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T; T1; T2; t-2 toxin; t3; T3 uptake test; T4; t4 cell; t4 helper lymphocyte; T5 D15 exonuclease; t8 cell; Ta; tabanid; Tabanidae; tabanus; tabardillo; tabasheer; tabatiere anatomique; tabby; tabby cat striation; tabefaction; tabella; tabellion; tabernacle; tabes; tabescence; tabescent; tabes dorsalis; tabes ergotica; tabes spasmodica; tabes spinalis; tabetic; tabetic arthropathy; tabetic crisis; tabetic cuirass; tabetic dissociation; tabetic neurosyphilis; tabetiform; tabic; tabid; tabifical; tablature; table; table salt; tablespoon; tablet; tablets; tablets, enteric-coated; tablet triturate; taboo; taboparesis; tabula; tabular; tabulata; tabule; tabun; TAB vaccine; tac; tacamahaca; Tac antigen; Tacaribe complex; Tacaribe complex of viruses; tacaribe complex viruses; tacaribe virus; tacaud; tache; tache blanche; tache bleuatre; tache cerebrale; tache laiteuse; tache meningeale; tache noire; tachetic; tachhydrite; tachina; tachistesthesia; tachistoscope; tachogram; tachograph; tachography; tachometer; tachy-; tachyarrhythmia; tachyauxesis; tachybradycardia syndrome; tachycardia; tachycardia, atrioventricular nodal reentry; tachycardia-bradycardia syndrome; tachycardiac; tachycardia, ectopic atrial; tachycardia, ectopic junctional; tachycardia en salves; tachycardia exophthalmica; tachycardia, paroxysmal; tachycardia, paroxysmal atrial; tachycardia, sinoatrial nodal reentry; tachycardia, sinus; tachycardia, supraventricular; tachycardia, ventricular; tachycardia window; tachycardic; tachycrotic; tachyglossa; tachygraphic; tachygraphical; tachygraphy; tachykinin; tachykinins; tachylalia; tachylogia; tachylyte; tachypacing; tachyphagia; tachyphasia; tachyphemia; tachyphrasia; tachyphylaxis; tachypnea; tachyrhythmia; tachysterol; tachysystole; tachyzoite; tackle; tackling; taconic; tacrine; tacrolimus; tactile; tactile agnosia; tactile anaesthesia; tactile cell; tactile corpuscle; tactile disk; tactile elevations; tactile fremitus; tactile hair; tactile hallucination; tactile hyperesthesia; tactile image; tactile meniscus; tactile organ; tactile sense; taction; tactometer; tactor; tactual; Tactual Performance Test; TAD; tadpole; tadpole-shaped pupil; taenia; Taenia africana; Taenia armata; Taenia crassicollis; taeniada; Taenia demerariensis; Taenia dentata; Taenia equina; Taenia hominis; Taenia hydatigena; Taenia madagascariensis; Taenia minima; Taenia ovis; Taenia philippina; Taenia pisiformis; Taenia quadrilobata; Taeniarhynchus; taenia saginata; taeniasis; taenia solium; taeniata; Taenia taeniaeformis; taenidium; taeniid; Taeniidae; taenioglossa; taenioglossate; taenioid; taenioidea; taeniola; Taeniorhynchus; taeniosomi; Taenzer, Paul; Taenzer's stain; TAF;

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