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right; right angle clamp; right aortic arch; right atrioventricular valve; right atrium; right atrium of heart; right auricular appendage; right axis deviation; right border of heart; right branch; right branch of portal vein; right branch of proper hepatic artery; right colic artery; right colic flexure; right colic lymph nodes; right colic vein; right coronary artery; right coronary artery branches; right crus of atrioventricular bundle; right crus of diaphragm; right duct of caudate lobe; righteousness; right-eyed; right fibrous trigone; right-footed; right gastric artery; right gastric lymph nodes; right gastric vein; right gastroepiploic artery; right gastroepiploic lymph nodes; right gastroepiploic vein; right gastro-omental artery; right gastro-omental lymph nodes; right gastroomental vein; right-handed; right heart; right heart bypass; right-hearted; right hepatic artery; right hepatic duct; right hepatic veins; right inferior pulmonary vein; righting reflexes; right interlobar pulmonary artery; right lobe; right lobe of liver; right lumbar lymph nodes; right lung segments; right lymphatic duct; right main bronchus; right margin of heart; right middle lobe syndrome; right or left lateral decubitus film; right ovarian vein; right ovarian vein syndrome; right parasternal impulses; right part of diaphragmatic surface of liver; right pulmonary artery; right sagittal fissure; right splicing junction; right superior intercostal vein; right superior pulmonary vein; right suprarenal vein; right testicular vein; right to die; right-to-left shunt; right triangular ligament; right ventricle; right ventricular failure; right ventricular hypertrophy; right ventricular hypoplasia; right ventricular volume overload; right whale; rigid dysarthria; rigidity; rigidulous; rigler sign; rigor; rigor mortis; Riley, Conrad; riley-day syndrome; Riley, Harris Jr; rill; rille; riluzole; rim; rima; rima glottidis; rimantadine; rima oris; rima palpebrarum; rima pudendi; rima respiratoria; rimau dahan; rima vestibuli; rima vocalis; rima vulvae; rime; Rimini's test; rimose; rimula; rind; rinderpest; rinderpest virus; Rindfleisch, Georg; Rindfleisch's cells; Rindfleisch's folds; rindy; ring; ring abscess; ringbill; ringbird; ringbone; ring chromosome; ring chromosomes; ring compound; ringdove; ringed; ringed hair; ring enhancement; ringent; ringer; Ringer's injection; Ringer's solution; Ringer, Sydney; ring finger; ringglestone; ring-knife; ring lesions in brain; ring ligament; ring-like corneal dystrophy; ringneck; ring-necked; ring of iris; ring of Soemmerring; ring pessary; ring precipitin test; ring scotoma; ring syringe; ringtail; ring-tailed; ring test; ring ulcer of cornea; ring-wall lesion; ringworm; ringworm of beard; ringworm of body; ringworm of foot; ringworm of genitocrural region; ringworm of nails; ringworm of scalp; ringworm of the nails; ringworm yaws; Rinne, Friedrich; Rinne's test; Riolan, Jean; Riolan's anastomosis; Riolan's arc; Riolan's arcades; Riolan's bones; Riolan's muscle; rioprostil; riot; riot control agents, chemical; riots; rip; Rip1 peroxidase; riparian; riparian area; riparian buffer; riparian wetland; Ripault, Louis; Ripault's sign; ripe; ripe cataract; ripen; ripening; ripidolite; ripost; ripper; ripple; ripsaw; riptowel; RISA; rise; riser; rise time; rish; risible; risk; risk assessment; risk benefit; risk factor; risk factors; risk management; risk of recurrence; risk patient; risk reduction; risks, obesity-related; risk-taking; Risley, Samuel; Risley's rotary prism; risorial; risorius; risperidone; rissoid; rissole; RIST; ristocetin; risus caninus; risus sardonicus; ritanserin; Ritgen, Ferdinand August Marie Franz von; Ritgen's manoeuvre; ritodrine; ritonavir; Rittenhouse-Manogian procedure; ritter disease; Ritter, Johann; Ritter-Rollet phenomenon; Ritter's law; Ritter's opening tetanus; ritual; ritualistic behaviour; rival; rivaless; rivalry; rivalry of retina; Riva-Rocci sphygmomanometer; rive; Rivea corymbosa; rivel; river; river blindness; Rivero-Carvallo effect; Rivero-Carvallo, Jose Manuel; Rivers' cocktail; Rivers, William; river-type fish; Riviere, Lazare; Riviere's salt; Rivinus, August; Rivinus' canals; Rivinus' ducts; Rivinus' gland; Rivinus' incisure; Rivinus' membrane; Rivinus' notch; rivus lacrimalis; rixatrix; riziform; RLK5-associated protein phosphatase; RLL; R loop; RLQ; RMA; RML; RMP; RMP pathway; RMSF; RMT; RMV; Rn;

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