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transcriptional control; transcriptional silencing; transcription factor; transcription factor ap-1; transcription factors; transcription factor, sp1; transcription factors, tfii; transcription factors, tfiii; transcription, genetic; transcription, medical; transcription unit; transcultural nursing; transcutaneous; transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation; transcytosis; transcytotic vesicle; transdermal; transdermic; transdetermination; transdifferentiation; transduce; transducer; transducer cell; transducers; transducers, pressure; transducin; transducin GTP phosphohydrolase; transductant; transduction; transduction, genetic; transduodenal sphincterotomy; transect; transection; transelementation; transethmoidal; transfection; transfeminate; transfer; transfer agreement; transferase; transferase deficiency galactosaemia; transferases; transferases (other substituted phosphate groups); transfer cell; transfer DNA; transference; transference love; transference neurosis; transfer factor; transfer genes; transfer imaging; transferography; transfer (psychology); transferred ophthalmia; transferred sensation; transferrin; transferring enzymes; transfer RNA; transfiguratien; transfigure; transfix; transfixion; transfixion suture; transform; transformant; transformasome; transformation; transformation, bacterial; transformation constant; transformation efficiency; transformation, genetic; transformation zone; transformed cell; transformed lymphocyte; transformer; transforming agent; transforming factor; transforming gene; transforming growth factor; transforming growth factor alpha; transforming growth factor beta; transforming growth factors; transforming oncogene; transforming virus; transformism; transfuse; transfusion; transfusion hepatitis; transfusion nephritis; transfusion reaction; transgelin; transgene; transgenes; transgenic; transgenic animal; transgenic disease models; transgenic mice; transgenic organism; transgenic plant; transglucosylase; transglutaminase; transglycosidation; transglycosylase; transglycosylation; trans Golgi network; trans-Golgi reticulum; transhiatal; transhiatal oesophagectomy; transhydrogenase; transient; transient acantholytic dermatosis; transient agammaglobulinaemia; transient albuminuria; transient global amnesia; transient hypogammaglobulinaemia of infancy; transient ischaemic attack; transient ischemic attack; transient retinopathy; transients and migrants; transiliac; transilient; transillumination; transin; transinsular; transischiac; transisthmian; transit; transition; transitional; transitional cell; transitional cell carcinoma; transitional cell papilloma; transitional convolution; transitional denture; transitional element; transitional endoplasmic reticulum; transitional epithelium; transitional gyrus; transitional leukocyte; transitional zone; transition electron; transition mutation; transition probability model; transition protein; transition state; transition state intermediate; transition temperature; transitory; transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt; transketolase; transketolation; translate; translating; translation; translational control; translational repressor; translation, genetic; translations; translator; translatory movement; translatress; translocase; translocation; translocation carrier; translocation chromosome; translocation (genetics); translocon; translucent; translumbar aortography; transluminal percutaneous coronary angioplasty; transmembrane; transmembrane potential; transmembrane protein; transmembrane transducer; transmethylase; transmethylation; transmethylation factor; transmew; transmigration; transmissible; transmissible dementia; transmissible enteritis; transmissible gastroenteritis of swine; transmissible gastroenteritis virus of swine; transmissible mink encephalopathy; transmissible murine colonic hyperplasia; transmissible plasmid; transmissible turkey enteritis virus; transmissible venereal tumour; transmission; transmission breakpoint; transmission electron microscopy; transmission microscope; transmission threshold; transmit; transmittance; transmitted light; transmitter; transmural; transmural myocardial infarction; transmural pressure; transmutation; transneuronal atrophy; transnexus channel; trans-octaprenyltranstransferase; transocular; transom; transonance; transonic; transorbital leukotomy; transorbital lobotomy; transosseous venography; transovarial transmission; transpalatine; transparent dentin; transparent septum; transparent ulcer of the cornea; transparietal; trans-pentaprenyltranstransferase; transpeptidase; transpeptidation; transperitoneal; transphosphatases; transphosphorylases; transphosphorylation; transpirable; transpiration; transpire; transplacental;

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