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rana; rana catesbeiana; rana esculenta; ranal; Rana pipiens; rana ridibunda; rana temporaria; ranavirus; rancho; rancid; rancidify; rancidity; rancke complex; rancor; Randall, Alexander; randall grass; Randall's plaques; Randall stone forceps; Rand, Gertrude; Rand, M; random; random allocation; random amplification of polymorphic DNA; random amplified polymorphic DNA technique; random coil; randomisation; randomised controlled trial; randomised controlled trials; randomised trial; randomization; random mating; random mating equilibrium; random mechanism; random pattern flap; random sample; random sampling; random variable; random walk; random waves; Raney alloy; Raney catalyst; Raney Nickel; range; range, normal; range of accommodation; range of convergence; range of motion; range of motion, articular; ranidae; Ranikhet disease; ranine; ranine artery; ranine tumour; ranitidine; rank; rank-difference correlation; Ranke, Johannes; Ranke, Karl von; Ranke's angle; Ranke's formula; Rankine scale; Rankine, William J McQ; Rankin, Fred Wharton; Rankin's clamp; rankle; ranny; ransack; Ransohoff, Joseph; Ransohoff's sign; ransomable; rantes; R antigen; ranula; ranular; ranunculaceous; ranunculus; Ranvier, Louis; Ranvier, Louise Antoine; Ranvier's crosses; Ranvier's disks; Ranvier's node; ranvier's nodes; Ranvier's plexus; Ranvier's segment; RAO; Raoult, Francois; Raoult's law; rap; rapaces; rapamycin; RAPD; rape; rapeseed oil; raphania; raphany; raphe; raphe anococcygea; raphe corporis callosi; raphe linguae; raphe medullae oblongatae; raphe nuclei; raphe palati; raphe palpebralis lateralis; raphe penis; raphe perinei; raphe pharyngis; raphe pontis; raphe pterygomandibularis; raphe retinae; raphe scroti; raphespinal fibres; raphides; rapid canities; rapid decompression; rapid demineralization; rapid eye movements; rapid eye movement sleep; rapid film changer; rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis; rapid plasma reagin; rapid plasma reagin test; rapier; rapilli; RAP kinase; Rapoport, Abraham; Rapoport-Luebering shunt; Rapoport, Samuel Mitja; Rapoport test; Rappaport classification; Rappaport's acinus; rapport; raptores; raptorial; raptorious; rapture of the deep; rare; rare earth elements; rare earth metal; rare earths; rare-earth screen; rarefaction; rarefy; rareripe; rare species; ras; rascaldom; rascaless; rasceta; rash; rasher; rasion; raskolnik; Rasmussen, Fritz; Rasmussen, Grant; Rasmussen's aneurysm; rasores; rasorial; rasp; raspatory; raspberry; raspberry tongue; ras protein geranylgeranyltransferase; ras proteins; rasse; RAST; Rastelli, Gian; Rastelli's operation; rat; rata; ratafia; ratany; rat-bite disease; rat-bite fever; ratch; ratchet; rate; rate, basal metabolic; rate, birth; rate constants; rate, death; rate equation; rate, erythrocyte sedimentation; rate, foetal mortality; rate, heart; rate, infant mortality; ratel; rate-limiting step; rate, maternal mortality; rate meter; rate, neonatal mortality; rate, pulse; rate, respiratory; rate schedule; rate, sed; rate, sedimentation; rate setting and review; ratfish; rat-flea typhus; Rathke, Martin; Rathke, Martin Heinrich; Rathke's bundles; Rathke's cleft cyst; Rathke's diverticulum; Rathke's pouch; Rathke's pouch tumour; rathripe; ratify; ratio; ratio imaging fluorescence microscopy; ration; rational; rational drug design; rational formula; rationalism; rationalization; rationalize; rational surface; rational therapy; ratio of decayed and filled surfaces; ratio of decayed and filled teeth; ratio scale;

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