibres; precommercial thinning; precommissural bundle; precommissural septal area; precommissural septum; precommunical part of anterior cerebral artery; preconception care; preconceptual counselling; preconceptual stage; preconization; preconize; preconscious; preconvulsive; precoracoid; precordia; precordial; precordial catch syndrome; precordial electrocardiography; precordialgia; precordial leads; precordium; precorneal film; precorrin-2 methyltransferase; precorrin-2 O-methyltransferase; precorrin-3 11-methyltransferase; precorrin-3 synthase; precorrin-4 methyltransferase; precorrin-5 methyltransferase; precorrin-6 methyltransferase; precorrin-6 reductase; precorrin 6x oxidoreductase; precostal; precostal anastomosis; precritical; precrural; precuneal; precuneal artery; precuneate; precuneus; precursor; precursory cartilage; predacean; predation; predator; predatory; predatory behaviour; predecidual; predentin; predestination; prediabetes; prediastole; prediastolic; predicant; predicrotic; predictive validity; predictive value; predictive value of tests; predigest; predigestion; predisponent; predispose; predisposing cause; predisposing factors; predisposition; predisposition analysis; prediverticular disease of colon; prednimustine; prednisolone; prednisolone butylacetate; prednisolone sodium phosphate; prednisolone, topical; prednisone; prednylidene; predominance; predominate; predormital; predormitum; predorsal; predorsal bundle; preductal; preeclampsia; preejection period; pre-embryo; preemption; preen; preen gland; preepiglottic; preeruptive; preexcitation; pre-excitation, mahaim-type; preexcitation syndrome; pre-excitation syndromes; preextraction record; preface; prefect; prefecundation; preferred direction; preferred provider organization; preferred provider organizations; prefloration; prefoliation; preformation; preformation theory; prefrontal; prefrontal area; prefrontal cortex; prefrontal leukotomy; prefrontal lobotomy; prefrontal veins; preganglionic; preganglionic fibres; preganglionic motor neuron; pregenital organization; pregenital phase; preglacial; pregnadienediols; pregnadienes; pregnadienetriols; pregnancy; pregnancy, abdominal; pregnancy, alcohol in; pregnancy-associated alpha-plasma protein; pregnancy-associated beta-plasma protein; pregnancy-associated esterase; pregnancy cells; pregnancy complications; pregnancy complications, cardiovascular; pregnancy complications, haematologic; pregnancy complications, infectious; pregnancy complications, neoplastic; pregnancy complications, parasitic; pregnancy danger from fifth disease; pregnancy danger from urinary tract infection; pregnancy diabetes; pregnancy disease of sheep; pregnancy, ectopic; pregnancy, ectopic, symptoms of; pregnancy, high-risk; pregnancy hormone; pregnancy in adolescence; pregnancy maintenance; pregnancy, multiple; pregnancy outcome; pregnancy planning; pregnancy, prolonged; pregnancy proteins; pregnancy rate; pregnancy reduction, multifetal; pregnancy-specific beta 1-glycoprotein; pregnancy tests; pregnancy toxaemia of sheep; pregnancy toxaemias; pregnancy trimester, first; pregnancy trimesters; pregnancy trimester, second; pregnancy trimester, third; pregnancy, tubal; pregnancy tumour; pregnancy, unwanted; pregnancy zone proteins; pregnane; pregnanediol; pregnanedione; pregnanediones; pregnanes; pregnanetriol; pregnanolone; pregnant; pregnantly; pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin; pregnatrienes; pregnene; pregnenediones; pregnenes; pregneninolone; pregnenolone; pregnenolone carbonitrile; pregranulosa cells; prehallux; prehelicine; prehemataminic acid; prehemiplegic; prehensile; prehension; prehnite; prehnitic; prehormone; prehyoid; prehyoid gland; preictal; preimplantation diagnosis; preimplantation phase; preinduction; preinfarction angina; preinfarction syndrome; preinterparietal bone; Preisz; Preisz-Nocard bacillus; prejudice; prekallikrein; prelacrimal; prelal; prelamin A endoprotease; prelaminar part of optic nerve; prelaryngeal; prelaryngeal lymph nodes; prelatess; preleptonema; preleptotene; preleukaemia; prelimbic; preliminary; preliminary impression; prelingual deafness; preload; prelogical mind; prelumbar; prelycopersene pyrophosphate synthetase; premalignant; premammary abscess; premaniacal;

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