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tpa; t-phages; TPHA test; Tphi CG loop; TPI test; TPN; TPP; TPR; TPX1 peroxidase; TQ; TR; trabecula; trabeculae carneae; trabeculae corporis spongiosi penis; trabeculae corporum cavernosorum; trabeculae cranii; trabeculae lienis; trabeculae of corpora cavernosa; trabeculae of corpus spongiosum; trabeculae of spleen; trabeculae splenicae; trabecular; trabecular bone; trabecular carcinoma; trabecular meshwork; trabecular network; trabecular reticulum; trabecular zone; trabecula septomarginalis; trabeculate; trabeculated bladder; trabecula testis; trabeculation; trabeculectomy; trabeculoplasty; trabeculotomy; trabu; trace; trace conditioned reflex; trace conditioning; trace element; trace elements; trace nutrient; tracer; tracer/y; trachea; tracheal; tracheal branches; tracheal cartilages; tracheal fenestration; tracheal fistula; trachealgia; tracheal glands; tracheal intubation; trachealis; trachealis muscle; tracheal lymph nodes; tracheal mucosa; tracheal ring; tracheal triangle; tracheal tube; tracheal tug; tracheal ulceration; tracheal veins; tracheal wall stripe; trachearia; tracheary; tracheata; tracheate; tracheid; tracheitis; trachel-; trachelagra; trachelalis; trachelectomy; trachelematoma; trachelian; trachelidan; trachelipod; trachelipoda; trachelipodous; trachelism; trachelitis; trachelo-; trachelobranchiate; trachelobregmatic diameter; trachelocele; tracheloclavicular muscle; trachelocyrtosis; trachelodynia; trachelokyphosis; trachelology; trachelomastoid; trachelomyitis; trachelo-occipitalis; trachelopanus; trachelopexia; trachelophyma; tracheloplasty; trachelorrhaphy; trachelos; tracheloschisis; trachelotomy; trachenchyma; tracheo-; tracheoaerocele; tracheobiliary; tracheobiliary fistula; tracheobranchia; tracheobroncheopathia osteoplastica; tracheobronchial; tracheobronchial diverticulum; tracheobronchial dyskinesia; tracheobronchial groove; tracheobronchitis; tracheobronchomegaly; tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica; tracheobronchoscopy; tracheocele; tracheoesophageal; tracheoesophageal fistula; tracheoesophageal puncture; tracheoesophageal speech; tracheolaryngeal; tracheomalacia; tracheomegaly; tracheo-oesophageal fistula; tracheopathia osteoplastica; tracheopathy; tracheopharyngeal; tracheophonae; tracheophonesis; tracheophony; tracheophyta; tracheoplasty; tracheorrhagia; tracheoschisis; tracheoscope; tracheoscopic; tracheoscopy; tracheostenosis; tracheostoma; tracheostomy; tracheostomy button; tracheostomy tube; tracheotome; tracheotomy; tracheotomy hook; tracheotomy tube; trachinoid; trachitis; trachoma; trachoma bodies; trachoma glands; trachomatous; trachomatous conjunctivitis; trachomatous keratitis; trachomatous pannus; trachoma virus; trachycarpous; trachychromatic; trachymedusae; trachyonychia; trachyphonia; trachyspermous; trachystomata; trachyte; trachytoid; tracing; tracing (cephalometric); track; track and field; tracker; tract; tractellum; traction; traction alopecia; traction atrophy; traction diverticulum; traction epiphysis; tract of Goll; tract of Munzer and Wiener; tract of Schutz; tractor; tractory; tractotomy; tractrix; tractus; tractus centralis tegmenti; tractus cerebellorubralis; tractus cerebellothalamicus; tractus corticobulbaris; tractus corticopontini; tractus corticospinalis; tractus corticospinalis anterior; tractus corticospinalis lateralis; tractus descendens nervi trigemini; tractus dorsolateralis; tractus fastigiobulbaris; tractus frontopontinus; tractus habenulopeduncularis; tractus iliotibialis; tractus mesencephalicus nervi trigemini; tractus occipitopontinus; tractus olfactorius; tractus olivocerebellaris; tractus opticus; tractus parietopontinus; tractus pyramidalis; tractus pyramidalis anterior; tractus pyramidalis lateralis; tractus reticulospinalis; tractus rubrospinalis; tractus solitarius; tractus spinalis nervi trigemini; tractus spinocerebellaris anterior; tractus spinocerebellaris posterior; tractus spinotectalis; tractus spinothalamicus; tractus spinothalamicus anterior; tractus spinothalamicus lateralis; tractus spiralis foraminosus; tractus supraopticohypophysialis; tractus tectobulbaris; tractus tectopontinus; tractus tectospinalis; tractus tegmentalis centralis; tractus temporopontinus; tractus tuberoinfundibularis; tractus vestibulospinalis; trade; trade name product; tradescantia; tradeswoman; tradition; traducianism; traffic; trafficking; tragacanth; tragacantha; tragal; tragi; tragicus; tragicus muscle; tragion; tragomaschalia; tragopan; tragophonia; tragus; trail; trailer; trailing; trail making test; train; trained reflex; trainer; training; training analysis; training group; training support; train-of-four stimulus; trainwheel rhythm; trait; traitress; trajection; trajector; tramadol; tramazoline hydrochloride; tramble; tram lines; trammel; tramroad; trance; trance coma; trancscendental; tranexamic acid; trannel; tranquil; tranquilliser; tranquillising agent; trans-; trans-1,2-dihydrobenzene-1,2-diol dehydrogenase; trans-2-hydroxybenzylidenepyruvate hydratase-aldolase; trans-3-chloroacrylic acid dehalogenase; trans-4-coumaroyl esterase; transacetylase; transacetylation; transaction; transactional analysis; transactional psychotherapy; transactivation; trans-activation (genetics); trans-activators; transacylase; transacylases; transacylation; transaldolase; transaldolation; transamidation; transamidinases; transamidination; transaminase; transaminases; transamination; transanimation; transatlantic; transaudient; transaxial plane; trans-bronchial biopsy; transcalent; transcapsidation; transcarbamoylases; transcarbamoylation; transcarboxylases; transcaucasia; transcellular fluids; transcellular transport; transcellular water; transcendency; transcendental anatomy; transcendental meditation; transcervical fracture; transcobalamins; transcondylar; transcondylar fracture; trans configuration; transcortical; transcortical aphasia; transcortical apraxia; transcortin; transcranial radiograph; transcriptase; transcription;

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