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reotrope; Reoviridae; Reovirus; REO virus; reovirus 3; reovirus-like agent; REP; repair; repair enzyme; repair nuclease; repand; reparative dentin; reparative giant cell granuloma; repast; RepB helicase; RepD helicase; repeal; repeater; repeating; repellant guiding molecule; repellent; repent; repercussion; repercussive; reperfusion; reperfusion injury; repetend; repetition; repetition-compulsion; repetition-compulsion principle; repetition rate; repetition/replication; repetition time; repetitive; repetitive DNA; repetitive sequences, nucleic acid; repkie; replace; replaceable; replacement; replacement bone; replacement fibrosis; replacement therapy; replacement vector; replant; replantable; replantation; replenish; repletion; replica; replica methods; replica plate; replica plating; replicase; replicate; replica techniques; replicated; replication; replication, DNA; replication fork; replication origin; replication site; replicative form; replicative intermediate; replicator; replicon; replisome; replitase; replum; repolarization; reportable disease; reporter gene; reporting, anonymous; reporting, named; reporting, unique identifier; repose; repositioning; repositor; rep protein; reprehend; represent; representative; repressed; repressible enzyme; repression; repression-sensitization; repressor; repressor gene; repressor protein; repressor proteins; reproachful; reprobation; reprobationer; reproducibility; reproducibility of results; reproduction; reproduction, asexual; reproduction techniques; reproductive; reproductive adaptation; reproductive and urinary physiology; reproductive assimilation; reproductive cells; reproductive control agents; reproductive cycle; reproductive endocrinologist; reproductive history; reproductive medicine; reproductive nucleus; reproductive ratio; reproductive surgeon; reproductive system; rep-silver; reptant; reptantia; reptation; reptatory; reptilase; reptile; reptilia; reptilian; republic; republican; repudiate; repullulation; repulsion; requiem; requin; require; required arch length; requirement; requisition; requite; reredos; reremouse; RES; resact; resazurin; rescinnamine; rescript; rescue; rescue work; resealed ghost; research; research, controlled; research design; research personnel; research support; resect; resectable; resection; resectoscope; resectoscope sheath; reseda; reseminate; resentment; reserpine; reservation; reserve; reserve air; reserve force; reserve margin; reservoir; reservoir bag; reservoir host; reservoir of infection; reservoir of spermatozoa; reservoir, ommaya; reset nodus sinuatrialis; residence characteristics; resident; resident fish; residential facilities; residential mobility; residential treatment; resident physician; residua; residual; residual abscess; residual affinity; residual air; residual body; residual body of Regaud; residual capacity; residual cleft; residual cyst; residual error; residual inhibition; residual inhibitor; residual lumen; residual ovary syndrome; residual ridge; residual schizophrenia; residual urine; residual volume; residue; residuum; resilience; resiliency; resilin; resin; resin acids; resinate; resinates; resin cement; resin cements; resines; resinic; resinic acids; resiniferous; resino-electric; resinoid; resinols; resinous; resins; resins, synthetic; resist; resistance; resistance, antibiotic; resistance factor; resistance factors; resistance form; resistance-inducing factor; resistance plasmids; resistance, pulmonary; resistance pyrometer; resistance thermometer; resistance-transfer factor; resistance-transferring episomes; resistance, vascular; resistant; resistant ovary syndrome; resistive movement; resistivity; resistor; resoiling; resolution; resolution acuity; resolutioner; resolvase; resolve; resolvent; resolving power; resonance; resonance energy transfer; resonance theory of hearing; resonant; resonant frequency; resonator; resorb; resorcin; resorcinol; resorcinolphthalein; resorcinolphthalein sodium; resorcinol phthalic anhydride; resorcinol test; resorcylic; resorption; resorption atelectasis; resorption lacunae; resorufin; resound; resource; resource conservation and recovery act; resource values;

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