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Letter R: "ramif-ramulus"

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rami fauciales nervi lingualis; ramification; ramiflorous; ramiform; ramify; rami ganglii submandibularis; rami ganglionares; rami ganglionici nervi maxillaris; rami gastrici anteriores nervi vagi; rami gastrici posteriores nervi vagi; ramigerous; rami gingivales inferiores plexus dentalis inferioris; rami gingivales superiores plexus dentalis superioris; rami glandulares; rami glandulares arteriae facialis; rami glandulares arteriae thyroideae inferioris; rami glandulares ganglii submandibularis; rami globi pallidi; rami hepatici nervi vagi; rami inferiores nervi transversi cervicalis; rami inguinales arteriae pudendae externae; rami intercostales anteriores; rami intercostalis anteriores arteria thoracica interna; rami interganglionares; rami interventriculares septales; rami isthmi faucium nervi lingualis; rami labiales anteriores arteriae pudendae externae; rami labiales inferiores nervi mentalis; rami labiales posteriores arteriae pudendae internae; rami labiales superiores nervi infraorbitalis; rami laryngopharyngei ganglii cervicalis superioris; rami laterales; rami laterales arteriarum centralium anterolateralium; rami laterales rami sinistri venae portae hepatis; rami laterales ramorum dorsalium nervorum cervicalium/thoracalium/lumbalium/sac; rami lienales arteriae lienalis; rami linguales; rami linguales nervi glossopharyngei; rami linguales nervi hypoglossi; rami linguales nervi lingualis; rami malleolares laterales; rami malleolares mediales; rami mammarii; rami mammarii laterales; rami mammarii laterales arteriae thoracicae lateralis; rami mammarii laterales nervorum intercostalium; rami mammarii laterales rami cutanei lateralis nervorum intercostalium; rami mammarii laterales rami cutanei lateralis nervorum thoracicorum; rami mammarii mediales; rami mammarii mediales rami cutanei anterioris nervorum intercostalium; rami mammarii mediales rami cutanei anterioris ramorum ventralium nervorum thoracicorum; rami mammarii mediales rami perforantis arteriae thoracicae internae; rami mastoidei arteriae auricularis posterioris; rami mediales; rami mediales arteriarum centralium anterolateralium; rami mediales rami sinistri venae portae hepatis; rami mediastinales; rami mediastinales aortae thoracicae; rami mediastinales arteriae thoracicae internae; rami medullares laterales; rami medullares mediales; rami meningei; rami mentales nervi mentalis; rami musculares; rami nasales externi; rami nasales externi nervi ethmoidalis anterioris; rami nasales externi nervi infraorbitalis; rami nasales interni; rami nasales interni nervi ethmoidalis anterioris; rami nasales interni nervi infraorbitalis; rami nasales laterales nervi ethmoidalis anterioris; rami nasales mediales nervi ethmoidalis anterioris; rami nasales posteriores inferiores nervi palatini majoris; rami nasales posteriores superiores laterales ganglii pterygopalatini; rami nasales posteriores superiores mediales ganglii pterygopalatini; rami nucleorum hypothalamicorum; rami occipitales arteriae auricularis posterioris; rami occipitales arteriae occipitis; rami occipitales nervi auricularis posterioris; rami oesophageales; rami oesophageales aortae thoracicae; rami oesophageales arteriae gastricae sinistrae; rami oesophageales arteriae thyroideae inferioris; rami oesophagei; rami oesophagei nervi laryngei recurrentis; rami oesophagei nervi vagi; rami omentales; rami palpebrales nervi infratrochlearis; rami pancreatici; rami pancreatici arteriae pancreaticoduodenalis superioris; rami pancreatici arteriae splenicae; rami parietales; rami parotidei; rami parotidei nervi auriculotemporalis; rami parotidei venae facialis; ramiparous; rami pectorales arteriae thoracoacromialis; rami pedunculares; rami pericardiaci aortae thoracicae; rami perineales nervi cutanei femoris posterioris; rami pharyngeales; rami pharyngeales arteriae pharyngeae ascendentis; rami pharyngeales arteriae thyroideae inferioris; rami pharyngei nervi glossopharyngei; rami pharyngei nervi vagi; rami phrenicoabdominales nervi phrenici; rami posteriores; rami posteriores nervorum spinalium; ramipril; rami profundi arteriae circumflexae femoris medialis; rami profundi arteriae transversae cervicis; rami pterygoidei arteriae maxillaris; rami pulmonales systematis autonomici; rami radiculares; rami renales nervi vagi; rami scrotales anteriores arteriae pudendae externae; rami scrotales posteriores arteriae pudendae internae; ramisection; rami septales; rami spinales; rami splenici arteriae splenicae; rami sternales arteriae thoracicae internae; rami sternocleidomastoidei arteriae occipitalis; rami subscapulares arteriae axillaris; rami substantiae nigrae; rami temporales anteriores; rami temporales intermedii mediales; rami temporales nervi facialis; rami temporales posteriores; rami temporales superficiales nervi auriculotemporalis; rami thalamici; rami thymici; ramitis; rami tonsillares nervi glossopharyngei; rami tracheales; rami tracheales arteriae thyroideae inferioris; rami tracheales nervi laryngei recurrentis; rami tractus optici; rami tuberis cinerei; rami ureterici; rami ureterici arteriae ovaricae; rami ureterici arteriae renalis; rami ureterici arteriae testicularis; rami ureterici partis patentis arteriae umbilicale; rami ventrales nervorum cervicalium; rami ventrales nervorum lumbalium; rami ventrales nervorum sacralium; rami ventralis; rami vestibulares arteriae labyrinthi; rami zygomatici nervi facialis; Ramon y Cajal; ramoon; ramose; ramous; ramp; rampant; rampe; rampion; Ramsay Hunt; Ramsay Hunt's syndrome; Ramsden circle; Ramsden disk; Ramsden eyepiece; Ramsden, Jesse; Ramsden's ocular; ramson; ramsted; Ramstedt, Conrad; Ramstedt operation; ramulus;

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